Winner: Digital Textile Design

winner_digital_textileThanks everyone for participating in the last giveway. We had 40 contestants for the drawing. Courtesy of the random number generator, the winner is #34. That would be Sylvia -congratulations!

Switching gears -how was your holiday? I didn’t go anywhere but I must have left my brain somewhere; I’ve had the hardest time getting back into working mode -I blame the head cold. I think some people have the right idea; just take off from Christmas through New Year’s. I wish I had the luxury (Mr. F-I is off) but I’m too backed up with projects to take more time off than I already have. I’ll be working weekends for the rest of January to make up for it.

But as I was saying. Our holiday was low key; everyone came over here for dinner (spinach lasagne) .  My “tree” was a hit this year. For those who don’t know, I decorate a vintage wire dress form. This year I put pine branches on her to create a skirt. I draped some kind of glittery mystery fabric for a bodice. Kitties liked it quite a bit; there was always at least one sleeping beneath it. I posted a photo of it on Facebook if you want to see it.

~Okay, now I’m off to write the next post.

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  1. M-C says:

    I -adore- the tree :-)! Don’t work yourself back into illness, and happy new year to you Kathleen :-). And to the rest of y’all..

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