Stump the chump: pattern puzzle #1

stump_the_chump_traciI meant to post this yesterday but time got away from me.

Traci Akierman took my challenge to heart. If you recall, in this post I said it would be fun if someone sent in a pattern puzzle for me to solve (stump the chump) so this is what she sent (at right).

I have minimal details if you want to play along. All pieces are 2 per, none are on the fold. Piece 3 is interfacing. That is all the information I have.

Amended (thanks Alison): Piece #2 is not a cut out, it is its own piece.  I laid it in there to reduce picture size.

I haven’t solved this puzzle yet (officially) so I’m not quite certain how to go about having you play along. I suppose you can wait to post links to your guesses once I arrive at a solution or I give up. I’ve been a bit buried work wise so I haven’t done much with this pattern beyond digitizing it and blowing it up 400%. My version of this file is slightly larger if you want to play with it or even, to compare it to the image Traci sent me.

My plan is to plot this tomorrow, cut it out of fabric and lay seam edges whichever way until I can figure out a solution I won’t be embarrassed to post. Of course, it’s always possible I won’t figure it out and this chump got stumped. Either way it will be fun.

Again, please don’t post hints or solutions! Thanks everybody.

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