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Project trade show review 2/08

I don’t know how many of the shows I’ll be able to review. Hopefully we’ll get in more trip reports next week so you don’t get just my side of things. I’m rating shows according to criteria loosely defined as follows:

  1. Good/bad for buyers/exhibitors
  2. Ambiance and show amenities if any (computer access, free water or food etc)
  3. What products and sort of vendors there
  4. Buyers said and Exhibitors said (all hearsay)
  5. Ease of getting there (location, where was it)
  6. Advice: which DEs should show there if any
  7. Cost if known, presumed value
  8. Comparison with other show if appropriate (situ begs it)
  9. Miscellaneous

Unfortunately, there’s no way around it.…