Wholesale fabric shows April 2009

I always intend to do this monthly, I should create an editorial calender to remind myself. There’s three wholesale fabric and trim sourcing shows coming up this month you may be interested in attending.

L.A. International Textile Show, April 14-16 in Los Angeles at the California Market Center. There’s over 200 exhibitors; download the exhibitor’s list here (pdf). To make the most of your trip, read show reviews here, here and here (from when it was better known as the TALA show). If you’re a forum member, meet ups are usually posted here.

Material World & Technology Solutions, April 21-23, 2009 in Miami Beach FL. I don’t know how many exhibitors there are but the list is here. There’s actually quite a few reviews of this show scattered around on the site but most were in the context of when the show was held in conjunction with SPESA which affects context greatly. Marguerite wrote a review of the 2007 show if it helps. This show is constantly evolving. Meet up information for F-I members is here.

GlobalTex April 28-30, 2009 in Los Angeles. GlobalTex is a newish show, a transmutation of the fabric show that was held in Dallas. Some of us were just a bit miffed when the Dallas show moved to LA. TALA (new site at long last!) used to hold their own event in the same slot as the LA International Textile Show but it seems they’ve switched affiliations to support this show. That’s good, word had it some in LA were none too pleased either. I have no reviews of this show so you’ll have to settle for a news story of the event. The exhibitors list shows just under 100 but I don’t know how often the list is updated.

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