What to do with scrap?

Comments are now closed to this entry. I regret the inconvenience but I simply cannot run herd on it anymore. It’s the old tragedy of the commons problem. Here’s a brief explanation of what that means:

…describes a situation in which multiple individuals, acting independently, and solely and rationally consulting their own self-interest, will ultimately deplete a shared limited resource even when it is clear that it is not in anyone’s long-term interest for this to happen.

That means that people will act in their own self interest even if it ruins it for everyone else.

If you are looking for someone who may want your scraps, please scroll down and select your beneficiary and contact them via email. Thank you.

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  1. Claire-Marie Costanza says:


    I am a home sewer and sometimes quilter and a fan of your blog. When I read your blog this morning I was reminded of this ongoing scrap recycling “project”:


    I don’t know any more about Magic Mike than what is on his website. I have never requested a box of scraps (goodness knows I have a large enough collection of my own). This seems to be a labor of love, of sorts; Mike does not appear to be making a profit. I don’t know that Mike can take on MORE scraps, but his success proves to me that there is a market, of sorts, for scraps like this.

    I also heard the NPR story this morning about Joseph Abboud and remembered his story from your blog. I’m glad he and his methods are getting some national exposure.

  2. MagicMike says:

    Hi everyone, I was thrilled to receive a phone call from Kathleen today. She mentioned someone had posted a link to my Magic Mike’s Scrap to Wraps Project. BTW, that link is actually to an older version of the site, the newer version is posted at http://www.nepanetwork.com/magicmike/ if anyone wants to see how these scraps are put to good use. Many people use them for community service projects like making quilts for kids in hospitals, homeless people, even clothes for migrant worker’s children, etc. There is a whole list of projects that people have already completed and even some photos to show some of these projects.

    Because of some complications from my past brain surgery, I am no longer able to pack and mail the boxes of scraps. However, I will be happy to post a link to this blog so people looking for scraps can leave a message here and someone who has scraps available may be able to help them out.

    The poster will pay the shipping costs so it does not cost the person sending out the scraps. This may not seem very important, but if you send out a number of boxes at 50 pounds each, it can run into a few hundred dollars for shipping costs depending on what state they are going to.

    I will try to have the people state what they will use the scraps for so you can decide if your scraps will work for them.

    I think this is an excellent offer and I really appreciate it. I really miss being able to save scraps from the landfills and this will help me feel like I am still contributing to that cause.

    If anyone would like to find out what the people who received my scraps thought of this project, just visit the newsgroup rec.crafts.textiles.quilting and ask if anyone has ever heard of Magic Mike’s Scraps project and you should get a few responses. You can also search the archives of the newsgroup and see hundreds of messages regarding this project and how the people felt about it.

    In advance, thank you Kathleen for contacting me and to everyone for considering this project.

    Magic Mike
    Magic Mike’s Scraps to Wraps Project.

  3. nadine says:

    As a teacher at the Fashion Insititute of Technology in NYC, I have made several connections with accessories manufacturers to ask them to give their leather scraps and old season sample room supplies of leather skins to our accessories program. It has made an enormous difference for new students just learning to not have to spend so much money on leather. Also the quality is excellent as most is imported. Please remember to donate to fashion schools if you have sample yardages that are taking up too much space. Elementary school programs like scraps sometimes for art projects. In NYC there is “Media for the Arts” which which is run by the garbage company to recycle useable various “media” for teachers all over the city. If you are a teacher you can walk in take a shoppping cart and pick out anything you need for your school projects free of charge. I’ve had manufacturers ship hundreds of pounds of buttons and trims for others to use.


    Just another idea to consider.

  4. Wyncia Clute says:

    I use scraps to make bags, accessories, and wearables. I am looking for additional sources of material, I am willing to take test garments apart, but do not want damaged materials.

    If we opened a scrap net work, a website that connects scrap users to scrap producers, would there be an interest? What sort of terms and conditons would folks want?

    Please feel welcome to email me your ideas…and offers of fabrics! wynclute@comcast.net


  5. Magic Mike says:

    Quilters can use scraps as small as 3 inches or so. It just depends on the individual quilter. Other people make carft projects and are always looking for small scraps.

    If you have scraps available, just post a message here and once the word gets out, you should get some requests for the scraps.

    I suggest the requestor should send a check or money order for the shipping depending on the size of the package. I request their zip code and how many pounds of scraps they want. This way you will get the shipping money up front and can even wait for it to clear if it is a personal check.

    I used to have people that would request at least a box every month. With repeat customers you can usually tell whether a check is good or not.

    I have posted a message on the rec.crafts.textiles.quilting newsgroup and some of the members there may be stopping by to figure out how to get some of the scraps available.

    Good luck with your scraps.

    Magic Mike

  6. Teresa Woodward says:

    I am a stay at home mom and military wife who make quilts while my husband is deployed and baby is sleeping to pass the time…

    I can use any scraps and will pay postage if you have scraps you need to get rid of.

    Cotton scraps are easiest for me to use, but I will use anything I receive.

    Thank you for your time.

    I can be contacted at cuttergurl99@yahoo.com

  7. Karolyn says:

    My Name is Karolyn

    I am new to Quilting and just love making quilts
    I am on Disability, and it is hard for me to afford fabric.
    I was wondering if there is any business or manufacturing plants out there. willing to send some cotton or cotton blends scraps for quilting
    I live in upstate fingerlakes region of NY.
    in zipcode 14433
    I will pay postage for med or large boxes
    Thank you Karolyn
    My E-Mail is

  8. I am a third grade teacher. We teach the students about the early settlers in Upper Canada. We try to teach them the skills the youngsters of the 1800’s were required to learn. I’d like to teach then hand quilting as well as braiding fabric for pot holders, rugs etc. I would require cotton and cotton blends.

    We have 5 grade three classes of 20 students at our school. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Please contact me at sillelamb@yahoo.com

    Mrs. Lamb.

  9. Pamela Fryberger says:

    I am a volunteer for Fire House Quilts here in Denver Colorado. We make 45″ quilts for the Fire Dept, Police dept and Ambulance services to give to kids that are involved in scary situations in hope that the quilts will add a sense of comfort for the little ones. We would love to receive any type of Cotton, Flannel or Fleece that has a kid friendly pattern. We could also use any extra batting that anyone may have. You can view our website at http://www.firehousequilts.org
    Please email me at pplefry@comcast.net
    Thank you

  10. Louise says:

    I belong to a group that makes quilts for the at risk babies in the neo-natal unit of our hospital and also for the local highway patrol officers to carry in their cars. We also crochet or knit different garments for the hospital unit as well. We would appreciate any cotton scraps or any yarns that could be donated. Willing to pay postage. Thanks for any help. Louise in NC

    I can be reached by my e-mail address: OSewMe2@aol.com

  11. Sharon Paca says:

    My dream is to set up an art quilt studio for myself and others with similar interests in my very small, remote town of 100. I would be happy to pay postage for any scrap material (except for stretchy types) that becomes available.

    Thanks for this opportunity,
    Sharon at nmschoolhouse@hughes.net

  12. Shonna Sayne says:

    I am a homeschooling mom of 3 with one on the way. I make blankets for project Linus in So. IL.

    I would be willing to purchase or except donations scraps of any no acrylic fabrics or of yarn (any type or color).

    I can be contacted at shonna73@gmail.com

  13. Jet Bossard says:

    I am making blankets and quilts from anything, rags, whatever. These go to homeless children to help keep them warm. I am in desperate need of fabrics, fleece, quilt backing scraps, cottons too! Please contact me at jetboss57@yahoo.com, am happy to pay for shipping. my address is 2100 NW 8th St. Blue Springs MO 64015. email: jetboss57@yahoo.com Thanks. Any info anyone can email me on how to get scraps, remnants, etc. would be a blessing. I’d also like to get other types of scraps, too like leather, and vinyl to mend and make bags/backpacks for homeless ppl to carry their personal items. Thanks

  14. Erin says:

    Hi everyone –
    I’m a social worker at a nursing home for persons living with AIDS in NYC. I’ve recently started a sewing group, along with a recreation therapist for our residents. We are always looking for scraps of any kind.

    At the present time, we have assisted residents in making quilts, pillows, and in the past, clothing items. We have very creative individuals residing here. Any help is appreciated!

    Email me at ErinS@vcny.org


  15. Robin says:

    Hi, I am also interested in scraps, a medium sized box of cottons and blends, silks, satins, velvet, velour, even buttons and lace, things for crazy quilts and regular quilts. I have the quilting bug and am trying to do some projects before Christmas for myself and for donations to help people stay warm and hopefully spread some cheer! Zip Code 97136 email robinem@yahoo.com

  16. Cari says:


    I am interested in a medium sized box (maybe more) of fabric remnants/ scraps of all kinds- including trims, laces, etc.. I use them to piece together clothes for my 3 year-old and her cousins in Algeria. If you have any you don’t need- let me know :) Thanks! Zip 94109 einfuara@yahoo.com

  17. E.Lisa Molini says:

    Hello to all. I am just a normal lady who is a house keeper and my wages are very low, I really can’t afford fabric but I do have a sewing machine at least,it would be a true blessing to recieve any fabric. Thank you.

    God Bless.

    Josse Torres
    Ciales, PR,00638

  18. Julie says:

    I’m involved with a project called Morsbags that’s working to reduce plastic bag waste by sewing reusable shopping bags and distributing them free of charge to shoppers. (Check out http://www.morsbags.com)

    Any reasonably sturdy woven fabric is useful to us, and the site above has a forum where you can post fabric donations. Or if you’re interested, please contact me at juliet-scrap@firinn.org. Thanks!

  19. Jennifer says:

    Hello I am looking for any type of scraps for quilting. I would like to make a bunch of baby quilts and young children’s quilts and donate them to the children’s hospital in my area. If you have anything available you can contact me at cgmcneill@sympatico.ca thank you so much.

  20. andie says:

    I am looking for washable heavy-weight curtain fabric, twill, corduroy, and any type of linen. Used or new. Bits or bolts.

    I am in zipcode 37412, but am glad to pick up anywhere near Chattanooga.


  21. Sue Rock says:

    Good Morning;

    My name is Sue Rock – I am director for Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc. We are a New York based not for profit corporation whose focus is to create clothing and accessories for survivors of domestic violence who have left the cycle of violence and are now living in temporary housing.

    We accept fabric scraps, yarn and notions that would otherwise be discarded. Our blog is http://www.suerockoriginals.blogspot.com for more information on our current activities and photos of past donations.

    The address is

    Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc.
    50 East 18th Street A8
    Brooklyn, New York 11226
    (347) 365-8747

    Your generous donation is greatly appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you –

    Have a great week!

  22. Tracey Watson says:

    I am making blankets and passing them out all over town at the shelters and abused women houses. I love sewing and since all the money for the fabric comes out of my pocket I gladly take in scraps.

    If anyone has any available no matter what the size or if anyone wants to donate fabric I would greatly appreciate it.

    Please email me at i_cant_whistle@sbcglobal.net for information on how to get fabric to me. Thank you so much.

  23. Julie Roberts says:

    I was directed to your blog through Magic Mike’s site, what a nice way to make use of scraps and share the fun of crafting! I would love to receive a box of scraps of any kind, I generally use them to get friends and family together, working on a project. It doesn’t matter if it turns out a little crooked, it’s the time we spend that makes everything perfect.
    I am willing to cover shipping costs and would
    appreciate anything sent.
    Thank you for posting this blog!

  24. Susan Tonder says:

    Hello, I found this blog on the Magic Mike website. I would like to make a couple of “Crazy Quilts” using only silk, velveteen, soft small well corduroy and other such fabrics used in the original “Crazy Quilts”. I would appreciate any small pieces of the fabrics listed above for free or for a nominal cost. My zip code is 36445. Thanks and have a blessed day! I can be reached at:

  25. We work very closely with a local womens shelter. We donate refurbished product to them throughout the year. Any leftover scraps of fabrics we have are made into blankets that we give to each of these deserving moms.
    If anyone is interested in providing us with any
    excess fabric scraps no matter what size. Feel free
    to contact us at info@thebumblecollection.com

  26. mike says:

    My name is michael and I was looking for some leather scraps for my Mother in law. I hade no idea there was a site like this, it is very cool. My mother in law makes varyous things and is a very nice person. She would only need one box and that would make her very happy. Thank you…
    mike lov4chevy@yahoo.com

  27. Hi, my name is Fabiane, i live in Brazil and i would like to receive some scraps of 100% cotton and other tipes of fabric. I am a home quilter and I make patchwork quilts, so i need to receive some scraps. I am interested in a medium sized box of any cotton or cotton blend scraps would be greatly appreciated I am willing to cover shipping costs and would appreciate anything sent.Would appreciate a response. Thank you!
    zip code-97070330 – e-mail:fabianesh@gmail.com

  28. Jessie says:

    I use recycled and reclaimed materials to make bags, purses, and accessories. I am looking for another material source. I would be glad to have almost any type of material.

    I can be contacted at:

    Thanks. I would appreciate any sources.

  29. Melanie Bell says:

    I am an artist that makes art dolls, and I am also a quilter in the wintertime. I just found out about this site, and I would really appreciate any scraps you could send. I would love more bizarre types for my dolls- anything really- tapestry, fleece, leather, silk, etc, and 100% cotton for my quilts. With this save from the landfill and my wallet (minus the shipping), I hope to share my quilts and dolls with more people, and I may start making pet blankets for my puppies, friends and shelters. Thank you so much!

