Your dress plan for 11|11|11 – it’s Corduroy Day!

whale_or_waleFirst somber, now silly.

I gave you the warm up for tomorrow’s festivities last year [Normally I would quote it but that makes the pipe key slanted and that simply will not do. I mean, compare this: 11|11|11 to this: 11|11|11 and you see the former simply will not do]:

I’m sure my announcement is anti-climatic what with the ribald festivities taking place in your workplace today but for the few who may not remember, today is Corduroy Day! November 11th is the only obvious choice, 11|11 being the date that most resembles corduroy. I can’t imagine how wild next year’s parties will be on 11|11|11 but better make party reservations now. [Please note you should use the pipe key {|} rather than the forward slash {/} when writing 11|11 since it looks even more like corduroy.] I’ll bet that even if you did know today was corduroy day, you might not have known that the official symbol of the Corduroy Appreciation Club is the whale; whale being a homonym of wale.

pinwale_pin_whaleIf you’re wailing to wale for the whale, see this. I regret to report the event in Portland has been sold out. All 11 slots were taken early on. Uh oh, the Facebook page says 14 are confirmed attending. Say it isn’t so! No matter, there are festivities pending in NY -and even commemorated with a special Two Item Rule cocktail! And if that’s not enough for you, see this run down of the 11 days of Corduroy.

Another fan posted this item (Etsy) described as “Pinwale Pin Whale”. Ha ha. Pinwale pin whale, get it? Ha ha. It’s a corduroy whale pin cushion made especially for the Corduroy Appreciation Club.

Thus ends today’s public service announcement. Now you know what to wear tomorrow. All the cool kids will be wearing cords. Yeah.

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  1. Cary Pragdin says:

    Your 11|11|11 antics have me beaming from ear to ear :-)
    Hope the event is a humdinger.
    (I would wear corduroy in solidarity but it’s so hot here I’m struggling to wear anything.)

    I’m also beaming because today, by employing the techniques outlined in your book, I got a supplier to give me two A4-sized (A4 is similar to Letter) sample cards! Full of stuff that they make and I need! For nothing! Wow! (I’ve been doing the steps leading to this for over a month now).

    Had I not read the book, they would have dismissed me at first contact with a flea in my ear, then I would have had cause to wail, or is that whale?

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