Advanced Style

One of the things I noticed abroad was that older people were better dressed than younger folks. The difference was really striking in Prague. It wasn’t unusual to see women with matching shoes and handbags. Some wore coats that matched their hair. The effect was dramatic; I wish I’d been forthright enough to ask to take their photos but again, it was often on the trams, a difficult location to shoot anyway.

Via Boing Boing, I find Advanced Style. With Sartorialist type delivery, it shows nicely dressed older folks. Past the age of having to prove anything and with palpable confidence, they’re comfortable in their own skin.

Laugh all you like, I’m quite fond of this lady’s photo.

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  1. TCCFrenchie says:

    The best-dressed man I have ever seen was my French grandfather who ran a construction business. Even going to commercial building sites, he was always dapper and stylish. I still miss him.


  2. Michael M. says:

    Yep… Same thing in South America. People really dress a lot better. In fact, my wife made me buy some new clothes before I we left…. she picked them out. I have only worn jeans a couple of times and I haven’t worn shorts yet.

    The young kids here try to emulate models and sophisticated business people… much better than rappers and goth freaks, IMHO.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the advanced style photos. I so wish more people would dress nicely. It’s such a treat for the eyes–like walking art. I love the Lincoln Center craft fair I do in NYC because the people who walk by are wearing the most interesting clothes. I’m so tired of jeans, jeans, jeans, knit shorts, and t-shirts. Ugh.

    I absolutely love the plaid full skirt near the top of the site.

    It’s so lovely to see these. Sigh.


  4. Kaaren Hoback says:

    Younger folks Buy into a style, or fashion created by someone else for their market. They wear another person’s pesonality if ti fits them or not as long as it is in.

    Older folks tend to develop a style of their own over a lifetime. Acquiring only what suits them and their personality.

    ‘Scuse me while I go brush off my mastadon cape….

  5. Lisa B. in Portland says:

    Very cool!

    Yes, IMO, much better than rappers, frat boys, and sports jerseys. But hush! My 60-year-old MOM is goth!!!! (Some variations of goth aren’t my thing and some of the younger people just seem to kind of throw on some black stuff and look really messy, but a lot of it is romantic, Victorian type clothes. Also look up Steam Punk stuff. It’s like Victorian plus clocks and gadgets.)

    I love it when older people wear cool stuff. Not like my grandma–we can forgive her because she’s 90 years old–who only wears polyester double knit slacks, t shirts, and cardigans. My 69-year-old uncle always wears funky short-sleeved shirts with weird prints like volcanoes or something. 2 of my friends, one 72 and one 54, always wear cool and pretty things, too. It’s so nice and refreshing.

    And young little 36-year-old me has been doing my own style for at least 15 years. :-)

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