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This having been the week for books, I close on that note by mentioning Scott Ginsberg’s new book -able. Do any of you read his blog? He’s the guy who has been wearing a name tag for ten years. I am expecting his latest book in the mail but haven’t read any of the others. His PR agent sent out this pitch, I suggest scrolling down to points 1-10. Many of them resonate in my experience of working with many of you (and I have written separate entries on all the below) but specifically

  • Ideas are free, execution is priceless (1),
  • Never be stopped by not knowing how (2),
  • Consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness (6),
  • Strike a passionate pose (7),
  • Hacking isn’t cheating (8) and
  • Getting comfortable with the risk of failure (9).

Of course these also apply to me too, especially Beware of the over-commitment trap (5) but it’s less about commitment than it is about setting boundaries.

Preamble dispensed with, below are the entries published here over the past five years with another 2,000 more in the archives. Have a great weekend.

October 15, through October 21, 2005
Apparel manufacturing in Canada
Apparel manufacturing in Canada pt 2
Apparel manufacturing in Canada pt 3
Copying processes

October 15, through October 21, 2006
65 Bras
A dyeing conversation
Higher prices for niche labels
Pattern String Codes pt.2
Do Sales Reps Do Anything? pt. 4
Pattern String Codes pt.3
How to fix a camel toe
Berlei and history of sizing

October 15, through October 21, 2007
Launch report: Butterfly & Company
WWIN show report: Georgina Estefania
How to review a line
Pattern puzzle: collar 2
It all starts here 8
Marketing budget for a start up
Sewing Puzzle: skirt detail
Launching a line in Italy
Interning with Christian Lacroix

October 15, through October 21, 2008
How I got my start -midway
What is good taste, good design and how to be creative
Pattern Puzzle: leather bulls pt.2
Is this is good time to start a clothing line?
Trip Report: Premiere Vision Paris

October 15, through October 21, 2009
Quality Control and SOW pt.2
Schmatta: Rags To Riches To Rags
Best practices are sexy
PSA: Holiday Shopping 2009
Schmatta: Rags To Riches To Rags pt.2

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