  30. mona says:

    I would like to receive 100% cotton scraps to make quilts. I am planning to make quilts for my father-in-law and some of his friends who live in a retirement home. I also would like making quilt blocks for charity quilts. Thank you. monasent@yahoo.com

  31. Anji Moon says:

    I am interested in receiving free scraps of all kinds for use in my art projects, community quilt projects,and for use with the craft students I teach. Any and all scraps would be appreciated and used. I can be reached at anjimoon1003@myway.com

  32. Ellsworth Maxwell says:

    I am currently making patchwork blankets for charity along with a team of sewing saavy friends. The proceeds of these blankets are going to be donated to the United Way in order to help with disaster relief and other charitable organizations. I am extremely interested in receiving a box of fabric scraps. Cotton is preferred. I am also looking for washable heavy-weight fabric, corduroy, and any type of linen. My e-mail is ellsworth.maxwell@gmail.com and my phone number is (610) 585-0667. Please contact me if there are still scraps available. Thanks!

  33. Wendy Ward says:

    My self and my 14 yr.old daughter quilt. She would like to make quilts to donate to childern in shelters and childrens hospitals. We cut up and sew everything we can…cotton would be appreciated. Thank you. I can be reached at W5154@msn.com

  34. Denise Stidham says:

    I love to embroider and make quilts. I save all my scraps and when I get enough to make a lap quilt, I make one and donate it to the nursing homes for the elderly. I would love to get cotton or flannel scraps so I could make even more lap quilts for the nursing homes. Also my best friend who lives 2 hours away has a quilting class and they also make lap quilts for the nursing homes. If anyone has any scraps, I will sharfe them with her class so they can also make more for their nursing homes. Please contact me at hotwheels@cinci.rr.com I can’t wait. Sincerely Denise

  35. Antonio Contreras says:

    Hello everyone,
    I am interested in receiving a large box of faux fur scraps because I would like to make a coat for my grandmother. She has never had one and she would really love one and I was hoping I can give her that for Christmas. I would greatly appreciate the scraps. Thank you. I can be reached at ascantonio@mac.com. Thanks again.

  36. Julia Gambill says:

    I was directed to your blog through Magic Mike’s site, what a nice way to make use of scraps! I will gladly pay any costs involved in shipping to Hendersonville, NC 28739.
    Please email me at

    Thank you

  37. Mary Hronicek says:

    I am making quilts to donate to a homeless shelter. I would love to receive a box of 100% cotton scraps. I would prefer heavier, ‘quilters cotton’. (I am a beginning quilter and find the heavier cotton easier to work with.) I live in Sudbury, Massachussetts (zip 01776). My email address is: mthword@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  38. Stephanie Nosacek says:

    Hi, I went back to Magic Mike’s page hoping to get on the list as I’ve finally got a little bit of money to pay shipping.

    Mike I’m praying for your healing.

    As for scraps, I live in VA and I’ve called just about every manufacturer around here and they all told me, except one in NC who promised to send me a couple of boxes and never did, that they no longer do inhouse cutting.

    What I’ve been working on are crocheted rugs and I’m also working on some quilts. I’m disabled and can’t do much but occassionally I do a craft show to try and raise some extra money.

    I’ve been dumpster diving for a lot of my fabrics and it’s time consuming but I’m thankful for it.

    I’m also learning to make my own shoes and bras. I can’t afford to pay the cost of the special clothing I need. Last time was $30 for a lousy bra. My feet are also messed up so I’m learning to make fabric shoes with a ton of padding with extra wide width.

    So the kinds of fabrics I can use are as follows:

    cotton/poly blends
    spandex or lycra or blends

    If you have the cuttaways for the selvages where there’s long strips I can definitely use those!

    I only get a little money once a month. My hubby’s on disability for his heart. So I can save up the money for shipping but it’s only once a month that I can send anything unless I can find someone to buy a rug or something.

    I appreciate it!


    breezynosacek AT hotmail.com

  39. Ann Crouse says:

    I do quilts for a local pregnancy help center and for premies in the local hospital….I also make turbans and lap quilts for cancer patients.
    I have a group of 15 ladies who help me sew for these projects. We would appriciate any and all fabric/scraps that anyone would like to donate to a good cause….as it does get expensive buying the material. Also if you would like to quilt with us or for us please email me :)
    Thank You very much!

    Ann Crouse
    PO Box 23
    Sunrise Beach, Mo.

  40. Sue B says:

    My children have developed an interest in quilting and crafting and would appreciate any scraps you have to offer. My son loves to works with fleece, but we all like to work with a variety of textures and fabrics. I can be contacted at farmbt6847@aol.com. Our zip code for delivery calculations is 14813. Thank you so much

  41. Diane C Williamson says:

    I am looking for any scraps or donations of fabrics. I am a single mom of three having a hard time making ends meet and want to start making crafts to sell at the local flea markets. I appreciate any feedback on this and if it’s easier to email me privately you may, just put “fabric scraps” in the subject line so I know it’s not spam. I greatly appreciate anything that might help me better provide for my children. Thank you! my email is galady75@yahoo.com
    Much respect and thanks,

  42. Chloe says:

    I was directed to your blog through Magic Mike’s site, what a nice way to make use of scraps! I will gladly pay any costs involved in shipping to Seattle, WA 98144.
    Please email me at

    Thank you

  43. Doreen says:

    I work for a non-profit organization that provides day service programing for adults with developemental disabilities and brain injuries. Several of the clients I serve are making quilted blankets for a children’s hospital in Boston. This is a fantastic way for our clients to ‘give back’ and have meaningful and purposeful activity. We are looking for fabric. Please e-mail me at drnmadore40@gmail.com with information about donaations.

  44. merle says:

    HI, I am Mostly looking for bolts of fabric, so please email me and i will be glad to pay for shipping and your time to send them to me.

    We also do work for charities or all different types, Cancer, Aids, Leukemia, and local non profits in our area.

    thank you very much

    in the Colorado area .

  45. Sanra says:

    Hi! MY name is Sandra. I’m A general crafter. I am learning to quilt, and I do all kins of crafts. I am interested in all kinds of fabric. please e-mail me at hobbycrazy@netins.net
    Would loveeeee any you can send!

  46. Haley Schmitz says:

    I’m the president for a club linked with invisiblechildren.com at Radford University. The club helps raise money and awareness for the children suffering from the war in Northern Uganda. We use the fabric scraps to decorate hats that we sell as a fundraiser. Any donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated! My email is hschmitz@radford.edu

  47. Attiyah says:

    Hiya ^_^
    My name is Attiyah, and I recently decided to take my neddle and thread out of retirement. I loved sewing as a child and am missing it now that i’m a college student with free time. I make hats, hoodies, scarfs, teddy bears, bags and tops out of my fabric scraps and old clothes. I would love to take any scraps you are willing to give me, exspecially leather I love to craft cuffs, bracelets, bags, watch bands and other jewelery out of it.I normally craft gifts for family and friends. But my new self challenge/goal is to create a multi-leather corset or leather jacket(patch work style). Any and All scraps will be apperciated cotton, felt,wool,silk, muslin…i love it all!! and i would like to Thank you for your time and for your generiousity toward my niche and other crafts. you can contact me at:
    attiyahwoods@yahoo.com or nightbaneinferno@gmail.com
    Once again thank you!

  48. Candi says:

    Hello, I followed a link here about requesting sscraps. I would like to make quilts and model horse tack and I am willing to accept any kind of scraps that are available. Thank you.

  49. Darlene Troxler says:

    Greetings to you;
    I came across another site that directed me to your site. I quilt baby blankets for charity and also make fetal-demise pouches for our local hospital. I would need 100% cotton fabric. I live in the 29710 zip code area. I am not sure how much it would cost to ship or if I could even afford the shipping. What are the size ranges of your scraps? I was just trying to figure out if this would even work for me. The fetal-demise pouches are about 14 inches square. I thank you for your time and God bless you, Darlene. InspiredbyJesus@yahoo.com

  50. shirley hartnett says:

    I belong to a quilt group that does extensive work for many different charities. We even make neck wraps for soldiers.
    I live in NY area. Email me please details about scraps and shipping

  51. Lorrie says:

    Hi! My name is Lorrie, I am from Indiana. I am new to this, I have started to quilt recently, I am looking for some free scraps I could use for my quilting, If any one has any please contact me.My Zip code is 47025 and my email address is: speedracer_24@comcast.net

  52. Emilie Swennign says:

    I am from Alaska and have an after school program
    where kids can come in and learn to sew.
    They mainly work on quilts & pillows.
    The finished products are donated for auctions for a good cause.
    The supplies they have are donations.

    If you have any scraps to offer, please contact me at emilieswenning@yahoo.com
    thank you

  53. Joan H. says:

    My mom and I have been quilting. We have been busy with our church making quilts for the homeless. Now, I am starting on a new project making fabric cards to aid the Sheltered Workshop that is near us. I am from Western Iowa. (Magnolia) The zip code is 51550. I would be interested in any kind of fabric that is available. My e-mail address is: herbalsoaphenry@yahoo.com
    Thank you very much for considering me.

  54. Bea Lopez says:

    Scraps!!! I could use them. I am currently working on several projects and would like some material if anyone is willing to donate scraps it doesn’t have to be a full yard or such at this point I’ll settle for just about anything that is available. My project consist of making quillows to donate. You can contact me at the following email: bealopzz85@yahoo.com. Thank you I will greatly appreciate any help.

  55. Jennifer says:


    I just found your web site today and am so excited to see so many people helping others. I am interested in any scraps available to use for my quilting and sewing projects. Right now I am sewing bags for a veterans hospital, but hope to expand and make flannel pants and nightgowns. I am from Omro, Wi 54963F My email is Jennie9555@aol.com. Thank you for your help and consideration

  56. Dee Wilson says:

    I would like to make a quilt for my son out of quarteroy and denim scraps his brother got one last year but I just dont have the money to buy any more fabric PLEASE let me know if there is anything you can do for me. I will pay any shipping.c We live in Idaho 83716, our email is richardwilson02@cableone.net Thanks alot,
    Dee Wilson

  57. Kenya Blum says:

    I am a single Mom of two and out of work medical reasons, I am looking for scraps of any kind to make my children new quilts for their beds and clothing for the summer, moneys tight and they are growing fast. I have a 4yr old girl and a 2yr girl and a lil boy on the way. If anyone has any scraps they could spare any would help I can create designs out of anything. Email me at no_more_lookin_back_jckb@yahoo.com , Thanks a Bunch and God Bless, Kenya

  58. Nancy says:

    I am currently relearning to sew. I am starting with small things, dog clothes, little pillows and such. It has been quite a while since I sewed last and would love to have scraps to relearn with. You can email me at blondbomb38@hotmail.com. I will be happy to pay postage to zip 92225. Thank you.

  59. Tiffany says:

    Hello Everyone,> My name is Tiffany Roach. I am currently serving> in the United States> Navy and my twin brother Stephen is serving in Iraq> with the army. Both of> us are very close to our family. And as you can only> imagine, my mother is> taking all of this very hard. I was hoping to help> her pick up a new found> hobby of hers. For Christmas she made everyone in> the family huge fleece> blankets. She loves to do it. The only thing is that> she doesn’t have the> money to afford the cost of the fleece. I am saving> up all my extra money> to send her but the Navy only pays so much (not> much!). Please Anyone who> can help me help my mom will be greatly> apprectiated. My prayers go out to> you all and your families.Have a blessed day and> KEEP OUR TROOPS IN YOUR> PRAYERS!! WE DO THIS FOR YOU!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

    Please contact at UsSrOaCh7711@hotmail.com

    thank you!

  60. Bonnie says:

    Hello! My church is starting a quilting ministry making charity quilts and donated scraps would help us a great deal. We would prefer cotton or cotton blends. We could also use flannel. If you can help us, we would be very happy to pay for shipping. Please contact me at munciequilter@yahoo.com and we are in zip code 46013.


  61. Dixie Pineda says:

    I am looking for scrap fabric, I am a crafter and love to make all kids of things. I work full time for a financial company and we are in a big hurt right now because of the economy. They have already started layoffs and I am looking for ways to make money to support my three children. I could use extra fabric to do that. If anyone has fabric scraps to give away please let me know, I will pay for shipping. dixiepineda@yahoo.com

  62. Karin says:

    Must move to the country to take care of my elderly folks, and am working on getting a cottage business going (making shoulder bags from repurposed materials). Looking for sources of scrap fabric (say, minimum 48 square inches up to whatever size). Bits of trim materials, gauzy stuff and ribbon, buttons, etc. would also be welcome. Prefer primarily natural content, especially earth tones. Am particularly interested in: strong repetitive designs, lots of tactile texture, rugged woven fabric, upholstery fabric, tightly woven medium to heavy weight intricate prints. Will pay shipping. Would love to hear from you – please put SCRAP FABRIC in the subject line. Thanks! karinbeij@yahoo.com

  63. Kyla says:

    I would like to accept a donation of scraps. I will use whatever anyone can send. I will use them to make whatever toys and clothes and shoes etc I can for my baby – due in April! I will also donate some of my crafts to people in need in my city. I live in Canada – Calgary, postal code: T2S 1W9 – Happy to pay shipping, and happy to receive and recycle scraps!

    Thank you!

  64. anna says:

    Hi. I would like scrap donations. I’m disabled and can’t do much, but I’d like to do applique on a small scale, to have something to do. I plan to make little gifts and maybe sell a few.
    I would like natural fabrics in solids and small prints; all colors, felt, brocade, braid, calico, raised textures, plaids. Also sequins, ribbon, and buttons. Email is
    free7 mountaineagle @yahoo.com

  65. liz roberts says:

    I am interested in getting free scrap donations for making baby quilts which are donated during the christmas holidays to families in need. I am not picky about fabric, any kind will be greatly appreciated.My email address is lissidaler@hotmail.com thank you!!!

