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32108 sketchWhew, running this sewing factory is a full time job (contact me if you’re looking for a sewing factory). No wonder my posting suffers.

I’d meant to post this weeks ago but registration for the Fall 2016 Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp is open. With only 4 weeks and 4 openings left, the time to sign up is now.

To recap:

We will be making 100+ fully lined, complex and serviceable coats for donation to needy school aged children in New Mexico. Apparel Manufacturing Boot Camp is an immersive educational opportunity. Training is free. Attendees pay a small fee so we can purchase fabrics, linings, zippers and other costs related to hosting the event -including catered lunches.

In the production phase Sept 2-5, 2016, attendees will learn and assist with:

  • Pattern auditing, grading and making markers (if you want to see this, be here on August 31, 2016)
  • Spreading and cutting large quantities of fabric (if you want to help spread, be here on Sept 1, 2016)
  • Organizing cut pieces for best sewing efficiency (bundling and shade marking)
  • Proper factory fusing
  • Sewing– a lot of it. But only for quality and efficiency!
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Finishing and quality control
  • Packaging and labeling

Pictured is an illustration of the raglan bomber jacket we’ll be making for the children. The sleeves are pieced at an angle (for styling) to permit the insertion of reflective trim. This was a very popular feature we put in last year’s coats. There is also a small zip pocket in the seam of one sleeve to hold keys, lunch money and a small cell phone. The front seams have deep pockets to keep little hands warm.

There is much more information; we look forward to meeting and learning with you soon for a good cause!

PS. Don’t worry if your sewing skills aren’t industrial grade; that’s part of what you’ll be learning.






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  1. Claudia Echols says:

    Hi Kathleen,
    I can’t apply for the Fall 2016 production boot camp. Will you be hosting another boot camp for spring 2017? I am interested in both the design and production phase.
    Great program for giving back to those in need!
    Claudia Echoes
    Not the Norm

    • kathleen says:

      You know, I’m not sure but I’m thinking that Spring and Fall are too close together. So, we may move Spring further back in the calendar. Or, we may omit it. I have to discuss with Mr. F-I.

  2. Sarah Rowe says:

    I too cannot attend the Fall Bootcamp but would very much be interested in participating in an upcoming boot camp – Spring if you decide to do it. I am signed up to your newsletter – is this the best way to get updates, or is there another way to be kept up to date with the boot camps? I love how this training has primarily a charitable focus – such a great idea & I’d love to help out in the future.

    • kathleen says:

      You probably want to sign up on because I post there first. I also post intermittently on the facebook page.

  3. Abby Hansen says:

    Kathleen, keep killing it! Wish I could be there in that beautiful New Mexico weather to sew my butt off with the likes of ABQFI.

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