Winner: Fabric for Fashion, The Swatch Book

seamstress_erin_winnerCourtesy of, the winner selected from the 17 qualifying entries was number 11. Congratulations to Erin, winner of this latest giveaway from the review of Fabric for Fashion, The Swatch Book. That said, everyone wins -Laurence King is offering a 35% discount for this title through Jan 5, 2015. Use fashionincubator35 for the discount.

An aside due to the high number of unqualified entries; I’m thinking people don’t know what a haiku is anymore. Hmm. Also, carrying one word over to a second line to match the required number of syllables for the stanza is a grey area that I allowed but won’t next time. Also, many entries had no weaving words per se. Some fabrics are known by their weave (satin -which I suspect was often a lucky choice) but others are not (denim).

To recap the review I wrote, I really like this book and will be ordering a copy for myself. I think it is much better suited for fashion oriented entrepreneurs (than standard textbooks) who need an expedited drilled down version to select and order appropriate textiles -and to speak with vendors and service providers intelligently. I think this book would even be good as a cheat sheet for students. If you can master (you can, easily) the content in this book, you will likely pass Textile Science 101.

Erin: send me your mailing address so I can mail this review copy to you.

Next: I’ll be reviewing an Italian drafting book -newly translated into English.

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