  66. Kathleen Silvestri says:

    Please tell me how I can get scraps and scraps and lg and small pieces so I can make things for the poor — I am looking to help those in our country i.e. Appalachian mountain area with blankets, etc… by making them out of lg scrap material — Can you please help me out? I am in Redding, CT – and my email is ksilves@mac.com.

    Best – and thank you,


  67. Laura Bishop says:

    I am a new Girl Scouts Leader and I am looking for scraps of pretty much any fabric and any size for my girls to learn things. I could not believe it when I started and learned that these girls did not know how to do something as simple as weaving paper! I would like to get them started on a project making things for our soldiers. We live in Hamilton Ohio, 45015. You can reach me @: shatolmwb@yahoo.com.
    Thank you so much!

  68. Julia Underwood says:

    I live in London, UK and make patchwork quilts and dolls house quilts and bedding – just can’t stop making things! I’ve made so much over the years that, in spite of working as a curtain maker, I am beginning to run out of interesting fabrics.

    I would love to get any light(ish) weight cottons or silks scraps that anyone wants to get rid of – I will pay postage if not too much – ie not too big a parcel from USA! The silk scraps particularly can be as small as 2″ square.

    Any ideas gratefully received.

  69. Amber says:

    I would love ANY kind of scraps. I make everything from clothing for babies,quilts, doll clothes,etc. I even use extra tiny scraps for stuffing for stuffed animals. My children also use scraps for art projects. If you have any scraps please feel free to email me. Thanks!

  70. Beci says:

    I use scraps such as any cottons and flannels to make lap quilts which I lovingly give to family, friends and strangers. My reward is seeing the smiles on their faces. :)

  71. Alana says:

    I just wanted to let you know that this site is such a great way to help people recycle. I love to make things from recycled and found objects and am embarking on my very first quilting project. Please let me know if there are any fabric scraps that I might be able to use. My email address is Thank You.

  72. katell says:

    Hello !
    I am working on a recycling project aiming at motivating people into reusing their carier bags, and i need ANY kind of fabric, of any size. I would be ever so greatful if you could send me anything you can. here is my e-mail address: sevellec@hotmail.com.
    Thank you so much for your help !

  73. I have been working in a quilt shop and making quilts. My teens want more kinds of clothes than I can afford to buy material for. They love sleep pants made of shimmery/silky fabric. I like cottons or flannels for quilts. I would like to make some pet projects but would like to have materials which won’t collect hair too bad, i.e., naugahide, upholstery fabric, etc…

    Please feel free to contact me at pchrystine2006@yahoo.com or garrystine@midwest-connections.com. I am willing to help with Shipping costs.

    Thanks Chrystine

  74. Tracy says:

    Being a fashion student it is very expensive to come across fabrics constantly a decent prices and afford all the notions for projects as well. if anyone can donate scraps to the students of The Art Institute of Dallas it would greatly be appreciated. you can email me directly at: villacanafd@yahoo.com
    Tracy V.

  75. Sue Marquardt says:

    Our ladies church quilting group is looking for fabric. We have donated 125 quilts this year to the homeless, Ronald Mcdonald house, flood victims and hurrican Katrina victims. We feel we can do more but need supplies, fabric, batting, thread ect.
    Thank you
    Sue M

  76. Steve O. says:

    Hi, I left a message about using scraps of fabric to pad splints in our ski patrol aidroom, but failed to leave an e-mail address where I can be reached! I can be reached at sofarrell@stevenspass.com. Thank you for your consideration! Cheers, Steve O.

  77. sarah says:

    Hi! This is such a neat thing you have going on! Right now, I am in the process of making baby shoes. If you have any scraps of soft fleece (any colors), faux or real leather, denims, corduroy or any other heavy duty fabric, I would greatly appreciate it! You can reach me at wadesarahrumley@comcast.net. Thank you so much!

  78. Candice says:

    Hello, I am looking for fabric scraps. I make both doll clothes and quilts so I can use most fabrics. The quilts and doll clothes go to people in need in my community. I am able to pay a resonable price for the scraps. I am also able to pay by paypal or credit card, which ever is easier for you. My email address is kcb5110@yahoo.com
    US and Canada only please. Also I make afghans so if there is any scrap yarn (mill ends) please contact me at the above email. Thank you, Candice

  79. tammy richard says:

    I am teaching my 11 yr. old daughter how to make quilts and this would be great for her. She absolutely loves sewing and I want to do anything I can to encourage her. My contact info. is f5_irey@yahoo.com.

  80. Jennifer says:

    I found this through the magic mike website. I would take any type and amount of scrap fabrics to use to make clothespin dolls and also for me to practice my sewing. Here is my email… jbats101@sbcglobal.net


  81. Shannon says:

    I use fabric scraps to make bibs & burp cloths & these terrific fabric balls for babies & children!!
    I have 3 kids- all in bibs at the same time!
    so I go thru alot!
    I can use any fabric to make the balls- fleece is terrific! but any fabric will do!
    and for the bibs & burp cloths I use cotton & flannel!
    I use all kinds of interesting prints so you just never know!
    I have many mom’s who depend on me for my bibs!
    you can reach me at

    my zip is 89130
    and thanks so much!!

  82. Kim Grabowski says:

    Hi there,
    I was directed to this site from Magic Mike’s site. I am interested in receiving scraps. I am just learning quilting, and have no money or fabric to begin this exciting adventure. I also do other crafts as well as leather work. I will pay for postage.
    zip code 54416

  83. Lisa Anderson says:

    I am interested in any sort of textile scraps…fabric, leather, trim, ribbon, lace and embellishments….anything…Currently, I am helping to support my family with my handcrafts and teaching others to do the same. You can contact me at skarlett1007@yahoo.com….I am definitely able to pay postage and live in Copperopolis Ca. 95228
    Thanks and Many Blessings…
    Lisa Anderson

  84. Heather says:

    I just started sewing and am showing a real flare for creative design. Alas, my husband and I lack color in our wardrobe (which I’m chopping up and reconstructing). I would really like to see what I could do with color! Thanks – h.stucker@insightbb.com

  85. Betty Chavarria says:

    I am very interested in receiving free material scraps. I have currently started quilting and found your site. It’s great that a company would provide such a service. I am only interested in material for quilting.
    Thank You
    zip code 92311

  86. Janell Buscemi says:

    I am a quilter that makes blankets for Project Linus, dontate blankets to local hosptials to comfort sick patients. I am only interested in cotten fabric

    Thank you

    Janell Buscemi

  87. June Zini says:

    I make preemie gowns,diaper shirts, burial blankets, booties, hats (some crocheted),layettes,small children clothes, and quilts for the sames that are donated to charities. It would be really nice to be consider for some of your fabrics.

    Thank you
    June Zini
    zip code 38109

  88. Cherie Cantu says:

    I am looking for quilt scraps for my grandmother. She’s not able to do much anymore but she still loves making quilt tops with scraps of cotton fabric. Looking for a variety of colors and sizes. She says she likes to have strips as well. Can you help me? Please e-mail me at cheriecantu@pldi.net

  89. Lisa says:


    I am a college student with a passion for art. I’m making patchwork artworks and other crafts out of scrap, but its too expensive to buy pieces from the store, especially since my projects typically do not require large, full pieces but a variety of scrap-size pieces. It would be wonderful if I could have a box of scraps of all and any different materials and patterns.

    Thank you!


  90. Kyra says:

    I am looking to get scraps of fabrics to help me start my interior decorating business. I plan to use the scraps to give clients an idea of textures, colors, and styles I plan on using. I am just starting out and love this idea for free fabric scraps! I’m not picky, I will take anything. Thanks.

    my email is kyra.freeman@gmail.com

  91. Vee says:

    Hiya. I am also looking for fabric scraps (Surprise, surprise) for some outfits that I am making out of recycled materials for my school’s environmental fashion show. Any materials would be awesome. Thank you very much:) (thevines@live.com)

  92. Samantha says:

    I would LOVE any scraps that you could send! To be used for various craft projects and I am hoping to learn to sew in the near future. Thanks so much – it is so wonderful that you take the time to do such a wonderful thing!


  93. Beth Robinson says:

    Hi. I’m a theatre design student in London and am looking for various scraps of fabric for a design I am currently working on for a contemporary adaption of the Greek tragedy ‘The Trojan Women.’ I’m looking for plain, neutral coloured fabrics of various types.


  94. Gigi says:

    Hello, I am currently making animal related crafts such as dog/cat beds, bandanas, toys, and paw protectors to raise money to begin an animal rescue center. I’m in college and have less than $20 to my name, so I can no longer buy fabric. It would be greatly appreciated if I could have anyone’s fabric scraps. It will keep an animal safe, happy, and warm and hopefully help me fulfill my dream of buying a facility to shelter animals in need.

    Please contact me at

  95. Bee Finnigan says:

    I would love to receive all-cotton fabric scraps so I could make a quilt for my granddaughter. I am a pensioner and have little money for good cotton. I have sewed since I was 10 years old and, as my granddaughters are now into current fashion, I would like to make them scrap quilts. Thank you.

  96. Linda says:

    We are the International Non-profit charity http://www.quiltsforkids.org . with over 50 chapters across North America we are always in need of kid friendly cotton fabrics to make into quilts that comfort children in need.

    We take the Quilt and Home Dec. Fabric industries unwanted cottons and make them into crib size quilts that comfort children in need. These are children who face long hospitals stays with life threatening illnesses, such as cancer and AIDS, as well children of abuse.
    At the moment we find ourself in need of your help.

    In linking with the major fabric companies, We have saved millions of pounds of discontinued and unwanted fabric from landfill. Our problem is that we tend to clean them out and are left either scrounging or purchasing fabric to keep up with the demand from Children’s Hospitals for quilts for their sickest chidlren.
    We have 500 requests or more monthly
    from hospitals and individual children needing quilts.
    If you have any fun brightly colored kid friendly cotton to gift we’d be grateful.
    Linda Arye
    Founding President
    Quilts For Kids,Inc.

  97. Theodora Johnson says:

    Need fabric scraps for senior citizens quilting Class. Send donations to Erma Daniels, Director, Vineyard Senior Citizen Center, 2942 Vineyard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90016. Phone #(213) 847-6718.

  98. Joan Hennig says:

    HI, Wow free scraps! How wonderful!! I make holiday crafts such as stocking, table runners, tree skirts. I work in two mediums mostly, cottons and silks, however, I am open to all types of fabrics. Most of these projects are donated to church fairs, etc. for fund raising. You can contact me at: jmhennig@verizon.net

    What a neat way to recycle. It’s just wonderful.

  99. Chelsea says:

    Hi. I make AIO cloth diapers for my kids and would love to take some scrap off of your hands. I use cotton, cotton blends, dennim, flannel, fleece, PUL or any other waterproof material, and terry cloth. theashworths2003@ec.rr.com

  100. Tabatha Kubala says:

    My name is Tabatha and last year after my grandmother and aunt passed away I took up quilting to keep my grandmothers legacy alive,,I make quilts for cancer patients,,and the elderly in the nursing homes,,any quilting fabric you could donate would be a true blessing! Thank you in advance for any help!

    Tabatha Kubala

  101. susan says:

    I am looking for crazy quilt scraps (velour, satin, corduroy, etc.) and regular cotton fabric scraps. I’m in 78641 zip, my email is stitchaddiction at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  102. joanne says:

    I think this is a great idea for the enviorment!
    We have been filling landfills with useable items for years,it is time for a change! Good for you and everyone who uses this site! I am interested in cotton scraps if any are available for quilts that are made for a local nursing home, and as gifts. my email is flipflopmama44@yahoo.com thank you for your time.

  103. Melanie says:

    Hi, I am always looking for fabric for my various crafting projects. Believe it or not I actually have my children interested in my sewing projects.

    If anyone has some they would like to get rid of please send me a email Mchandler1313@yahoo.com

    Thanks guys!!!

  104. Kelsey says:

    Hi, I am always looking for fabric for my various crafting projects. I use mostly cottons but I can also use upholstery fabrics.

    I plan on using the items that I make to be donated to church fairs from which the proceeds to go to charity’s in my community.

    If anyone has some they would like to get rid of please send me a e-mail kelseymercier@hotmail.com


  105. Kendra says:

    Hi! How exciting! My friend and I are young mothers (I have 4 children and she has 2.) trying to earn some extra income for our families.

    We are looking for scraps of silk, velvet, curdoroy, and velour, as well as silk lace, buttons, and embellishments for crazy quilting. Toile and seersucker also interest us. Any ribbon or lace scraps would be greatly appreciated. Silk necktie scraps would be great, too!

    A variety of fabrics would really make the kind of projects we are working on come alive. The more unique, ornate, fascinating, classic, antique, or vivid the better! We are committed to recycling and promoting a green lifestyle and reflect this in our work. We want our work to be a tactile experience, as well as a feast for the eyes.

    Thank you so much for sending us anything you can! We appreciate it OH SO MUCH! Please e-mail us at elijahmadron@mac.com and the zip code is 21613.

