Design sketch analysis 2

Final voting for the winners of Levi’s 501 project runway has started, voting runs through Feb 27th. I just thought I’d mention it based on interest from the first entry in which we analyzed sketches for accuracy, clarity and utility in a production environment.I realize everyone will have their stylistic favorites but I my picks were based on:

  1. Marketable, aka “commercial”, appropriate for the intended junior customer.
  2. Most likely to be manufactured cost effectively considering Levi’s infrastructure.
  3. Likely price points being aligned to the market, likely demand, manufacturing constraints and costs.

I did not select styles that I like personally or things I’d wear (not necessarily the same thing). When you review products for a client -and sometimes even for yourself- you must disassociate your personal preferences in the interests of objectivity.

Lieutenant 501 by sharpietattoo
Description: Girly pleating gives a softer appeal to this military-inspired dress. Along with Levi’s buttons and rivets, the dress also has the hand pockets from the Trucker Jacket. Gold bodice stitching and a 50’s inspired neckline keep the hip look classic and clean. Zip back, with a functional back button.

Instant Classic by tshirtnd511s
Description: A fresh new take on the American classic. Reminiscent of the original Levi’s Trucker with fresh new elements such as kangaroo pockets, 3/4 length sleeves, leather piping, contrast wash pockets and cuffs, elements of the 501 jean and new logo embroidery to commemorate the rebirth of a classic.

501 “Stitches” by isil
Description: The Little Dark Denim Dress with gold stitching outlining the dress. Criss-cross back straps with copper button in the middle. Levi’s logo placed on the back strap. Rivets on front pockets like the 501 Blue Jeans.

Styles I personally liked (cutting) but didn’t vote for and most likely wouldn’t wear:
Pickaboo 501 Dress by charnsilps
je ne sais pas by organa

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  1. Cece,
    Are you sure you’re that young? Geez, you have an impressive website, resume, etc. I love the Penndrinks logo and website.

    I voted for you and one of Kathleen’s “liked but didn’t vote for.” (je ne sais pas–I would wear this one.)

    Good luck.


  2. Cece says:

    Hi Marguerite! Thanks for the vote! Yes, I’m pretty young. I figure I have to enjoy my remaining teenage years when I have the time to pursue all these extra little things. Oh, and Ivy Reed looks fantastic.

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