Pi Day or say it isn’t so?

how_to_make_baseballsI had another entry planned for today but a link to a video of how baseballs are made that Gini Cornila sent is too perfect to pass up on Pi Day. Yes it’s Pi Day, a day of nerd festivities. If you planned ahead, you’re having pie (I didn’t plan ahead and wish I had a pie). If you didn’t and need a substitute activity, you can take some brainiac quizzes instead.

I must tell you though, there is growing criticism and mounting dissent about Pi -other mathicionados make the claim that Pi is wrong -it should be Tau instead. Or so says Grace -she’s of the camp who agrees that today is half Tau day. I understand you may be dubious; more so once you know Grace described Numerical Analysis as “a really fun class”. I say we should keep a close eye on these dissenters or before you know it, we’ve lost another planet.

Speaking of baseballs, I used a pattern of one for a three part production pattern making quiz (pt.1, pt.2 & pt.3)

And now for an arbitrary, if not onerous and occasional commenting rule in honor of pi day:

Your comment must either be a piem* or it must be  in haiku -our old stand by. If you can manage neither, a circuitous comment works well too.

*A piem is a pi poem, the letters of each word must match the length of each pi digit. In other words, 3.14159265358979  etc is equal to this famous example: How I need a drink, alcoholic of course after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics. If you think that is bad, you probably don’t want to read the 10,000 word piem novel called Not A Wake. Indeed.

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  1. Yes, I know a class, scholarly, of tweens, which did enjoy handmade, delicious, piquant
    applelime pie at the 5thgrade this mornin’.

    It seemed easy, but did confound all my efforts. Hopefully right. To complete asmuchas this I oweMister Beckett.

    I finish exhausted but satisfied, gratified, and needing sleep.

    Marguerite (still counting)

  2. Liz says:

    Pi Day comes in March
    If you know a math teacher
    Buy them something Pi (see my link above)

    My top holiday
    Pi Day brings me some income
    From my Pi designs

    I don’t belong here
    I only design t-shirts
    But I sew at home

    Still I read Kathleen
    I have learned so much sewing
    How to do it right

  3. Kathleen says:

    We had pie last night
    Jess, Christy, Fritz and kitties
    came to eat with us.

    Whether Tau or Pi
    DH glared, said Grace was right
    That class was so fun
    (those were all great everybody!)

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