  106. leslie messec says:

    Hi. I am trying to learn how to use a sewing machine. I am looking for scraps of any kind. I am going to start with pillows and curtains. You know, the easy stuff. I would greatly appreciate it very much. Please email me at ldmessec25@hotmail.com
    I live in Russellville AR 72801

  107. Michele says:

    My name is Michele and I would lke to put in a request to get some free scrap fabric. I have a little girls culb for the girls who lives in the area. They come over every chance they get to make clothes for there baby dolls, little hand bags and cute little play mats to play on. The girls and myself would be delighted to get a box of any kind of scrap fabric that you can offer us.
    thank you ao much for taking the time to read our message.
    Michele and the girls
    (215) 552 – 2305

  108. Michele says:

    It’s Michele once again. I have a new web address because I could not longer log into my old web address. I’m so sorry for the incovence that I may have caued to you and your staff. I would still like to put in a request foe scrap fabric for all the little girls in the area who would like to make doll clothes, hand bags,floor mats and any other little project that they can think of. This little craft projects really keep them off the streets and away from trouble. I am willing to accept any kind of fabric from printed cotton to leather, they will find a use for it all. Once again I want to thank you for you kindness and send you my new web address.
    Thanks a Million,
    (215)551 – 2305

  109. Ariana Kimes says:

    Hi there,
    I was directed to this site from Magic Mike’s site, and am interested in receiving scraps.

    I make blankets for children in the foster care system in Riverside County, California. Over 500 blankets need to be made this year! Scraps of cotton prints or any flannels would be so appreciated!

    Many thanks! arianakimes@aol.com

  110. Aud Dion says:

    Hi There!
    I am making preemie quilts and shrouds/wrappers for Newborns in Need here in New Hampshire, and would love to have any kind of quilting cottons, novelties, calicos; we can make do with almost anything! I appreciate what you’re doing here…please keep it up!

  111. DEBBIE says:

    Greetings from Texas:
    I am a recycler here in Texas, I take clothes and fabrics that people don’t want and make something new with them (like purses and kids clothes) and give them away. Please keep me in mind when needing to get rid of COTTON FABRICS of ANY COLOR.

  112. Thomas says:

    I am a quilter who works only in used or reclaimed textiles. Natural fibers or natural fiber blends (i.e. cotton, linen, hemp, etc.) in any color are ideal. Please email me at tommytinker11@hotmail.com if you have any scraps you can spare. I am willing to pay for postage to zipcode 98104.



  113. Chantelle says:

    Hi I make quilts, clothing, and accessories for a group of needy children in Miami. I would appreciate any scraps available. I can be contacted at ChantelleSabino@mac.com

    Thank you so much in advance.

  114. Brittany says:

    Hi! I’m interested in the idea of making my own clothing. As a modest teen in the modern world, it’s hard to find cute, comfy, affordable clothes. There are several clothing stores out there that aren’t too expensive, but the options tend to leave your sense of style less than Grandma- or even Mom-approved. I’ve never really made anything complex, a pillow here and there or a simple purse, so I’m concerned about wasting expensive material and what little money I have while practicing. Pretty much any material will do. Thanks so much!


  115. joann domres says:

    hi ,
    i can use any scraps and will pay postage if you have scraps you need to get rid of.and i am in pa if that helps .

    Cotton scraps are easiest for me to use, but I will use anything I receive.for i work with a church and we quilt

    Thank you for your time.

  116. Julia Marx says:

    I am interested in making childrens clothes from scrap material. Does anyone know how I can get started.(who can I speak to about this) I am having such a hard time..Thanks


  117. Shonnie Barlow says:

    Thank you so much for making this all possible.

    I make charity pre-mee blankets for local hospitals, and other projects.

    I am in need of fabrics such as flannel, cotton, fleece, quilt backing scraps, soft plush fabrics that babies will love.

    I can be contacted at slbarlow@frontiernet.net

  118. Laura Campbell says:

    I am a member of our churches quilting guild and we are making lap quilts for the sick or those that need of a little cheer and am interested in the scrap program. We use cotton mostly. I would appreciate details of your program. We are in Oregon 97023 Thanks Laura

  119. cindy says:


    I would love to participate in this program. I would love to have almost any kind of scrape material. I am learning to sew and also quilt. My email address is piatam5@yahoo.com. Thank you

  120. Sandy Taray says:

    Hello, I just found this site through magic mike website. I love to make quilts and blankets for friends, my family, other families, and would like to start donating to places that are in need of blankets and quilts. I would greatly appreciate washable fabric like cotton, cotton blend, flannel or fleece works great for the blankets and quilts as well as other washable fabrics. If there are any businesses or manufacturing plants out there willing to send scraps for quilting, I will pay postage for medium size package. My zip code is 55765 and e-mail is sandyt@frontiernet.net

    Please contact me if you have any available scraps. I love the idea of saving them from the landfill. Thanks

  121. Lill says:

    Hi, I just found your scraps giveaway… I have a use for them in my artwork projects. I am trying to become known locally and am in need of any sort of fabric scraps you have. From Cotton to leather, it does not matter. I use the Cotton for quilt projects and everything ealse for my art.
    I could use some canvas if you have it and willing to accecpt any form of textile.
    My Email is sweettigressof2003@yahoo.com

  122. Nykitta says:

    Hello all. I am an aspiring designer and I read about what you all are doing and I think it’s great! I also wanted to let you all know that I was interested in some scrap fabric as well. I can be reached at nykitta_henson@yahoo.com.

  123. V Jones says:

    I am interested in all types of fabrics that can be used to make clothing, bags, pillows, doll clothes etc. I sew with my nine year old daughter and this summer we want to start a free sewing class for other young girls in the area. I would like medium to large boxes, nothing that would cost over twenty dollors for postage. Please contact me on vevajon@yahoo.com

    Thank You

  124. Kaitlynn says:

    Hi everyone!! Just wanted to say this scrap sharing idea is brilliant! I’m a fashion student and getting my hands on fabric is 1.) expensive and 2.) not very easy because all the other students are trying to get fabric too. If anyone needs to get rid of any fabric scraps I would be very happy to take them off your hands. My email is rocker.cutie@hotmail.com.Thanks again for reading my post!!


  125. Kaitlynn says:

    Hi everyone!! Just wanted to say this scrap sharing idea is brilliant! I’m a fashion student and getting my hands on fabric is 1.) expensive and 2.) not very easy because all the other students are trying to get fabric too. If anyone needs to get rid of any fabric scraps I would be very happy to take them off your hands. My email is rocker.cutie@hotmail.com.Thanks again for reading my post!!


  126. Jocelyn says:

    I am looking for any fabric scraps to help me make some clothing for myself. I am a full time student and employee who really cant afford to buy clothes.

    I have been reusing my old clothing for fabric but after a while things get too old and pieces get too small to reuse.

    Any scraps would help.Thanks Jclyn209@aim.com

  127. Dwyna Potter says:

    Aloha! I found your website on Magic Mike’s website. This is such a great idea to offer scrap material to people that are crafters. I am a crafter part time and a license child care provider full time. I make clothes, blankets, back packs,photo albums, etc. I love to make things for kids and other people. Please put me in contact with any companies that have: cotton, cotton blend, denim, fleece/flannel, cordoroy.

    **I would be willing to pay for a medium or large box.
    **My zip code is: 96720
    **My email address is: keikihut@aol.com

    Aloha for taking the time to read my request. Hope to hear from you soon!

  128. Amanda says:

    Hello to all the ECO fabric lovers! I have a Hemp clothing business and have many hand dyed scraps in various colors. The fabric is a hemp/cotton blend..similar to that of a 7oz linen.
    Most of the scraps are in big triangle pieces, as my designs are cut on the bias. amandamoon13@yahoo.com

  129. Laura says:

    Hi! I am a sewer who likes to make anything. I recently just finished a quilt for my sisters unborn baby. I am looking for fabric so I can continue sewing. Please e-mail me if you are able to help! lauralicht@hotmail.com Thanks!

  130. Katie says:

    Hi, I am a mom, teacher and quilter. I would love to be able to make quilts for children in our hospital’s cancer ward. There is such a need here in central Wisconsin. I sew quilts for a church charity for the homeless. Any quilting fabrics would help me to start making quilts for children.
    I am in central Wisconsin, Eland, 54427. You can contact me at kkaufman@wittenbergnet.net or kkaufman@wittbirn.k12.wi.us
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  131. Moe Sherman says:

    I just followed the link over from Mike’s. I don’t have a noble cause for wanting the scraps other than I am starting some art projects and would love to recycle some scraps since I recycle everything else in my life.

    I am in Oakland, CA, 94610. You may contact me at, moenewsat11@yahoo.com.

    Thanks in advance.

  132. savannah says:

    ok so after reading more carefully the instructions above i realized i left out my email address in the body of this message. my apologies!! it is chubsdiapers@yahoo.com I make, sell, and donate cloth diapers. i could really use some help with materials since cloth diaper materials tend to get pretty expensive.i use any tightly woven fabric,things that will soak up liquid well, like fleece,knit, terry, cotton,and PUL 1 mil or 2 mil is great for waterproofing. i live in colorado 80906 and will love for forever if i am able to pay for you to ship me some scraps : ) dont worry if you dont think the scraps are large enough for a diaper i make patchwork looking ones to in those cases : )

  133. Stef says:

    I’m from UK, so if anyone wants/may send scrap of fabric to UK or someone from UK reads this, I will be very happy to receive them.

    I sew for myself and my family for 2 years now. I do patchwork and dressmaking but I am not fussy any scrap is welcome as I experiment a lot. Happy to pay for shipment.

    Thanks a lot for any reply.

  134. Stef says:

    Hi there,

    I’m from UK, so if anyone wants/may send scrap of fabric to UK or someone from UK reads this, I will be very happy to receive them.

    I sew for myself and my family for 2 years now. I do patchwork and dressmaking but I am not fussy any scrap is welcome as I experiment a lot.
    Happy to pay for shipment.

    Thanks a lot for any reply.


  135. Alicia says:

    Hi! I am going to be making blankets and quilts to give away at my church’s “Fall Family Festival”. Any kind of fabric will do because I am going to do small little details as well as large ones. So it would be great to receive a large box with all kinds of fabric in it! :) Thanks! -Alicia

    My email is a.gardner.07@hotmail.com
    My zipcode is 47032.

  136. Aimee says:

    LadyDoodlesBug@aol.com—-I am new to quilting and have a large family, so any fabric I can get a hold of works for me!!! I love to sew, sometime I don’t even know what it is that I’m sewing…lol…just happy to so.

  137. Tempe says:

    Hi, I followed this link from Magic Mike’s site. I am a quilter and would love to get fabric scraps to work with. Any fabrics good for quilting with..cottons, cotton blends, flannels, I’ll try many things, but would rather not have leather or stretchy materials. I live in Austerlitz, NY 12017 and you can contact me at ribit@fairpoint.net. Thanks in advance! Tempe

  138. Barbara Greenfield says:

    I make so many things…sell a few to get money to buy mor fabrics, etc. Most I give away. I sew for my grand children and make ‘lap quilts’ to take to nursing homes. I also make ‘doo rags’ to give to cancer patients. Never sell those. They are gifts from my heart.
    I make cat toys, pot holders, clothes../anything I can think of. My 4 year old grandson who has cerebral palsy wants me to make him some bean bags…Oh, how he loves those things.
    My email address is nanabsue@gmail.com . I would appreciate any scraps!!!!!!

  139. LinMarie says:

    Hello. I have been crocheting rag rugs out of sheets I buy at yard sales. I rip them into strips and sew them together to make balls of fabric strips. I love using techniques I learned as a kid to recreate something out of an old article of clothing or bedding or discarded scraps. Cotton fabric works well and tricot and nylon fabrics work great too. Rolls of 1 – 2 inch strips would be the optimum item for this type of craft but I can use fabric scraps and rip them into strips also. My email is linmarie1961@yahoo.com and I look forward to hearing from anyone that can help me. My zipcode is 65462.

  140. Marie Gebbia says:

    Fabric Scraps! Who new there was such a demand! I followed this link from Magic Mike’s site. I would love to take 100% cotton scraps off anyones hands and save them from landfills!! I have been quilting about 5 years and make original wall hanging art. A lot of experimental stuff. Some bedspreads too. I live in Novi, MI 48377 and you can contact me at mgebbia@twmi.rr.com. Thanks! Marie

  141. cleopatra says:

    hello my name is cleopatra i am one half of a new company called dotmaries and i am looking for scraps of any fabric or old t-shirts or denim that anyone is going to give or throw away i am currently making a new product for our company.please respond my email is ciponder@yahoo.com i am in the bronx ny area 10467

  142. Faith says:

    I am an artist and an Art Therapy student who is looking for small scraps of fabric to use for hand stitched collages and other art projects. I could use anything from teeny tiny slivers to three foot chunks. Any pattern or type of material would be great, as long as I can get a needle and thread through it with no machine. My zip code is: 22301. My email address is: hfwilson1944@gmail.com. Thank you!!!!

  143. Mary says:

    I am currently collecting scraps for the quilters at our local church. I have in the past purchased some from ebay, but as you know, expense can add up. I would be more than happy to pay postage. Many of the quilts that are made go for those in need, relay for life, a camp that helps many handicap children, and the list goes on. My e-mail is: buzzme@alphacomm.net and my zipcode is 49831. Thank you for the opportunity to post.

  144. Ginafer says:

    I am 12 years old with a new bussiness.I have came up making purses.bookbags.cell phone cases from recycled clothes.I am looking for all kind of scrapes and recycled clothes. I am trying to donate portions of my bags to earth freindly charities. Plz email me if you cna donate your odl clothes or scraps, butterflybags@surfmk.com

  145. Lori says:

    I have written a children’s book and would like to do the illustrations with fabric. I would love any scraps of colourful cotton, cotton blends, flannel or felt of any size/pattern. I live in Canada and will pay the shipping on a medium box. My email is autumnangel@rocketmail.com Postal code: L5L 5H6. Thank you very much!

