Success! Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp F2016

The most recent apparel manufacturing boot camp, making children’s coats for donation to needy kids, was dramatically successful. In 4 days with 22 people, we made 100 coats in 2 colorways and 5 sizes. The differences between this last event versus our first, are so great that I’m not sure where to start. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. For now, this is what I have thought I might write about:

  • The design phase -so much more than you imagine.
  • Sourcing
  • Production planning
  • Execution
  • Lessons learned and changes we made

I will start writing and add links as the posts go live. I will probably also amend the list. For now, the photo illustrates what 100 coats look like -with Jamie Hirano doing the Can-Can in front of them.


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