What to do with scrap pt.2

We’ve had many comments posted to the original entry which I wrote after Vesta requested some resources to dispose of scrap. After that, Magic Mike listed Fashion-Incubator as the place to find scrap. Magic Mike was running a scrap project but has been forced to drop it due to ill health. He describes the project saying:

Many people use them for community service projects like making quilts for kids in hospitals, homeless people, even clothes for migrant worker’s children, etc. There is a whole list of projects that people have already completed and even some photos to show some of these projects.

I thought I’d summarize the responses we’ve gotten in comments in the event you have some scraps that other people want to put to good use. Some people have offered to pay for postage in the event you require it to ship off boxes. Maybe you can spend some time this weekend cleaning up and help someone out in the bargain.

If you are looking for scrap, please post your request to the original entry and include your email address in your comment.

I make “blankies” for dogs and cats awaiting adoption to forever homes, so I can always use more scraps. Washable fabric like cotton, cotton blend, flannel or fleece works great for dog and cat toys as well as other washable fabrics. This is an on going project, so supplies are always needed. I’m located in Michigan at 48390. Jill

I use scraps to make bags, accessories, and wearables. I am looking for additional sources of material, I am willing to take test garments apart, but do not want damaged materials. Wyncia

I make mini quilts and always have need for scraps if they are at least as big as my hand or 2 1/2″ wide strips. Either. My zip is 33434. Boca Jan

Im looking for scraps to make clothes, stuffed animals and bedding for needy children – boys and girls who are in dire need. Any material any size – small or large denim- cotton fleece leather – prints solids – whatever. Embelishment, zippers, buttons thread, notions of any kind would be very helpful. Denice

I am hunting a source for cotton or cotton polyester mill ends about 3 inches in width. mhsstu j duke

I make “Crisis” quilts for my local sheriff and fire departments. These are little “huggin” quilts for children and sometimes parents as well when they’ve had a fire, been in an accident or for abused children. I’ve already made 190 of them, but I’m starting to run out of scraps. I am willing to pay postage. Gin

I am interested in getting scraps for quilts. I have just started quilting and so far have had to buy material to start with. I would be willing to pay for shipping costs to Tennessee 37825. I want to start making quilts for a local shelter for women and children, our local DCS office (for children who are removed from their homes), and for the police and fire department. Any scraps I could get would be greatly appreciated. I would like cotton, cotton blends, and flannel. D Taylor

I am lookin fer solids and or printed flannels as well as cottons (plaids) to do quilts for a charity organization here in my hometown fer ill & flood victim children. I have alot of free time on my hands and have been using my time to help others by doing this. I appreciate any help you have. Jean Ward

I make lap quilts for the local children’s hospital, and Nursing Homes. I would be happy to pay shipping to 84010 for scraps of “soft” fabrics: flannel, fleece, velour. At least 4″ square. Thanks. Carol

My daughters and I love to quilt for friends. We love bright cheery prints of cotton. I love using strips and my daughters love squares. Although we are grateful for either. One med size box would be glorious. thank you, Cathy M in West Covina, Ca 91791

I am a stay at home mom and military wife who make quilts while my husband is deployed and baby is sleeping to pass the time… I can use any scraps and will pay postage if you have scraps you need to get rid of. Teresa

The Quilt Ministry at Central Baptist church is in great need of cotton, fleece, flannel, or thread scraps. This has been an on-going ministry to make blankets for unwed mothers homes and wheel chair quilts. Any help would be a great blessing to us and the people we give our blankets to. I am more than happy to pay for shipping. WA,98499 Kind regards, Michelle Sullivan

I am new to Quilting and just love making quilts. I am on Disability, and it is hard for me to afford fabric. I was wondering if there is any business or manufacturing plants out there. willing to send some cotton or cotton blends scraps for quilting. I live in upstate NY zipcode 14433. I will pay postage for med or large boxes Thank you Karolyn

My adoption agency has an ongoing project working with the Chinese Goverment Adoption Office to distribute the blankets to orphanages in need. I recently sent a shipment of 61 blankets over and am currently working to send another shipment. I can always use more scraps to make blankets with. Washable fabric like cotton, cotton blend, flannel or fleece works great for the blankets as well as other washable fabrics. This is an on going project, so supplies are always needed. I’m located in Missouri at 64055. Melissa

I am looking for no longer used decorator fabric sample books. I would like to cut them in strips and weave them together. Thanks for your consideration. Lisa

I am a third grade teacher. We teach the students about the early settlers in Upper Canada. We try to teach them the skills the youngsters of the 1800’s were required to learn. I’d like to teach then hand quilting as well as braiding fabric for pot holders, rugs etc. I would require cotton and cotton blends. Silvia Vanessa Lamb