  146. Trisha says:

    I am in great need of some fabric. I make and then donate numerous amounts of lap blankets for anyone who is wheelchair bound, regular full size blankets for the homeless, Goodwill, Salvation Army & Numerous Local Thrift Shops and to peopleless fortunate. I donate to two different hospitals for sick children. I already used everything that I have in my sewing room, and I have already spent a lot of money on fabric. My husband is going to kill me, but I need to help people. So can anyone donate some fabric to me to help people who need to stay warm but can’t on their own? I also make little dolls and teddy bears for children for Christmas. If you have any lace, ribbon, thread, poly-fil Anything would be a tremendous help… Thank You Kindly. My name is Trisha, and my email is trishacrafts@gmail.com . Again thank you for helping…

  147. Sally says:

    I am looking for cotton or cotton/blend fabric to make doggie bandanas. We sell them to support our local non-profit dog park. My email is scampbex@sbcglobal and my zip code is 95841.

  148. LeeEsta F says:

    Hi everyone, I am just starting to quilt and would love any kind of fabric scraps exept leather to make quilts. It would be greatly appreciated. My email is moosielucie67@yahoo.com My zip code is 17320. Sorry about the previous post I hit the wrong key.

  149. kammie says:

    Hey everybody! I am new to sewing/quilting with & a brand-new baby at home I presently cannot afford to buy fabric. I have no mentor & hand-stitch most of what I do. I’d like to make a quilt but since it will be my very first quilt I would rather use scraps & make kind of a “practice” quilt. Any scraps would be much appreciated. Thanks :) Kb_baby87@yahoo.com 79762

  150. Lori D. says:

    Hi, I am just starting to make quilts and I also use fabric for other craft projects. I do upholstering as well. I would very much appreciate any/all scraps that I can get. Thank you so much, lorihdcycles69@aol.com My zipcode is 02910.

  151. Kate says:

    I love crafting anything and everything and have just started working with cloth, and most of my creations I give to the old folks at the nursing home where my mother works. My favorite thing to make is pillows, and aprons so really any material would be great. Thank you -Kate H. hurricanehubert@gmail.com zip code 78654

  152. Trisha says:

    I am in great need of some fabric. I make and then donate numerous amounts of lap blankets for anyone who is wheelchair bound, regular full size blankets for the homeless, less fortunate. I donate to two different hospitals for sick children. I already used everything that I have in my sewing room, and I have already spent a lot of money on fabric. My husband is going to kill me, but I need to help people. So can anyone donate some fabric to me to help people who need to stay warm but can’t on their own? I also make little dolls and teddy bears for children for Christmas. If you have any lace or ribbon that would be great also… Thank You Kindly. My name is Trisha, and my email is trishacrafts@gmail.com . Again thank you for helping…

  153. Katie says:

    Hello everyone,

    I would love any and all scraps for a quilting project. I can’t really afford to buy fabric right now, and until I get more confident in my sewing abilities, I would prefer not to spend the money on fabric that I might ruin. I would be so grateful for any scraps you might have. Thank you so much!

    Email: KatieJaneParker [at] gmail.com
    Zipcode: 10024

  154. joey says:

    Looking for any fabric anyone does not want. I use these for crafts for my children . I would like to use in the daycare for children who don’t get a chance to make anything or know how to do any crafts . Thanks

  155. Alex Dolan says:

    Hi I am a college student looking for scraps for various art projects and endeavors. Having no money and in the sense of sustainability I would gladly accept anything! I sew all different kinds of awesome things. ocelotelovesyou@gmail.com zip : 80210

  156. Belinda Lauro says:

    Hello Everyone!!!

    I’m a volunteer who is making simple quilts for families that cannot afford heat. So, I am looking for any kind of materials that can be donated. I mostly need cotton but can use heavier stuff like drapery or some upholstery fabrics as well. We have also used sheets and even curtains to piece together. Flannel is good too! Sorry for the long list-but I can really use a bit of everything!! I am really hoping to help out alot of families and especially the children who will be cold this winter…So I am happy to take anything that people can offer!
    If anybody has any sheets, flannel sheets, blankets etc that they don’t need or are damaged in anyway-please contact me because it can be used! Even things that are damaged or stained can be used because we cut things into pieces to put together.
    My name is Belinda-my email is: malibubay1@verizon.net and my zip is 18045
    Thank you!!

  157. Fedra Cedano says:

    Hi , I just started making fairy and halloween dolls with clay. My 11 month daughter loves them. if anybody has scraps of silks, organzas, leather, lace, even old silk flowers, that could send me , i would greatly appreciate it, My name is Fedra, my zip code is 33143 and my email is akitsu67@gmail.com.

    Thank you

  158. Mary Cottrell says:

    I am looking for print or solid cotton scraps to make quilts and scrap booking pages. I give my projects to anyone who needs them that i come in contact too. Homeless people, church people or if I just know someone may be sick and need an upleft. So if you can help me I sure thank you My name is Mary and my e-mail is mec@atlanticbb.net and my zip is 15451 Thank you Mary

  159. Amy says:

    I am looking for fabric scraps. I make quilts and other baby items for local mothers who stand in need. I am mainly looking for cotton, flannel and corduroy. Thank you so much!! For contact my email is: amycparry@gmail.com. Anything would be appreciated.

  160. Katrina says:

    Hello! I love making quilts for my son and also many home accessories. Any scraps or donated fabric would be GREATLY appreciated!! I’m located in New Hampshire, 03246 katrinasevin@aol.com Thank you!

  161. Jenny says:

    Hi scrap-havers, I am a scrap-wanter!! I am a startup business owner who makes adorable hair accessories for little girls. I am starting a program that will provide the accessories to children with cancer who have ordered wigs. They will receive a covered button ponytail holder with their wig made from scrap fabric donated by you!!! I would love your help with this project, please contact me at buttontails@comcast.net. Thank you!!!!

  162. Monica says:

    Hi I am looking for scrap fabric to use to create Christmas themed pet greeting cards. I have three cats of which two were stray and one I adopted that was abused. I am doing this to sell so that I can donate part of my proceeds to an animal association. Too many abused and homeless pets out there, hope someone can help supply me with fabric as I only need small pieces. I am looking for fabrics like cotton and similar with holiday patterns (snowflakes, candy canes, anything or solid colors such as reds, greens, or even blues for winter). Anything is greatly appreciated. Monny927@hotmail.com 08831, NJ

  163. Khursten says:

    In response to Wyncia Clute’s post, I would absolutely be interested in a scrap connection type of website. I make quilts, handbags, pillows, and adding more, and would welcome all different kinds of textiles to make my creations more interesting… Small pieces, big pieces, colors, patterns, etc. I have always wondered what manufacturers and even fabric stores do with leftover scraps.. Send them my way! :)

    So, I would like to know have people actually received scraps based off of their posts to this site??

    khursten@msn.com, 99004, WA

  164. Fabiane Sander Hoss says:

    Hi,i’m from Brasil, and i’m looking for some cotton frabric scraps to practice on my quilting lessons.
    I would so apreciate to receive some scraps e i will pay the delivery costs. Please help me in this project. Thank’s!!!
    My adreess is:
    Eugênio Mussoi, 753 apt 119 E,
    Santa Maria
    Rio Grande do Sul
    zip code: 97070-330
    Please contact me soon!!!! fabianesh@gmail.com

  165. Tamara says:

    Hi all,
    I make rag rugs, so I would love to receive any selvage pieces out there that people won’t use. I also am a beginning quilter with more of an artistic than a traditional approach, so would enjoy fabric scraps of all shapes and sizes. I live in the Philly area: 19003. Thanks so much in advance! mbotelhobiz@comcast.net

  166. Mary Ann says:


    I love that I dicovered this blog. So, cool and enjoy browsing your comments. I see a lot of quilters here. ;)

    I’m not a quilter…although, I have great respect for their work. HOWEVER, I am looking for fabric to recycle into tote bags. So, I am in need of heavier duty fabrics. I’m not picky. ;-) If anyone is looking to rid themselves of their fabric or know of any companies that are trying to unload material, to make way for new merchandise…throw me an email. I’ll even take on vinyl too. ;)

    I live in Burbank, CA

    ~ Mary Ann

  167. Kay says:

    I would like to know of any companies or peoples unloading scraps. I am willing to pay shipping costs. I make blankets for our homeles shelter (which will no doubt have more ppl soon :( thanks to the economy), our women/childrens’ shelter, & teddy bears for siblings of children who have died of SIDS (I founded a support group to give others the help my family didn’t recieve). If anyone knows of something please email me @ rrsids@yahoo.com

    In response to Wyncia Clute’s post, I would def. be interested in some kind of scrap connection!

  168. Devin says:

    I am a college student, majoring in art. My focus is fashion design. I’m working on bridalwear and prowear as well as clothes for heavier girls, so they can look hot too. I would appreciate any types of fabrics. Fabric is expensive and I’m a poor college student.

    Clinton MA (01510)
    thanks in advanced.
    have any questions, email me at devin.berry@auc.edu

  169. Amanda says:

    I’m new to quilting – this is my first week actually. My grandmother always quilted and I chose myself to be the one to carry on the tradtion in our family. I don’t have a good cause at this time like others who have commented below, but after my first two rounds of fabric shopping I have a feeling this is going to get really expensive. If anyone would like to help out a beginner please contact me.

    Pittsburgh PA – 15108

  170. Emily says:

    What a great blog! I absolutely love putting together scrap quilts, using even tiny fabric pieces.

    I am looking for small and medium sized *cotton* scraps. Any amount would be welcome. — The more the better! I would be willing to take up to ten pounds of scraps, if someone were willing to give it. I am always quilting, and always looking for variety!

    If you have any scraps available please email me at ewalsh@hillsdale.edu. I live in Michigan, zip code 49242, and I am of course willing to pay shipping. Thank you!


  171. Jennifer Frey says:

    I would like 100% cotton scraps please. Any size or design of scraps will do, I can make something out of any size. The more scraps the better to help as many as I can. I make scrap quilts, some clothing articals and donate them to the Chemotherapy rooms (my husband is a cancer survivor), Make a wish foundation, fire victims, and programs for families around x-mas time that don’t have means for gifts, or any other program that people need help. My e-mail is TallGrassCrafts@comcast.net my zip code is 17737. Thank you!

  172. Alessandra Martellacci says:

    Hi. Every year I make crazy quilts and donate them to two local maternity homes for teenage girls. I think it’s important to have something special for every baby that comes into the world no matter how they get here. I use mostly cotton scraps but I’ve been known to make special covered headbands for the moms with any material that’s pretty, so I can use anything. I’m Canadian. My postal code is N1H 7V6. Thank you. My e-mail is martellaccipride@gmail.com

  173. Lindsey Kimball says:

    I would love to receive scraps of any kind. I mostly make totebags, clothing and household items (coasters, placemats, appliance covers, etc.). I live in Pomona, California, and my zip code is 91767. I will happily pay postage on whatever you can send.

    Please email me at lindsey.kimball@yahoo.com. Many, many thanks — Lindsey

  174. Tammi says:

    Wow, so many post requesting scraps, has anyone actually received scraps? I would like scraps to use in making quilts and other crafts. I will use any sort of fabric available, will pay postage on med to large boxes.


  175. Emma says:

    I’m a quilter who’s making quilts for her ever growing group of nieces and nephews and would love to do it more cheaply and sustainably by using unwanted scraps.

    Prefer cotton or cotton blend scraps
    Happy to pay shipping

    Zip code 11225 – NYC
    Email: emmalassiter@gmail.com

  176. Sharron says:

    I am looking for fabric to make quilts and pajamas for children. I hope to have all these done by Christmas, so any ideas or help that anyone else has out there would be very helpful and appreciated. thank you so much. My zip code is 05450 e-mail is srotunno@verizon.net

  177. Kate says:

    I’m a quilter who would greatly appreciate any scraps. I would love any color, print or solid, in any amount. I would prefer cotton, cotton blends, silk or silk blends. I am happy to pay for shipping.
    Zip code 96367- it’s for an APO address because we are a military family, but shipping is just like in the states.
    Email: kategilbertson@gmail.com

  178. Kathryn says:

    Hi! I’m a beginning quilter, and I’m looking for cotton scraps for household quilting projects.


    zlechner at gmail dot com
    zip: 20740

  179. Cynthia Fedak says:

    I love sewing, machine embroidery, I sew quilts, both cotton and flannelette, plus children’s clothes. I give alot of the things I make for gifts and certain charities. I could use cotton, flannelette, stretchy fabrics, for t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Even fleece would be good for toddler’s jackets. Small bits make for good appliques. This is a great idea, good luck to those who receive it. my email is rockyroad@sasktel.net Thanks!

