Winner: The Organized Fashion Designer

As best as I can tell -it was difficult to sort through- we had 35 entrants to win the copy of Esther Melander’s book, The Organized Fashion Designer. As you may recall, entering consisted of leaving a comment but you could score another entry by posting the contest to Facebook.  Since we had so few entries and I was curious, never having done this before, I did search Facebook for those who said they’d posted there. I wasn’t able to corroborate one claimant (gave her the benefit of the doubt) but two parties who claimed to have posted there, did not and I would know because we’re friends there. Tsk Tsk. I’ve already forgotten who they were but conclude I’ll have to do things differently next time. Maybe a share is better since those are easier to track.

No matter, with dual entries complicating winner selection, I put it into a spreadsheet according to comment timeline with duplicates appearing consecutively.  Using the Random Number Generator, Leslie W was selected as the winner. Yay Leslie! I’ll forward your information to Esther so you two can work this out amongst yourselves.

A bit off topic: I had ordered a hard copy of the book to have on hand to show customers who came in but delivery was delayed and hence, this follow up. Now that I have a copy in hand (I bought the stapled booklet), I can tell you that I’m impressed. You know how it is, sometimes text doesn’t translate well from ebook to hard copy and vice versa. Of the two formats, I like the hard copy better. The print quality was very nice. Smooth pages and clear print, although there is a bit of ghosting but it is not noticeable (in case that sort of thing bothers you) perhaps because the text is not dense.

Moving forward, I plan to post freebies all this week. I’m a bit behind in that regard. I have 7 different books to give away, the latest one came in last night and I’m very excited about it as you may be too.

So… hopefully I can catch up soon. In addition to my usual duties and responsibilities, I’ve been nursing sick cats, one of which –my boy cat Right– will not recover. It’s a bit of putting off the inevitable, no joy either way in that. He looks so healthy in that photo. Left, his litter mate (pictured with him) died in 2005. Anyway, I’m shopping for trees. I’ve picked out a globe willow to plant over him.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    He hasn’t died yet, but soon. Both Right and Farm Cat (aka Mr. Matchy Matchy) have been sick. Their food is suspect -jury is still out so I refrain from mentioning the brand. They exclusively were eating the same thing but one is indoor, one is outdoor so no contact with each other. The remaining indoor cats (4) who were eating something else are fine. Farm Cat seems to have bounced back but requires a very expensive treatment, that will hurt to pay for. Right already had health problems, cancer is suspected, so he hasn’t bounced back. He will live as long as I continue force feeding him (every 2 hours, hard to focus on work) so it then boils down to quality of life and how he is feeling otherwise. You never know with cats; as much as we admonish them, they refuse to keep a journal. But anyway, it seems like I’m having to take one or the other to the vet every other day.

  2. Deana says:

    Poor Right and poor you. It is always so sad when a beloved animal suffers. The tree sounds lovely.

    Re: FB (or Twitter, Pinterest, or whatever) it’s disappointing to hear the honor system wasn’t so simple. Can you ask folks in the future to paste the web address for their post so you can more easily verify the link?

  3. I know how hard this is for you, Kathleen. A good death is something we have the privilege of offering our animals — something we can’t always offer the people we love — but that doesn’t make it easy.

  4. Jenny says:

    I’m so sorry about your cat. He (they) are both beautiful. I do pray for recovery or at least peace for him. I’m glad to hear Farm Cat is doing better. I always worry about what I feed my kitties and it’s disheartening to know it may be their food source. Can you please let us know when the cause is more definitive?
    Congratulations to the winner

  5. Taja says:

    Congratulations to Leslie W!

    So sorry to hear about Right, Kathleen. It’s so hard to watch a family member suffer and not be able to make things better. For many of us, our pets are part of our families.

    Glad Farm Cat is improving. Fingers crossed for Right–and you.

  6. Leslie W. says:

    Thanks, Thanks, and thanks again! I have won very few things in my life, and this is a very pleasant surprise. I just got an email from Esther; she was very quick making contact. I can’t wait to look over the book. I know I need some help with organization.

    Thanks again, Kathleen. I will put the book to good use.

  7. Melissa says:

    Regarding giveaways:
    I used a service called Rafflecopter to manage a giveaway on my own blog.
    The service lets you choose which type of social sharing you require for entry, including the option to gain multiple entries by sharing on different channels.

    BUT it turns out that making sharing to Facebook an entry requirement is in violation of Facebook’s terms of service.

  8. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for that information Melissa, I’ll look into it. Wish I’d known of it already.

    I noticed this morning that Facebook changed their TOS but frankly, it’s confusing enough (to me, for my purposes) that I’ll avoid it. It would be something else if I were giving away something of my own, I’d probably look more closely at it.

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