You have got to see this

Oh my, you have got to see this! It is -of all things- a shirt folding video. You won’t believe this. It’s brilliant. Via Ted Blog

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  1. Melissa Brown says:

    I used to work in apparel retail and I can tell you that I have never looked forward to folding a garment until today. I had to try this technique out. And I got an excellent result the first time! Thanks for passing it on.

    Jinjer, you have inspired me to organize my closet shelves!

  2. Liana says:

    Someone sent me a link to this a couple years ago, and our old computer was so slow I never could see it without lots of jerks and stops in the video, so I never “got it.” Makes sense now, though!

  3. Joe Ely says:

    Awesome link, Kathleen, thanks!

    I’ll be blogging on this, as it illustrates a couple of major things, IMHO:

    a. How to take a normal, mundane thing we do all the time (fold a T shirt) and eliminate huge levels of waste. Which we never see, because we take it for granted!

    b. It shows how a simple video can teach how to do something. It not even need be in my own language!!

    I tried it last night and it worked, sort of. And I’m a klutz. I want to work on it more this weekend. I do laundry at my house a lot…this will help.


  4. Sharon says:

    We saw this done years ago on Martha. My husband folds his shirts like this now. I keep forgetting how, so I revert to my old way of folding in half and then in thirds…..maybe I will do it someday….maybe.

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