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Brrr. It got cold overnight. It was 70 last week but we were under a hard freeze warning this week. I had to pick all my tomatoes because they like cold weather less than I do. I don’t die when it gets cold. I really feel for all those people in Colorado having to dig out from under two feet of snow. Especially since next week we’ll be in the seventies again. Yeah!

Next week, posting will be dicey and sporadic. I have the production pattern making classes coming up. Maybe I’ll write some entries in advance but my time spent on site will be limited. Just email me (see the about page) if you have problems and I’ll get to it as quickly as I can.

And now, the entries from the archives. Have a good weekend.

October 23, through October 29, 2005
Pattern making for Professionals
Building a glossary
Copying processes #2
Copying processes #3
Sewing hammer
Copying processes #4
Copying processes #5
Update on pattern makers

October 23, through October 29, 2006
Chicago Fabric and Trim Show and a rant
Checking a pattern pt.2
A fun little quiz pt.3
Grading is not morphing
Too many sizes!
Another lovely Sunday

October 23, through October 29, 2007
How to learn from artisans and mentors
Pattern puzzle: Danielle
Pattern puzzle: Danielle 2
ADHD dump: factoring
Japanese pattern books
ADHD dump via Italy & Russia
News from you 10/26/07
ADHD dump: factoring 2
The universe is needling me today

October 23, through October 29, 2008
Palin’s wardrobe scandal
Show Details Magazine
Best sentence I read all day
Hunger (yet another lousy title)

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  1. Lisa B. in Portland says:

    I have a friend who’s moving to Denver really soon. She is a tiny thing, under 5 feet tall and a size 0 or 2, and she’s ALWAYS cold. She has reasons, but another friend joked that in the spring they’d find her frozen next to a mailbox.

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