Delighted to be home again

Hello my lovelies! Mr Fashion-Incubator and I have returned from our rigorous Quality Control testing program of European bakeries and breweries. I’m delighted to announce that the breads and brews remain magnificent. In some cases we were uncertain and so required second and third helpings of each but the results in the end were exemplary.

In the meantime, I’m wading through loose ends and dated phone messages. Do call or write if you need help or would just like to visit a bit.

Edited to add: Did I mention that I -conveniently enough- broke my foot on the second day of our trip? Yes indeedy, I did. Here’s the proof. Actually, I intended to include the links to the photos I uploaded. I’ll be posting on some of these things later. The albums are Berlin 2, Berlin 1, Prague, Rothenburg and Premiere Vision. You guys know me, there’s no accounting for the kinds of pictures I take. I haven’t edited them, just a raw upload so don’t be surprised if there’s an assortment of girl’s butts in there too. In the Rothenburg file are photos of some neat calligraphy from the 1200’s. I took those for Jess/Josh.

Right now I’m cleaning up, kind of. I have a splitting headache.

Amended again: The fulfillment house I hired to fill my orders somehow missed shipping close to 20 orders. Whatever will I do? How can I make this up to people? Unfortunately, this is something you’ll have to deal with too. I don’t have an answer, I have to figure this one out. A key difficulty is the person in charge of my account had to leave work for a family emergency. Oh dread. Problem with fulfillment never was. It seems I didn’t get the shipping notifications. Normally I wouldn’t bother to correct something that effects so few but I will probably be recommending this service in the future and thought it best to update this entry.

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  1. I can’t believe you broke your foot and then didn’t mention it!! Could you even walk on that poor thing? I broke a bone in my foot when I was 12- slammed the foot down on concrete while jumping Chinese rope, barefooted. I was in crutches for 6 weeks… Incidentally, I too toured Europe with that foot. The things we have in common you and I… :)) Welcome home, and sorry about the order mishap. I’m sure by the time your customers receive it all is forgiven.

  2. Lisa B. in Portland says:

    I would have taken the same kinds of photos, too. :-)
    Some of that calligraphy is actually legible!!!
    Kind of sucky about the books.

  3. Els says:

    Welcome back home Kathleen and Eric. It was a great pleasure and privilege to meet you both in Amsterdam.
    And you are the living proof that walking is possible with a broken foot, but you must be stubborn to do this. And we walked / strolled a lot last Monday.
    Please take care of your foot and see a doctor finally.
    Hugs Els

  4. Els says:

    Hi Kathleen,
    Lovely photo’s which brings back memories from previous visits to Berlin and Prague.
    The woman in costume which you talked about is from Spakenburg a small village in The Netherlands.

  5. Heather says:

    Kathleen, glad you are home again safe. Sorry we couldn’t link but you being in the Netherlands were probably even closer to me, to you being in the South of Germany.
    I didn’t know about your foot or I would have certainly let you know that you were entitled to free medical care in Germany (don’t know about other EU countries) as a visitor to this country.
    You would have received the entire package, the doctor/doctors just need to know that you were injured or fell ill during your stay here. I can’t believe you walked on that foot!

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