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I’m away and was on a plane most of the day yesterday (I’m in Miami, again) so I couldn’t post this until now. I do have some entries I’ll post this week and hope this will do for now. As ever, there are more entries listed on the archives page. Hope your week will be productive and fruitful. Til soon!

July 6, through July 19, 2005
Leather dies style 21206
Style 22692 Bundling & Bagging
How quickly we forget
Bagging Tutorial
Push manufacturing; subverting the fit feedback loop
Sizing evolution
Be corrigible
Hangtags, labels & domain names- competing with your customers?
Shrinkage and fit
Sarah Wyman’s shoes

July 6, through July 19, 2006

Freudian slip
The devil wore Prada
Machine washing
More on apparel industry sustainability
How much can you spend the first year?
Industrial sewing machine attachments
I couldn’t make this up if I tried

July 6, through July 19, 2007
Geek Holiday day 1
I am not evil
Geek Holiday day 2/3
Geek Holiday day 4
Pop quiz #466
Pop quiz #466 pt.2
News from you 7/13/2007
Ethics in clothing design
Vintage pattern book summary
Batch, UPS and Modular (Batch pt.2)
Ethics in clothing design 2
How to write an email
News from you 7/20/2007

July 6, through July 19, 2008
How to manage bad press
Pop Quiz #474
Pop Quiz #474 pt.2
Problem pattern maker pt.2: Rebuttal
Rotary cutters, a guaranteed argument

July 6, through July 19, 2009

Sleepwear design contest
Design Paralysis: Why I’m not a designer
Prototype shopping bag Style# 4213
Prototype shopping bag Style# 4214
Going from prototype to production sewing
Design Paralysis pt.2

July 6, through July 19, 2010
Talking the Talk: Textile Color Standards
Are you a good customer?
Being discovered and selling: e-commerce incubators
Pattern Puzzle: Marni
Valerie Mayen on Project Runway!
How to shop for clothes for sizing research
Pop Quiz: fix this dress

July 6, through July 19, 2011
The sizing police of children’s clothes
Yes, jeans can cost $300
Pop quiz: Quality versus Crap
The silly sweatshop game

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