I guess I’ll jump in too. VOTE! For most of you, it’s not too late.

What are your election night rituals? I go to party headquarters to watch the returns. Can’t talk Mr Fashion-Incubator into coming along this time but that’s life.

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  1. April Femrite says:

    Just sitting here watching CNN and drinking diet coke. Thought maybe I would have to stay up a little later to catch the final results….but looks like Obama is going to run away with it. I thought it was funny that my kindergarten son came home from school and told me that he voted for Obama during his school “election”. I asked him why he voted for Obama and he told me he liked the color blue better than red. I was just proud that he even knew the names of the presidential candidates!

  2. rayna says:

    no matter who you voted for, you were part of a major historical event. I’m glad to have witnessed something of this caliber in my lifetime.

  3. hannah says:

    I watched the results while doing some freelance pattern making with a friend. Every time we’d hear a big cheer from the street we’d run into his bedrom and check the TV. It was kind of hard to concentrate.

  4. Dana says:

    I rushed home to turn on the tv after traveling from NY to PA to canvas all day. Watched every bit. I too cried like a baby. Today it’s major puffy but happy eyes!

  5. Kysha M says:

    I took my children with me to the polls and let my daughter read the ballot (she was super excited to find Obama’s name). I was so nervous/anxious I couldn’t watch tv or be near my computer. In the evening after the results were in we all basically chanted (our homemade rally songs) ourselves hoarse until we put the kids to bed to start receiving all the phone calls and texts!

    Yesterday I was positively giddy and had at least 4 conversations with random strangers about the election. It was so refreshing to be out seeing so many people smiling and willing to happily engage each other about the country’s happenings. Not something we’ve been able to do for awhile.

    We’re going as a family to the inauguration!!!

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