  180. Naomi says:

    I am making quilts for Lutheran World Relief and other organizations that will take smaller baby sized quilts. Would appreciate cottons and flannels. Any size box and of course I will pay postage.

    zip: 19530
    e-mail: owensfolly@aol.com

  181. Nancy says:

    Hello. We are raising our 10 year old granddaughter. I am unable to work at the present time and my husband’s job is in jeopardy because of downsizing. Already 4 of the 6 plants in our town have closed and we are scared to death his will be next because his hours have already been cut. In 1999, the month my Mom died, his plant closed after he worked there 25 years and now we may be going through the same thing again. I am trying to sew again which I have not done in many years in order to have income. Any fabric would be so appreciated. I can make girls’ clothing, baby bibs, blankets, cloths, tote bags, place mats etc. I have a 20 year old Kenmore sewing machine. It has a few problems but works okay. Any fabric would be welcomed and I can use it. Thank you so much for considering donating fabric you have left over. God bless. 31830 ndunn@alltel.net

  182. Amanda Briscoe says:

    I am a SAHM and would like to start quilting/sewing to help supplement my husband’s income. I am new at quilting and wish, now, that I had paid attention when my grandmother tried to teach me. I am more than willing to pay shipping for any extra scraps of fabric. My zip is 30281 and my email is zekenmel@hotmail.com. Thanks!

  183. Ann Peace says:

    Looking for: WOOL
    Zip Code: 94501
    e-mail: ann@slac.com

    I will pay for shipping, no problem. And whatever you send me will see use in a number of different crafting projects by me and other local crafters.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  184. berenice says:

    i would really love if you can donate me any kinds of scraps. Im currently a senior at my high school and we are working on a fashion project and any kind of scrap would really help

    my email is starburstilove@yahoo.com
    and zip code: 91977

  185. Chaclyn says:

    I work with a non-profit, in Oakland, CA. 94608

    We are attempting to put together a large, moving, ‘river’, of blue fabric, for a demonstration we are having. I would love to receive any scraps of blue (or silver?) fabric, for this river – texture/size doesn’t matter!

    Please contact me!
    Thank you for all your help, we are working with a tight budget, and are very appreciative of community support.


  186. Carmen Latvis says:

    I make blankets for the Gabriel Project as well as have a home business making diaper bags, nursing covers and baby blankets. I am a novice quilter and any scraps would be welcome, I know I can put them to good use. I do have a blanket drive coming up in December.
    Zip Code- 19901
    Email- latvis04@verizon.net
    Thank you!

  187. Megan Sturman says:

    Hi my name is Megan and I am 19 years old. I love making all kinds of quilts and I enjoy making clothing. Making quilts is my favorite though. If money was not a barrier, I would make millions of quilts. I give the quilts as presents to friends, family members, and patients in the hospital. I also just started to sell some of the quilts to make money to pay for the rest of my tuition at FIU. I would like 100 percent cotton, chenille, satin, upholstery fabric, linen, and flannel. Since I make all types of quilts, I can take scraps even as small as 3 inches.
    Zip Code- Hollywood, Fl 33021
    Email- megsturman@yahoo.com
    Thank you,

  188. Kristin Renfro-Pettet says:

    Hi my name is Kristin and I am a mother of four. I sew, quilt and make various crafts with my children. I am willing to accept any scraps of fabric that may be available.



  189. Kathleen Jamison says:

    Since I was younger, I looked forward to having GrandChildren. I was constantly on the go
    My GrandKids in tow. I tried to show them they could do anything they wanted to. My oldest Granddaughter’s alter ego became STELLA THE ZINER. She couldn’t say designer. I became
    disabled due to a Terrible Infection. I also became VERY depressed. One Day “STELLA” came to me and said,”Grandma, you’re not the fun Grandma anymore!” OUT OF THE MOUTH of BABES!
    I got to thinking about what I could do. The thought came to me that I could teach them the
    crafts my Mother, Grandmother, and Aunts had taught me. Sewing, quilting,leatherwork,how to
    iron, sew on buttons. I used to watch them pickup a piece of Scrap material and make something BEAUTIFUL. So I tapped into my Alter EGO, CHACHA MULDOWNEY, first woman to professionally tear up the drag strip. We became the CHACHAGIRLS.Our email is chachagirls@msn.com. We would appreciate any scraps of any kind, any buttons, leather, feathers, trim, anything you can spare. I would like to teach my Grandkids the meaning of “If ye have done this to the least of these my brethern,Ye have done it unto me.” I would like to start donating out items to Women’s Shelter’s, and to start a “Dress A Living Doll” program Any Help would be appreciated
    Thank you!
    Kathleen Jamison
    Tucson, AZ

  190. Faye Parker says:

    Hi! My name is Faye and I live in Reading, PA 19608 — I belong to a quilt guild who makes charity quilts for kids (and their Mom’s) who end up leaving an abusive relationship in a hurry and with or little or nothing to take with.

    I am also an Army Mom who belongs to an online yahoo group who makes strip pieced quilts for our returning military personel, as well as sending them to other groups who help people…. victims of floods, fires or simply homeless.


  191. Lisa Burkhart says:

    Hi My name is Lisa. My daughter Bailey was born with Spina Bifida On Dec. 18th 2007. She spent 7 weeks in the hospital. During this time we received homemade blankets and it meant so much to our family. So we have started quilting blankets for the NICU in Oakland Ca where she stayed. I would like to make this a yearly tradition around her birthday so any cotton or fleece scraps would be greatly appreciated :) Our zip code is 95912. Thanks in advance!
    Lisa Burkhart

  192. Serena Potter says:

    Hi! I’m a homemaker who recently revived my love of quilting. My mother taught me when I was very young and I never took to it. I started quilting again so I’d have a hobby that was both safe (kids can’t get hurt playing with fabric) and meaningful for my daughter to learn. I LOVE making scrap quilts, I make them entirely by hand, and enjoy seeing how the different fabrics play. I quilt for sanity and any fabric scraps would be appreciated. My husband is a teacher and doesn’t make much. My hobby tends to be the last item factored into our budget. I may one day quilt for charity but right now I’m quilting heirlooms for my family. Thank you!!

    Serena Potter
    Kingsport, TN 37660

  193. Jacquelynne Burdick says:

    I make scrap blankets and quilts for nursing homes, homeless shelters and children in hospitals. I also make pads for kennels and cages at animal shelters. I would love to have scrap cotton or any soft fabric (i.e., flannel, fleece, etc) to help keep down costs and enable me to continue making these for free distribution. Thank you.

    Jacquelynne Burdick

  194. Darlene Troxler says:

    Greetings! I have a small group of women that gather twice a month to make quilts for those that are less blessed. We mainly make quilts for shelters with abused, neglected, or abandoned children. We are passionate to help those in need of a warm blankie or quilt. We use cotton fabric for the quilts.

    We are ‘Touching Christ’s Children Blankie Ministry’. We would gratefully love to receive cotton fabric scraps.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Darlene Troxler

  195. BOBBI ASHBAUGH says:

    BRIGANTINE ARMY DUCK – BLACK, 60″ [Listing ID: A88659]
    Available in Seattle, WA:
    30-40 mile radius from downtown Seattle. 32 yards of 60″ black canvas duck recently purchased and fireproofed (have certificate). Unused and unwrapped. Bought for tradeshow booth, changed my mind on the color. Email for more info.

    CONTACT: Britt Rynearson, CHINE.

    BURLAP [Listing ID: A88548]
    Available in Portland, OR:
    Will send samples and digital photos upon request. This is a 500 pound bale of material. Free on Board “FOB”

    CONTACT: James Brannaman, Geyser Steam, LLC.
    Phone: 971-221-6362
    FABRIC – NON-WOVEN [Listing ID: A86690]
    Available in Klamath Falls, OR:
    25-rolls non-woven fabric, 5 – 3/4″ x 1,000 yards. Originally made for garment labels. Useable for crafts – can be printed. Samples available. Make offer for all or part. Also have three rolls 3 – 1/2″ x 1,000 yards. FOB: our plant.

    CONTACT: Bob Stoiner, National Label.
    Phone: 541-883-3529
    Fax: 541-883-2914

    FABRIC SCRAPS [Listing ID: A84813]
    Available in Seattle, WA:
    Fabric scraps; muslin, silk, cotton, velvet, wool, misc., in varying amounts. Good for craft projects, quilting, school projects, and doll clothes. Recurs monthly. FREE. You pick up.

    CONTACT: Rebecca Kaufman, Kaufman-Davis Studio.
    Phone: 206- 264-0997
    Fax: 206- 264-1657

    FABRIC SCRAPS [Listing ID: A88344]
    Available in Seattle, WA:
    Free bags of scraps. Cottons, linens, Velvet, Chenilles, Sheers, all sorts of decorative fabrics. Also have scraps of polyfill and foam. Great for Quilting, School Projects, arts and crafts, or any sort of creative sewing projects. Accumulate on average of 2-3 bags per week. Please call, you pickup.

    CONTACT: Sara Johnson, SMJ Studio, Inc..
    Phone: 206-285-5758
    Fax: 206-285-1140

    USED CLOTHES [Listing ID: A85893]
    Available in Juneau, AK:
    Please take the clothes off our back! We have donated clothes that need minor to serious rehab. Some are better suited for rags or recycling. Old worn shoes, too. Free – you cover shipping from Seattle. Please call for details.

    CONTACT: Ida , St. Vincent de Paul.
    Phone: 907-789-5141
    Fax: 907-789-2557

    Available in Hubbard, OR:
    We manufacture leather, fabric and plastic sporting goods. We generate about 5,000 lbs of waste veg tanned leather, 500-700 lbs of pvc every two weeks. Leather is waste from cut hides, pvc is waste from cut parts. Samples are available. The leather is non-toxic, non-corosive. Call for details.503 982-4248

    CONTACT: Michael Hill, American Sportsman Products.
    Phone: 503 982-4248

    Available in Washtucna, WA:
    Fiber derived from shredded all wool and wool blend sweaters. At least 80% wool. Suitable for batting, felting, blending with new wool or as an absorbant. Compostable. Free two ounce sample available by request. Call for prices; supply varies.

    CONTACT: Paul Dunster, Washtucna Fiber Regeneration.
    Phone: 509- 646-3277
    Fax: 509-646-3277
    Attention Quilters! Free great scraps!!!

    I have 2 huge bags of cute printed cotton scraps to give away! Check out my website to get an idea of the types of fabrics we use http://www.freshbakedgoods.com. Lots of fun and funky flowers, birds, butterflies, owls, sushi and all kinds of other fun prints.

    Please come and take them! You gotta take at least a whole bag though, because I really need them out of my studio so I can move around. We’re in Parkdale, on Brock Ave. about a block south of Dundas. Please email me at knittingqueen@rogers.com to arrnage pick up.

    Thanks so much!
    Reply to: sale-931544992@craigslist.org [?]
    Date: 2008-11-23, 7:16PM MST

    Will be leaving bags of fabric scraps and a plastic container filled with denim and corduroy- monday morning on my way out for work. Please leave me my bin, but take everything else :)
    432 S. Lashley Lane*
    front porch…
    Reply to: sale-906355632@craigslist.org [?]
    Date: 2008-11-05, 12:12AM CST

    Home Elements Outlet at Rose Tree
    DALLAS, TEXAS 75247

    Rose Tree is a bedding/table linens manufacturer and we have tons of fabric scraps when we make bedding for large orders that fill up 2 large dumpsters in a hurry. I am posting them if someone is in need of this type of material for other uses.

    Fabric waste happens for example when you are using a pattern other than solid and have to center it on a pillow or are making a round pillow the edges are cut off. Tidbits of fabrics, sheers of it, pieces etc. The white salvage edges off a bolt of fabric, drapery panel lining, placemat fusing, bedskirt platform material.

    We have bagged some up so you can haul them off so we dont have to throw them in the trash. I usually have 20-50 bags daily, sometimes less sometimes lots more.


    We make custom bedding and draperies and have many fine quality fabric scraps appropriate for use in arts, crafts, decor, and fashion. Fabrics retail from 22-99 per yard. Miscellaneous scraps are available free of charge to schools and other charities. We cannot target color groups or type of fabric, but save the fabric as jobs go through the shop.

    The St. Andrews Lutheran Church of Franklin Tn is making book bags for their world outreach program for children in many countries as well as quilts which are being used as hammocks by a school in Haiti.

    Please email info@designnashville.com if you would like to receive fabrics from us. We hope that many blessings come from your efforts!
    Free Fabric Scraps
    We have BAGS AND BAGS of FREE fabric scraps. Large pieces. Canvas, twill, cotton, fleece, satin, velvet, and more.

    Please help us keep it out of the landfill. Our business generates bags every week. If you know of any people or groups who might want some, let me know.

    Free delivery in the ranch and around the area. I would love to see this material go to good use.

    email julia@garbtheworld.com if you’re interested and I’ll drop off bags.

    By Julia












    Thanks, Bryant

  196. BOBBI ASHBAUGH says:


    Reply to: sale-906355632@craigslist.org [?]
    Date: 2008-11-05, 12:12AM CST

    Home Elements Outlet at Rose Tree
    DALLAS, TEXAS 75247

    Rose Tree is a bedding/table linens manufacturer and we have tons of fabric scraps when we make bedding for large orders that fill up 2 large dumpsters in a hurry. I am posting them if someone is in need of this type of material for other uses.

    Fabric waste happens for example when you are using a pattern other than solid and have to center it on a pillow or are making a round pillow the edges are cut off. Tidbits of fabrics, sheers of it, pieces etc. The white salvage edges off a bolt of fabric, drapery panel lining, placemat fusing, bedskirt platform material.

    We have bagged some up so you can haul them off so we dont have to throw them in the trash. I usually have 20-50 bags daily, sometimes less sometimes lots more.












    Thanks, Bryant


  197. Dan says:

    I’m a musician in NYC and I’m looking for a bunch of fabric scraps to craft the cover of our album. If anyone can help me out ASAP I would really appreciate it. I need to get the design done this week. I checked out Media For the Arts but they require that individual artists be commissioned by a non-profit. Anyway, any help, or even leads to shops that might carry scrap bags, would be huge. Thanks1


  198. Janice Seiler says:

    My email address is jfseiler@sbcglobal.net. My zip code is 77963. I will gladly pay for shipping. We use fabric scraps to make quilts for Lutheran World Relief. We also make pieced quilts to raise money for other charitable organizations like our volunteer fire department, Habitat for Humanity and the American Cancer Society.