I have recently gotten into quilting and want to start on a quilting project to make blankets for people who really make a difference in the community (community servants, veteran’s, etc…). Therefore, I am requesting assistance with getting cotton, cotton blends or flannel fabric scraps to get me started. Lisa

I would love leftover leather scraps for making shoes. I am learning to make shoes and am learning clothing design. Cotton or scraps of dress material to make cloth hats, dolls, and small toys. I would also love larger pieces of dress making fabric or clothing samples for small children’s wear. I make quilts in my free time as well, so nothing will go wasted. Qetesh

I am working on a quilt and am desperately seeking COTTON scraps. I would be more than happy to takem some off your hands. If there are any businesses or manufacturing plants out there willing to send some cotton scraps for quilting, I will pay postage for medium size packages. I am located in Canada – L5N 8A8. Robin Blake

I am looking for cotton scraps and felt scraps to make quilts and hats for cancer patients in a treatment center. We take my Uncle for treatment and so many are trying to cover up with coats…and so I thought I would make some covers for them to use while there waiting for chemo. A lot of the ladies wear hats and scarfs too but some don’t have any and I’d like to do some of those to leave. Thanks. Margaret Earle

I’m looking for tan or brown corduroy fabric scraps to use in a quilt. I’m hoping to make 6″ or 8″ circles out of the fabric. I’m also interested in other type fabric scraps, cotton, cotton blends, satin. My zipcode is 99206. Thank you. S Troyer

I am a volunteer for Fire House Quilts here in Denver Colorado. We make 45″ quilts for the Fire Dept, Police dept and Ambulance services to give to kids that are involved in scary situations in hope that the quilts will add a sense of comfort for the little ones. We would love to receive any type of Cotton, Flannel or Fleece that has a kid friendly pattern. We could also use any extra batting that anyone may have. Pamela Fryberger

Hello! I am an art therapy graduate student and I am beginning my internship. I am working with older adults at an assisted living facility and am in need of fabric scraps for residents to use for the creation of craft projects. Assorted colors of various fabrics are preferred. 2 pounds should be enough to start with. Thanks in advance, Amanda

How about scraps for making lap quilts for our woulnded soldiers? I also have a home business that uses scraps. I like cottons and blends, silks, satins, velvet, velour, embroidered,—you name it, I can find a use for it. Elaine Smith

I am in the process of making a charm quilt, and in trying to make it a true charm quilt where each fabric is only used once, I am relying mostly on scraps I have been able to gather from other people. I also use any small pieces of scrap to make crazy quilt squares, and as I build my collection of those, am hoping to complete a couple pieces that could be donated to a local shelter for battered women. Any cotton or cotton blend scraps would be greatly appreciated :) Robin Slade

I joined a foundation that makes quilts for the wounded soldiers. Its valled the Quilts of Valor foundation. We are looking for cotton fabric to make the quilts. All pieces of fabric would be great but it has to be cotton since alot of the patients are burned or amputated. Dawna

My husband and I have been making quilts for the University of Utah Burn Center. They require so many blankets and over the past year we have donated over 150 blankets for the burn victims. They use so many each day and when they are well enough to return home, they are given a new blanket to take with them. Most of the burn victims are industrial accidents, but we have become friends with a little girl that was burned over 70% of her body (her head and from waist up were chared badly) She cannot speak for her esophagus was badly burned. There has NEVER been anyone there with her when we deliver quilts, she is always lying there very alone. We have spent so much on fabric and batting for these quilts, not to mention the time in sewing and getting them tied, but we could really use some donations of fabric. Each quilt takes 1 1/2 yards for the front and 1 1/2 for the back. We use 7″ squares and use 7 across and 8 down and it works out just the size the burn center requires if we have to piece fabric to get the 45 x 54 size. PLEASE, anyone that may have some good ole cotton fabric that you feel you could donate, we would love to have you share in the blessing of making these quilts for the burn center. Thanks in advance, Rita in UTAH

I have recently been disabled and am learning to quilt, and to sew purses and shopping bags. Any scraps would be appreciated. Ernestina Snow

I belong to a group that makes quilts for the at risk babies in the neo-natal unit of our hospital and also for the local highway patrol officers to carry in their cars. We also crochet or knit different garments for the hospital unit as well. We would appreciate any cotton scraps or any yarns that could be donated. Willing to pay postage. Thanks for any help. Louise in NC

My dream is to set up an art quilt studio for myself and others with similar interests in my very small, remote town of 100. I would be happy to pay postage for any scrap material (except for stretchy types) that becomes available. Thanks for this opportunity, Sharon

I am a homeschooling mom of 3 with one on the way. I make blankets for project Linus in So. IL. I would be willing to purchase or except donations scraps of any no acrylic fabrics or of yarn (any type or color). Shonna

