Wild West Potato Pizza

So much to say and only 6:58 minutes left in my free internet session in which to say it! We are in Berlin, just in time to celebrate Re-Unification Day. Obviously I’ll tell you more later but I’ll leave you with this truly riotous ad we saw in the train station yesterday on our way in from Prague.

If you didn’t know, Germans love all things cowboy. Evidently, pizza+potatoes=cowboys. You heard it here first.

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  1. dosfashionistas says:

    Sounds good! Think pizza flavored french fries. You may just be onto the next fast food craze.

    Have fun! Sounds like you are. I am having great fun myself reading your postings.


  2. Carol in Denver says:

    Notice that all the big words are in English? I’ve read that practically everyone under the age of 30 all across Europe knows and uses English as the Euro languge — lots & lots of elementary-age and high school-age kids have learned in school.
    Berlin is an extremely interesting place to visit. About 5 years ago my DH & I were riding in the subway = UBahn (which is above ground for lots of its route) and two 12-year old kids were practicing their language skills on us. Unfortunately I did not hear correctly when one of them used one of the long words one must not print, and I said his English was very good, which caused the other kid to almost faint.
    Also we visited some distant relatives there, and the 30 & unders did all the translating (my German is random, at best) and they said whenever they don’t want their parents to know what they are talking about, they use English.
    Thanks for the picture postcards!!

  3. Lisa B. in Portland says:

    That is really hilarious!

    Speaking of potatoes, though, when we were in Istanbul, there were several food carts selling baked potatoes and any number of toppings piled on them that you wanted. Everything from stuff like ketchup to corn to meat to olives, you name it. It was actually good.

  4. Veronica says:

    LOL. . . LOL. . . . :o) Pizza + potoes = Cowboys. . . . . Now THAT is Funny. I am Scandinavian
    my self and can confirm that ‘We Over There’ do use a-lot of english words in our daily language. However – this Pizza/Italian, Potatos/international and Cowboys/American Combo I have never seen before.
    Thank you for sharing Kathleen – you are VERY Much appreciated – I am sort of a a newcomer to this ‘clothing world’ and am now reading my way through your book – I am not much of a reader but I LOVE Your book and your Awesome sense of humor, you have me laughing out loud pretty often (our neighbors probably think I am nuts) Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

    Carol – You are right – Everybody ‘Over There’ knows English. . . it is The International Language and we start learning it in 3rd or 4th grade now days.

    Moorpark, CA

  5. Kathleen Fasanella says:

    I tell you, we must walk by one of these signs eight times a day. It’s so bizarre…it looks like the horsie eating the potato pizza. If they didn’t put ham on it, we would have bought one by now to try it out.

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