  199. Jackie says:

    Greetings, Im a up & coming “Handbag Designer” ! Im seeking all different kinds of scraps.
    No scrap is too small.!!!I specialize in Recycled materials along with New materials to give my handbags a fresh, new look and feel. Any kind of material,or scraps will work great with my Handbags…I also do wallets for Ladies,Men and Kids.Im going Green,or should I say I went green….I recycle and re-use. dezignbydezign@gmail.com 85224

  200. Kathryn says:

    Hello, my name is Kathryn I am an excited beginning sewer.
    I started with craft items like tote bags and purses for my daughters and have graduated to jammie pants. Everyone is getting a pair for Christmas ha ha ha!

    Sewing is great bonding experience and I am enjoying teaching my 10 year old daughter what I have learned in my few months of sewing.

    I would very much like to try quilting and would happily except any scrap of material and would recycle anything I could not use for someone else awesome projects.

    Please email me at bermuda501@aol.com
    Thank you,
    Kathryn L

    zip is 85326 in the boonedocks…

  201. Theresa Takacs says:

    My name is Theresa. I am the mother of seven amazing children. My three girls have expressed an interest in learning to sew. I have always wanted to learn and they are getting a beginner sewing machine for Christmas. We are looking forward to making tote bags, purses, barbie doll clothes, gifts, etc. I would greatly appreciate any fabric scraps that are available.
    Please contact me at takacsga@charter.net
    zip 30542
    Thank you,

  202. SANDI says:

    I am looking for warm fabrics and trims, (like bias tape or bindings), to make shawls and lap robes for the residents of a local nursing home for Christmas, or anytime. I would appreciate anything you have that would be suitable for this project, it will be ongoing so when ever and what ever you have would be great, contact me at Xenaan@aol.com. zip is 64056. Thanks so much for reading.

  203. Stephanie says:


    I have been a military mom for the past 6 years. My service is finally ending and I get to be a stay-at-home mom for the first time while my husband completes his last 5 years in the Navy before retirement. I have a 4 and a 5 year old and am starting to get into quilting and other crafts. I’m home-schooling pre-K to them this year and we’re always doing tons of crafts and projects. If there is anyone out there needing to get rid of their fabric scraps, I will gladly take them. My e-mail address is fschulda@msn.com and I live in New Stanton, PA (zip code 15672). Thanks so much for your time and Happy Holidays!!

  204. Sandra says:

    My name is Sandra. I am a new and upcoming designer looking for scrap material. I design, sketch and produce clothing for girls I work with that are aspiring singers and songwriters. I work on empowering our youth and giving them the options to follow their dreams successfully. I need as much scrap material as possible. I am not looking for anything imparticular, I can utilize whatever I can get. I mostly like using silk, chiffon, cotton, and shear. I am looking to work with leather and any other durable material. If anyone has any material that they can not make use of, I will gladly accept all and I anything I can get. Thanks!

    Sandra C.
    San Diego, CA. 92114
    Email: san.covarrubias@gmail.com

    Thanks Everyone!

  205. Robert Brazell says:

    Hi there,

    I am a full time admin person working in healthcare and a full time sewer and quilter. I make items for children’s homes in Uganda east africa and for project linus. I also teach quilting classes at our church for age levels 10 to 75 and boy have we had a good time.
    2 years ago we produced 18 full size quilts for Project Linus that were given to the Hurricain Katrina relief.

    My email is rfbrazell@evergreenhealthcare.org and my zip is 98034

  206. Lindsay says:

    I have recently joined a group that makes handmade blankets and quilts for less fortunate children. However, it becomes very pricey to buy all the fabrics. So I was wondering if anyone had any fabrics they were willing to get rid of? I live in the 12306 zip code, very close to Albany, and I would be willing to pick up whatever supplies you would be willing to donate. I thank you very much for your time.

    Lindsay Stewart

  207. Lynda Pieper says:

    My email address is: lcpieper@hotmail.com

    My zip code is 75758 (near Tyler, Texas).

    I recently retired and am looking for all types of fabric scraps for making quilts, doll clothes, aprons, pillows, home accessories, etc. Any kind of fabric scrap (large and small pieces) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  208. BOBBI ASHBAUGH says:

    I have recently aquired some lace material… one bolt and a few large pieces.. some have a few stains on them. not sure if they can be washed out, i have not tried. I live in Portland, Oregon 97230 Zip Code. I will box it up and get a total weight on it this weekend… If anyone wants it and will pay postage – i will send it out. my email is jpcute9@aol.com

    Thanks – Bobbi Ashbaugh-

  209. Lindsey Hieb says:

    Hello, I am a University of Texas student here in Austin. I recently heard on the radio that a local animal shelter is in desperate need of blankets for the dogs, puppies, cats and kitties they have on the property. Only a few have cages indoors, and a lot of them are kept sheltered, but the air is open to the elements. There is a lot of cold weather coming up, and some of them won’t make it- the shelter doesn’t have enough money and special care for every sick orphan. I love crafts, and just finished finals and have a lot of free time for the next month or so. I’m not an experienced quilter, but my mom and I enjoy sewing projects, and I can imagine there’s a shivering puppy out there that’s going to be more than happy if it gets a blanket made out of awkwardly sewn scraps that don’t match. I know I get sad thinking about where my kitty would be if I hadn’t adopted her, and I can’t adopt them all… I will take ANYTHING you have, but of course I have a preference for materials that will survive repeated washings and that won’t immediately shred if a puppy loves on it too much.

    Thank you!
    Lindsey Hieb

  210. Sarah says:

    Hi there:
    I am looking for any scrap fabric an/or buttons anyone has in the Portland, OR area. I can pick up any amount of fabric.
    Email: sjdumbauld@yahoo.com
    Zip Code: 97203 and 97068
    Here’s to recycling,

  211. CoyoteLady Eunice Robison says:

    My name is Eunice, recently disabled and a stay at home mom to my boyfriend’s 3 little girls. I do all kinds of crafting with material to pass my time while the girls are in school. The items are then sold to help raise money for Project Care (plans for Native American Orphange and Seniors home) and CDM Wilflife rescue. I am interested in cotton, cotton blends, fleece and flannel.
    Thank you.
    Eunice oma_eunice@yahoo.com

  212. Jo says:

    Hi Kathleen.
    I see that you ae very popular! I would like some fabric scraps for a variety of projects, if ther are any left after all these replies you have received!! In Australia, we have postcodes, rather than zip codes. Mine is 2558.
    Thankyou for your time.

  213. BETTY TRAHAN says:

    My group (Partners ‘n’ Caring) is making COTTON LAP QUILTS for nursing homes and shut-ins, epecially senior citizens, but can use JUST ABOUT ANY LEFT-OVER SCRAPS OF ANY KIND. We also make key chains from LEATHER SCRAPS. Yo-Yo’s quilts can be made of TAFFETA OR SILK or similar fabic.

    CAN YOU HELP? My email is htdognme@bellsouth.net Thank you so very much! – BETTY ANN

  214. liz takacs says:

    I am doing craft work for needy people , baby items and adult , if you have scraps you do not need in nh or vintage fabric and linens to get rid of please email me . I do all kinds of things and give most to charity . I also teach youngsters crafty so anything in that area is helpful , most of them do not have money to buy supplies and for a while i was supplying them but my supply is dwindling My zip is 03060, elsabelle@comcast.net thanks

  215. Wendy says:

    I’m a homeschool mom who loves to sew and I’m currently working on teaching some youngsters to sew. I’d love to have all sorts of scraps for them to choose from. I’m teaching both hand and machine sewing and basically anything would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

    wvecestudios@verizon.net My zip is 97115

  216. Amanda says:

    Hi – My name is Amanda and I am working on a Silver Award project for Girl Scouts. I am making recycled crafts and selling them at my local craft fair, and donating the proceeds to several charities including WWF that help animals and the environment. I will glady accept any donations of scrap fabric to help this cause. Thanks so much!

    Email – amanda13brooks@yahoo.com
    Zip Code – 01886

  217. Nikki Mitchell says:

    Hello I have a non profit business that I have just started. I have been making quilts for our wounded soliders, men and women at my local VA hospital, those in hospice care and new cancer patients (just recently my mom). I would appreciate any scraps you may have or any resources you might know of. Thank you so much for doing this. Nikki

    Email: rachaelsway00@aol.com
    Zip 98075

  218. keith marshall says:

    My mom is looking for cotton scraps for making quilts. She is retired and makes quilts for the chidrens hospital, here in hartford, CT. Her zip is 06110, and my email is k_marshall007@hotmail.com, if you can help let me know, I will pay for shipping, many thanx and happy new year…

  219. Canna Dang says:

    i am new to sewing; i am inspired to make handmade birthday presents for my friends instead getting something that has no feeling in it i would love all kinds of fabric to create something a little crazy
    – thank you very much
    zip code: 92105
    email: cannadang@hotmail.com

  220. Nina Kim says:

    Hello, I am a student currently experimenting with fashion. I have many designs, but no fabric to piece them together with. I have read all these other requests and I feel that they really deserve to be first priority for these scraps, but if there are any extras I would really appreciate it!
    Thank you : -)!
    -Neens xxninakxx@aim.com zip code 98112

  221. Kathy Thompson says:

    Hello, I am an artist who would love some fabric scraps to make landscape scenes and flower scenes. These pictures will be donated to various nursing homes. I cut the scraps into different shapes and then mount them on to a stretched canvas to create a picture. I am also interested in scraps for quilting as well as yarn for knitting scarves and hats for the homeless. I can be reached at kthompson8920@sbcglobal.net zip code 72002

    I have also started making ornaments in the style of japanese kimekomi. This requires scraps also, the more colorful the better. Again email address is kthompson8920@sbcglobal.net zip code is 72002

  222. Jennifer Watters says:

    Hello I would love to put my name down for any and all scraps of fabric, trim, notions, and anything else that might be available. I am a home sewer who does crafts, clothes, costumes, and anything else someone might request. I am always in need of extra stuff.
    Tucson, AZ 85716

  223. Sandra says:

    I am a stay-at-home mom who loves to quilt. I am just getting started and so I don’t have a lot of material or scraps yet. I prefer 100% cotton. If you have scraps that you don’t need or want, please let me know. I’d love to take them off your hands and can pay for the postage.



  224. Hello, My name is Karen,

    I’m writing to you with a request for a fabric donation. Two years ago I was diagnosed with fibromayalgia and since have developed osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. I am no longer able to work and am considered disabled at this point and I continue create crafts to help support my needs.

    I have NO health insurance and my doctor visits and medications cost come to approximately $500 a month. I am able to create small items such as baby quilts, pincushions, pot holders, coasters, and baby shoes from small amounts of fabric that my friends have given me. I then participate in craft fairs, cabin fever events, and fairs to supplement my income for my medical needs.

    I would be happy with ANY donation you would be able to contribute to me down to a 2″ block. I’m not requesting yards or bolts of fabric. I would be happy with a fat quarter or whatever you can spare. My mailing address will follow and my phone number (should you want to call to verify that this is NOT a hoax). I mainly work with cotton, linen, felt, flannel and sometimes denim, however prefer cotton. Your company information will be advertised on a placard that will be inside my booth at any show I do. I am in great need for felt of all colors.

    I also make and donate burp cloths and receiving blankets for the local hospitals neonatal ward.

    Please feel free to visit my gift shop on Etsy.com, the name of my shop is “My Menageries”. It’s an ever changing shop and carries a little bit of this and that. By visiting my Etsy shop you will get to see what I actually make and try to sell.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and God Bless You.

    Karen Augustsson
    341A Fieldpointe Blvd
    Frederick, MD. 21701
    Phone: 240 422 6531

  225. Amanda says:

    Hi I am a stay at home mom and have started quilting. I plan on making a bunch of quilts to donate to the homeless and animal shelters in my area. I will accept anything but cotton or cotton blends and flanel and fleece would really be great! Any batting scraps would be greatly appriciated too. My email is vernb77@aol.com

  226. Tammy says:


    I sew children’s apparel & quilts, as well as many other items. I would be grateful for any cotton, cotton blends, flannel, knit, courderoy, home dec, fabrics & the like. My zip code is 30144 and my e-mail address is songsiren1@yahoo.com

    Thank you!

  227. Hi, I am a home sewer, too, and do crazy patchwork and other sewing projects. I currently live on a fixed income (disability) and can’t afford to buy a lot of new fabrics. I could use all the fabric scraps I can get! I prefer bright fabrics, such as batik and tie-dye, but I will take any. My email is trinacouncil@gmail.com I am in Chicago, 60640.

  228. Ted says:

    I work for an international school with a fashion department. We need scraps for student projects. Medium size, any fabric or material. Please help out if you are a local company that has scraps. Westchester, NY. Ted.kelsey@ef.com. We can pick up or pay postage. Thank you! Thank you!

