Zero Waste Fashion pt.2

tara_st_jamesThere really isn’t a part one other than this one. In keeping with yesterday’s theme, Timo is blogging about fashion, sustainability and fashion design protection on Parson’s site. He hangs with an interesting crowd. Consider reading his latest entry where he discusses a recent conference he attended, there’s scads of cool links to follow. Here’s a tiny sampling.

For example, it reminded me to follow up with Holly McQuillan who I featured in a pattern puzzle entry. Speaking of, she followed up with that entry to explain how to put the design together. Without words, just clean illustrations -I wish I could do that. I don’t want to have to learn it, I just want to be able to do it. You’d think they’d make a pill for that. Holly is one of the Zero Waste compatriots, posting a description of how she designs for the medium. As an aside, we have started what could be an interesting conversation about design protection (altho the ball is now in my court because I haven’t responded yet). She agrees the DPPA is a poor solution but wonders if there are workable alternatives. Tune in if the topic interests you.

Also featured was Tara St James; a fashion designer-blogger. I gather her work is well respected and sale-able so it was odd that her blog wasn’t as frequented as I would have thought. I think designers should blog if they can, it’s a connection to consumers, a way to impart what you’re about -the caveat being not to make site navigation enigmatic. Her tweets are interesting too. The picture at right is one design from her Fall 2010 collection, image courtesy of Ecouterre (which I also like).

It was on Tara’s site that I learned the Uniform Project’s LBD (little black dress) is now for sale. Do you remember the project? One woman, one dress, one year. It’s an exercise in creativity and sustainability, see the whole story. It would seem some of the usual suspects have been pivotal, like Bahar Shahpar -she rules. I interviewed her for this site once but can’t tell you which entry it was (and if you guess in comments, I have to delete it) but it was one of two best interviews I’ve done.

Returning from the rabbit trails and back to Timo’s entry, see the mention of found correspondence from Patricia Lockren. Three sisters in the early 20th century write each other with details of daily life but also of the care and making of clothes in their day. Lockren was fortunate enough to examine garment samples that were described in the letters. I wish I could have attended this conference.

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  1. Tara says:

    Thanks for the mention, and for calling my tweets interesting. I still feel silly writing them, but I agree with you that they’re an invaluable way to communicate with my consumers. And the pic looks great up there!

  2. Lisa Bloodgood says:

    I wanted to comment a couple days ago, but couldn’t think of anything good to say. This is all very cool.

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