Going to Magic in August?

Who’s going to Magic (Pool, Project, WWIN etc) this go round? I keep meaning to post an entry like this prior to every show and it’s probably too late to catch everyone because the people who are going, are in the throes of getting it all together and aren’t likely to be reading. Site traffic always slows appreciably before the big shows. As such, I try to do just light posting during shows so the folks who are away don’t miss anything requiring a lot of concentration, making it easier to catch up later. Anyway, feel free to post if you’re attending or exhibiting. As usual, people in the forum are planning to meet, so post there as well if you want to meet the gang. Sometimes we get huge groups, it’s a lot of fun to meet others from Fashion-Incubator. It’s also great to visit each other’s booths. FYI, I won’t be attending this go round.

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  1. Jesica says:

    Well, I’m the one who started the forum thread so I’ll be going! I’m not exhibiting, just walking the shows and checking out the sourcing section. I will definately be at magic and most likely will walk Project as well.

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