Zip code stats

This site is so cool.
Zip code stats

From their About Us page:

We’ve collected and analyzed data from numerous sources to create in-depth and interesting profiles of all U.S. cities. has over 4 million pages of detailed statistics about residents (race, income, ancestries, education, employment…), geographical data, crime data, housing, businesses, commutes, economics, schools, quality of life etc. on every US City. If you ever need to research any city for any reason, from considering a move there to just checking where somebody you know is staying, ZipCodeFacts.Com is the site for you.

I really should have stuck this in an infovore post but I’m so behind on that. {via}

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  1. Judith says:

    Thanks for posting this Kathleen. We are leaving Crappyville in 3 yrs and moving up north. We have been trying to figure out where we want to live this is so helpful.

  2. Sherry says:

    Not to be nosy, but where is Crappyville? (You can just mention the state only – I don’t want you to worry about your personal info on the ‘net.)

    I also am exploring new places to live and I don’t think I want to live where other people are fleeing (if they have a good reason).

    I live in the NY metro area, FYI.

  3. Judith says:

    I live at the very top of Florida 15 min from Alabama state line. I mys well be in LA (lower Alabama) They call this area the redneck riviera
    and it is. I can’t name all the reasons why I dont want to live here. My hands would get too tired from typing.

  4. Sherry says:

    Thanks for the info. I considered parts of FL, but not this area. I am sorry you have to wait 3 years before you can leave. What a bummer!

    The good news is that you have time to investigate and you won’t have to rush to make a decision. You can CHOOSE your new home based on what’s important to you. It sounds like many other places will be a better fit, so just about anywhere you choose will be an improvement. I hope that you find what you are looking for in your next home.

  5. Gidget says:

    Funny, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. That spot has sugar sand beaches and has become way too expensive for us.

    I’ve been going there once a year for over 25 years until recently, when the all the highrise condos and fancy snowbird communities forced us rednecks out. lol. Once a year we used to get to burn the rest of our bodies to match. We like to refer to it as the Kmart Riviera. Want to trade houses? lol.

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