Hello, I just found this site through magic mike and I would like to get some cotton fabric for a babys outfit please. My zip is 31750. Thanks. Michelle

Hello, I found this blog on the Magic Mike website. I would like to make a couple of “Crazy Quilts” using only silk, velveteen, soft small well corduroy and other such fabrics used in the original “Crazy Quilts”. I would appreciate any small pieces of the fabrics listed above for free or for a nominal cost. My zip code is 36445. Thanks and have a blessed day! Susan

I am making blankets and quilts from anything, rags, whatever. These go to homeless children to help keep them warm. I am in desperate need of fabrics, fleece, quilt backing scraps, cottons too! I am happy to pay for shipping. My address is 2100 NW 8th St. Blue Springs MO 64015. Jet Bossard

I’m a social worker at a nursing home for persons living with AIDS in NYC. I’ve recently started a sewing group, along with a recreation therapist for our residents. We are always looking for scraps of any kind. At the present time, we have assisted residents in making quilts, pillows, and in the past, clothing items. We have very creative individuals residing here. Any help is appreciated! Erin

I am also interested in scraps, a medium sized box of cottons and blends, silks, satins, velvet, velour, even buttons and lace, things for crazy quilts and regular quilts. I have the quilting bug and am trying to do some projects before Christmas for myself and for donations to help people stay warm and hopefully spread some cheer! Zip Code 97136 Robin

I am interested in a medium sized box (maybe more) of fabric remnants/ scraps of all kinds- including trims, laces, etc.. I use them to piece together clothes for my 3 year-old and her cousins in Algeria. If you have any you don’t need- let me know :) Thanks! Zip 94109 Cari

Hello to all. I am just a normal lady who is a house keeper and my wages are very low, I really can’t afford fabric but I do have a sewing machine at least,it would be a true blessing to recieve any fabric. Thank you. Zipcode (Puerto Rico) 00638 Josse Torres

Am interested in 100% cotton scraps. I am a home quilter and I make lots of baby quilts for those that are in need and some for those that have had to stay in hospital. Would appreciate a response. Thank you in advance. Linda

I’m involved with a project called Morsbags that’s working to reduce plastic bag waste by sewing reusable shopping bags and distributing them free of charge to shoppers. Any reasonably sturdy woven fabric is useful to us, and the site above has a forum where you can post fabric donations. Or if you’re interested, please contact me and thanks! Julie

I am looking for any type of scraps for quilting. I would like to make a bunch of baby quilts and young children’s quilts and donate them to the children’s hospital in my area. If you have anything available, please contact me. Thank you so much. Jennifer

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  1. Vesta says:

    Thanks for this, Kathleen. A note for posters: it is very, very helpful to know if someone is willing to take apart samples to get to the fabric scraps.

  2. J C Sprowls says:

    In case members haven’t had a chance to review it, I posted some operations suggestions in the forum. As Vesta mentions, the recipient must know they will have to process the scrap on the receiving end. But, there are ways to develop a partnership with organizations that make sense for all involved.

  3. Liz says:

    I work for a textile company and often have scraps of panel and seating fabric. If anyone is interested in using this left over fabric for a good cause, please contact me.

  4. kayebird says:

    My mother reciently passed away. She had quite an abundance of polyester fabric. I am looking to donate the fabric to someone who can use it to make blankets, clothes, etc. for people in need. Please contact me if you are interested. Also not having to pay postage would be a blessing.

  5. Sylvia says:

    I was trying to post my request for fabric scraps to “the original entry” as suggested above. However, I could not find that “Post a Comment” space at the bottom of the page unlike this one. The only thing I saw on that page is “Email to a Friend.” Can someone help me?

  6. Kathleen says:

    The reason why comments are closed is written in that entry you mention. Here is the important part pasted in below. I had to suspend comments to that entry because no one was reading it.

    Post amended 6/17/08
    This is the last straw. If you post here, you are a guest in my home. Every home has house rules. Unfortunately, no one feels the rules apply to them. They didn’t even bother to read them. The instructions were specific:

    * Leave your email address in the body of your comment
    * Only hit the SUBMIT button ONCE.

    Everybody wants scraps but too few follow instructions. I have to delete twenty of these a day from people who either don’t leave email address OR, they hit submit seven times (no joke) and then I have to login, delete the entries and rebuild the entire site. This takes a lot of time and processing power on the server. I am happy to do favors if I can but it’s gotten to the point that it’s taking up too much of my time and server resources. I regret if this inconveniences people who are considerate but I really don’t know what to do anymore.

    Iow, if people had read the entry before posting, it’d still be live now.

  7. S. Ortiz says:

    I have fabric scraps left over from various sewing projects. My fabric scraps would best be used as stuffing for pillows, stuffed animals, etc…

    If you have use for them please let me know.

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