Winner of Day 6 Giveaway: Grading Workbook

demetra_winnerThe winner of the Day 6 giveaway of Connie Crawford’s Grading Workbook is Demetra! Yay!

Grading Workbook by Connie Crawford
122 pp, 8.5″ x 11″

Make note of the variety of purchasing options. It comes in hard copy or ebook (pdf) and there is a grading ruler available too. The options are:

Printed version (book only): $37.50
Printed Book with Grading Ruler: $44.50
E-Book only: $29.50
E-Book with Grading Ruler: $36.50
Printed Book and E-Book: $49.50
Printed Book, E-Book, and Grading Ruler: $54.50

There is still one last giveaway that of the draping book -please, only one entry per person. The deadline is 5:00 PM MST Friday Sept 6, 2013.

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