Pop Quiz #480

Gee, clicking willy-nilly on the back end and ending up in my drafts folder, I find I’ve been sitting on a pop quiz. Below is a draft I found in one of those french pattern making books I bought. The challenge for today boys and girls, is to analyze these pattern pieces to create a flat or technical sketch of the design. If you need it, I’ve included a larger version (213 kb) of the file.

The only hint I’ll give you is that front and back design lines are disparate. I like the effect, it’s kind of neat. Now I just hope I can find the technical sketch in the book; I neglected to scan it when I scanned these drafts.

Pop Quiz #480 pt.2

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  1. Anir says:

    It’s interesting that the side back has a little triangular underarm gusset attached. The hand warmer pockets sure are high. But it’s a cool design. Thanks for posting this. I’ve seen numerous coats from the 1950’s and early sixties with a similar sleeve configuration: raglan in the front and set in the back or vice versa.

  2. Elaine Good says:

    What is that half-gusset thing called officially anyhow? I assume it’s attached to the split dotted line from L4? Kathleen, what is the significance of some of those numbers? I can see some obvious ones, like the depth of the hem, but what about the others? I taped mine together, but opened up the L4 line and taped it to the back gusset sides. And I didn’t know which way to put the front sleeve – on top or behind the front section. I’ve got a quick photo of the taped-together jacket, but I’m working on a place to upload it…

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