Winner! 5 Bunka Book Giveaway

And the winner is -courtesy of the internet random number generator- KC Sheehan! Yay! With my consolation to everyone else of course -but read on, there’s a little something for everyone at close. KC posted several comments composed in haiku but this was the winning entry:

It almost writes itself, doesn’t it?:

Pattern Magic 2
Pattern Magic: Stretch Fabrics
Drape Drape Drape Drape 2

But wait, I can do better:

Clothing to die for.
Pictures worth a thousand words.
Sublime sewing books.


Pick me! Pick me, please!
I have got to have those books!
Or I will explode.

The consolation prize for everyone else is 35% off all titles on Laurence King’s website through the end of November. Use coupon code NEWSITE at check out.

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  1. Quincunx says:

    A juicy discount. $60ish (plus shipping) for the 100-swatch book is just as inexpensive as ordering that many swatches from online retailers, but with the glossary and binding already attached for you.

  2. KC says:

    I am honored and delighted! I’m also planning to do some Christmas shopping with the discount!
    Thank you Kathleen and thank you Laurence King!

  3. Isidore says:

    Holy cow, they’re offering free shipping with this too. When a publisher beats the Amazon price and offers free shipping, BUY DIRECT and support them! I may have to buy that Leather Fashion Design book Kathleen so graciously wrote a detailed review of on Amazon.

  4. Quincunx says:

    I’m not in the UK, no free shipping for me. :(

    I didn’t picture KC exploding so much as undergoing spontaneous mitosis. There would then have been two KCs reciting poetry in tandem.

  5. JoAnne says:

    I just purchased, I’m in the US and it gave me an option for free shipping!
    I ordered 5 books for 100.00 and saved 70.00, thanks Laurence King publishing.. and thank you Kathleen for bringing it to the masses :)

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