Winner: Giveaway of Patternmaking Made Easy

Very impressive number of responses to the first post -157 at the time I write this. Of the 157 comments posted, 97 of them were qualified entries. The difference amounts to conversation and of course, those who didn’t follow the entry instructions. The instructions were to mention Connie’s upcoming grading book (to be released next Spring).

And the winner is -courtesy of the internet random number generator– EK! Yay! My sincerest consolation to everyone else but do recall everyone can still get 20% off of Patternmaking Made Easy using coupon code FASANELLA on Connie’s site. The book is also available on Amazon but its price is $2 more and of course, no 20% discount. Stay tuned tomorrow for two posts -the first is a review of a new book on fabric design written by a guest writer who knows a thing or two about the subject. And that would be Jasonda Desmond. [As an aside, some day I should write a review about her; she’s come up with some logos and branding concepts for me that I’ve been very pleased with. In fact, she designed the headmast of this site.]

Tomorrow’s second post will be -you guessed it- another giveaway.  Doing giveaways is kind of fun. I should give away my own book; I hadn’t thought of that before. As soon as I thought of it, I have to admit that I imagined it would be horribly embarrassing if I didn’t get as many entrants as Connie did.  That’s life and truth be told, I’d be happy for her but also, I’d have the opportunity to tease her that she’d have to pick up the check the next time we got together.

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  1. Natasha E says:

    Well some of us may have had the problem I had/have that it was so good it got borrowed never to be returned and the person never to be seen again. Maybe it can be a marketing campaign. So good it gets stolen….

  2. Felicianna says:

    I’m looking forward to the grading publication! And will be very glad to obtain a copy of Patternmaking Made Easy, thanks.

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