  229. Natalia says:

    Hi, My name is Natalia and I’m a home sewer who has been in love with the Lolita fashion for a while. I have a lot of outfits and headdress’s that I would love to make for not only me but also my friends but I’m extremely limited when it comes to fabric. Any type of cute printed, pastel, dark and bright colored fabric and lace would be gladly appriciated, accepted & definitely used. Thankies so so so very much!

    email – bbachic4ever@hotmail.com
    zip code – 10710

  230. Marilyn Parker says:

    What a wonderful idea..I have just discovered this site. People helping people and especially in these times. I love to sew and quilt and create. I have some scraps…I keep the smallest one. I also belong to a quilting group that makes quilts for people who suffer hardships..burned out of their homes..poverty..illness. My favorite part of quilting is giving. I have been doing it for about 20 years and have not one in my home! I am determined to make at least a wall hanging and tablecloth for my kitchen.

    Here is to improved health for Mike and blessing to all in this community!!

  231. Norma says:

    Hello my name is Norma and would like to participate in the scrap fabric program. I am a member of Augustana Lutheran Church, ELCA, here in Portland Oregon and the Lay leader of the Open Circle (Native American) ministry of Augustana. We are interest in fabric scraps for quilting (cottons) and heavy upholstry fabrics for tote bags. We help out with making quilts for World Relief and lap quilts for cancer patients. We also have our medicine bag project which are tote bags to put the lap quilt in and other helpful supplies and cancer information for cancer patients. We hope that you can help us as we are an all volunteer group. Any help will be appreciated. Blessings. Norma
    zip code: 97212 norma_trimble@yahoo.com

  232. Norma says:

    Hey there, this is Norma again! Does anyone have a resource link for fabric mills or factories that would donate fabric to our cause?? We are also willing to pay postage. Our address is Augustana Lutheran Church, 2710 NE 14th, Ave., Portland, OR 97212. norma_trimble@yahoo.com.

  233. laura ford says:

    i am a quilter and want to teach my to young granddaughters to quilt. one is autistic and i believe she can really benefit from this kind of therepy she loves to do projects with nannie. i would appreciate any scraps like others i am disabled and buying material is just not an option right now my email adress is huntersnannie@yahoo.com and my zipcode is 42726. thank you and god bless you

  234. Norma says:

    I have a couple of questions for Mike! I don’t know if this is where to post this or not; but here goes– Have you (Mike) past on the torch to anyone?? and Can you post your resource links or info. on how we could contact the factories or individuals directly (to get on there lists)?? Its just that I’ve notice that some folks have had there postings on this page for more than two years. Thank you. Norma.
    norma_trimble@yahoo.com. 97212

  235. Molly Czachur says:

    I am part way through a GCSE project in Textiles, and i have focused my project on producing an eco-friendly patchwork quilt. To accomplish this i need to find scraps of fabric and recycle as much fabric as i can into my quilt. I would be eternally grateful for a box of scraps as this would be perfect! I am looking for any material, but mostly cottons which are patterned and have a vintage look to them. I live in the UK, and am happy to pay for postage. My email address is mollyczachur@gmail.com

  236. Patti says:

    My email is charlieapple@live.com and my zip code is 62035. I have been quilting for a few years and love it. Lately, I have worked with the local quilt shop making quilts for kids. This group donates to the community emergency groups who at times have to rescue children and they give the kids a quilt to hold on to for comfort. This is a really good group but living so close to the St Louis Children’s hospital I would like to share quilting with these children also. I would love any scraps any one would like to donate.
    Thank you very much!

  237. Christine says:

    Email: christineloretz@yahoo.com
    Zip Code: 32501

    Hello, I’m starting a free craft class for children. Many of the children come from subsidized housing communities, so this creative time with really be wonderful for them. I’ve spent a lot of my own money just buying craft supplies. However, this is still one of the things I need: I need all sorts of fabric scraps for craft projects for the children. Their immagination is their only limit….so a variety would be wonderful. Thank you for your consideration, Christine

  238. Hi, my name is Nicole. I am looking for scraps for crafts and applique work. I am a stay at home mom that has just started this hobby!! It is helping me keep my sanity. I am looking for any scraps I can get as crafting can become expensive.

    My email is ntheaux@earthlink.net and my zip is 45044. I look forward to recycling your scraps!Thanks!!

  239. Kelly says:

    Hi! I am looking to and make a scrape quilt with some scraps, obviously. I have started the quilt and with my limited fabric collection, it doesn’t look as ‘scrappy’ as I’d like. So, I’m looking for pretty much any kind of scraps people want to get rid of. I would prefer cotton fabric, but flannel is good too, as is rayon.

    Paying postage is not a problem!

    My email is: kpccampion@gmail.com and my zip code is 54016.

    Thank you so much!!

  240. Abigail Cosico says:

    Hello Kathleen,

    Is this network still working ?

    My email address is abcosico@gmail.com and my name is Abigail.

    My girlfriend and I would like to use scrap fabrics to create some pouches to sell in our small town of Rancho Cordova. We’re pretty fashionable people and feel like we have the power to influence the locals to look into re-used materials for cute products.

    I hope to hear from someone or you if one can still make contact here.


  241. Lorraine says:

    I am a teacher in metro Atlanta. I quilt as a hobby but I also make costumes for my class play every year. I am looking for cotton fabric to make quilts with some of my students. We will be studying the underground railroad and I’d love to have kids make quilt squares like they did during the time of the underground railroad. I can use any colors.
    gamack06@bellsouth.net metro Atlanta 30096

  242. Raquel says:


    I am a stay at home Mommy with a very creative bone in my body! I just picked up sewing and will be making a variety of things including baby blankets, small make-up totes, and handbags. I give these items away as love gifts!


    Here is my contact Info:

    ZIPCODE: 78258


  243. Darlene says:

    I am looking for cotton kid-friendly fabric scraps. I make dresses and shirts for kids in orphanages around the world. Each dress has hearts appliqued on it and the shirts have stars. I need fabric scraps for these applique pieces. It’s important to me to have lots of variety in the hearts and stars so that if I’m sending outfits for 80 outfits to kids in a specific orphanage, each dress and shirt can be different, based on the fabrics of the appliques! Thanks for your help! (p.s. The website is still under construction).
    ZIPCODE: 85207

  244. Summer says:

    I am looking for scraps of fabric to make things for my daughter. She loves chewing on toys so, I thought different textured fabrics would be good for her (I can make little blankets or balls with different textured panels). I think it would be a fun and rewarding project but, don’t know what types of fabric would be good to use.
    Scrap sewing notions are greatly accepted too!
    Thank you in advance!

    Email: thepalmers2006@aol.com
    Zipcode: 23464


  245. Lindy says:

    I’m looking for any kind of fabric scraps. I’m working on making some soft toys for my daughter and neices and nephews – blocks/balls, etc. I’m also going to start making some quiet books…so I can use any and all kinds of fabric scraps in any different colors.

    Thanks SO much!

    zip code – 84057

  246. Kiera Roach says:

    I am a jewelry designer and make wearable art of our all types of fabrics. I am interested in whatever you have to offer. Please contact me as any assistance would be appreciated.

    zip code – 19152

  247. Jo Bradway says:

    EMAIL: jobradwa@cisco.com
    Zip Code: 27519
    Cary, NC

    I’m fairly new to quilting, but having recently completed a photo quilt, I am now motivated to create many more quilts! Unfortunately, I have a very limited collection of scraps with which to work.
    If there’s any way you could send a variety of fabric scraps, I would appreciate it so much! Any kind of fabric will do and the more colorful, the better!

    Also, Mike, I hope you’re on well on your way to a full recovery. I’ll keep you in my prayers!!

    Jo Bradway

  248. Jenn says:

    Just got back into sewing and looking for scrap material to make things for the kids and just to be creative. Any scraps would be appreciated. My zip is 41042 and jnaboles@yahoo.com is my email address.

    Thanks in advance.

  249. donna m webb says:

    my zip code is 19143 and my email address is sisterrabia47@yahoo.com. i am a beginner at sewing. i am interested in cotton, gaberdine or fabrics that will help make nice apparell, i make akrits and long tops.

    thank you in advavce

  250. Sunshine says:

    I am doing quilts and raffling donating all proceeds to a charity so far i’ve done for the American Cancer Society looking into others. I am looking for any scraps that might help me cut the cost down. Preferably cotton. zip is 93280. Thank you. Email sunshine.ceja@yahoo.com.

  251. Cathy White says:

    Hi, I am starting a group called Project Baby Love. I am making blankets,lovies, and pillow cases for babies and children that are less fortunate than myself and my family. They will go to Children’s homes and homeless shelters. I am in need for any type of cotton, fleece, flannel…just about anything that will make a special blanket for a child in need. All pattern are fine. Some of the children are teens.
    I will pay shipping to 118 Old Beeville Rd Refugio, TX 78377
    Or can pick up if near Corpus Christi, Victoria or anywhere near the two.
    email: ProjectBabyLove@yahoo.com
    Thank you so much! Cathy White

  252. Sarah Beacker says:

    I am looking for fabric scraps to create patchwork pieces (I do skirts, blankets, etc.). I am currently preparing to work on my wedding “gown,” as well my little sister’s bridesmaid “gown.” They are going to be patchwork, but it is very pricy to buy fabric for these projects. If anyone has scraps that they do not want, I would be SO incredibly appreciative. Thank you.
    Sarah Beacker

  253. Haley A Snow says:

    Hello, my name is Haley. I am requesting to get or recieve info on scrap bags. I make baby quilts and other quilts for babies who are born ill or early and also for those babies who dont survive. I am on disability so money is tight. But i believe with your help i can continue to do gods work. After all i was a preemie and survived luckily.My address is 12048 Parkview Court Fishers Indiana 46038 and my email is nasnow55@yahoo.com. Thank you so much for your time.

  254. aleisha carpenter says:


  255. JJ says:

    Hi, I’m JJ. My zip code is 60637. I am currently coping with disability and have started crafting as a way to occupy my days at home, but money is tight (isn’t it with nearly everyone?) so using items that would probably be discarded anyway really appeals to me. I’m interested in just about any scraps available – I’m reasonably certain that if I can’t use them to make things for myself that I can use them to make gifts or items for donation.

    Email is shoveling_ferret (a) yahoo.com

  256. Val says:

    I am a grandmother of 15 going on 16. I like to make block quilts for my grandchildren,And for my children, also handbags and pot holders for my girls. I would be grateful for any scraps that I could get. my e-mail address is happygranny15@juno.com. my zip code is 05083. Thank you for your generosity .

  257. Leslie says:

    Hello, im a stay at home mom with a tight budget.. i love to sew and make clothes for my 3 kiddos.. im looking for cotton scraps for making appliques. any fabric that is applique friendly will work i just prefer cotton… thank you ~ leslie



  258. Mel says:

    Hi! I am looking for quilting scraps for various projects and for jersey fabric scraps. I am making stuffed animals to donate to the children’s hospital. Zip: 87031


  259. Stacey says:

    Hello, I’m a stay-at-home-mom of 2 children under 2 years. I’ve started crafting and quilting as a way to help alleviate my post-partum depression. I’m looking for fabric scraps of almost all types (no leather or vinyl/PVC please) to use in quilts and stuffed toys. I’m not very picky, just thankful for whatever is sent. Zip code 29307, email sbcooley (at) gmail (dot) com

  260. anniekuhn says:

    I am looking for scraps and fabrics. I need quarter yard pieces to be the smallest sizes. The fabrics need to be washable. I am making place mats and napkins. anything even funky will be perfect.
    My email is: annie.kuhn9@gmail.com My zipcode is 94549 I am happy to pay for shipping and handling.

  261. Deneene Gebo says:

    Hi i am a quilter and came across the magic mike web site. He left this site for scrap material from companies that might be getting rid of their scraps for shipping cost. i am very interested in this. I will take any type of material. Please let me know what i need to do to get hooked up. Thank you Deneene


  262. Lorrie says:

    I am in the process of trying to get fabric scraps to make for the icu babies at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN. My grandson was born 3 months early and only weighed 2lbs and 1oz. They saved my grandson and do alot of good for children at this hospital. They rely on homemade quilts, hats and booties for the premies. I can use any size of material because most will be done is patchwork. Any type of material if ok except leather, cordoroy and sheers. My zip code is 42103 and my email address is: usmcrich@insightbb.com. Thank you for any help or suggestions that you may have. God Bless

  263. Yellowhawk says:

    ~*Hello*~ I’m hoping to find some corduroy scraps in a variety of colors and or patterns, up to 1 square foot or so. Even the tiniest pieces (1 sq inch) would be great, I am planning to applique on jeans for my three little girls, and probably some of their friends and cousins, partly because I saw a wonderful idea with funky colored rolling hills, trees, sunshine, and clouds, so adorable, and partly to cover up the holes in the knees of otherwise perfectly good pants. My email address is yellowhawksoars@gmail.com and my zip is 72730 If possible I would like a box small enough to keep shipping costs at $10 or less, Thanx in advance.

  264. Gail Singer says:

    My email is singergail@hotmail.com My zip code is 05830 I could spend $30 in shipping fees.
    I make quilts for senior citizens and the hospital where I live for sick children. I would love to have some scraps to accomplish this. I mainly use cotton pieces as they will not shrink that much. I do get some from Ebay but maybe 1x in three years. Thank you so much…..Gail Singer

  265. Brandi Stoyas says:

    Hi. I was hoping to find any kind of scraps. I make pillows, vacuum covers, and other little craft things. My email is jonasmommy05@gmail.com. I’m in Riverside, CA 92504 and I’m willing to spend up to $20 or so in shipping. Thanks so much for your time! Brandi

  266. Amy Hux says:

    Hi. I am a preschool supervisor. We use a variety of materials to make art projects with children from 6 weeks of age to 5 years old. We are getting ready for an art show and will be having a silent auction as a fundraiser for our non-profit organization. We primarily serve children with special needs. I am looking for fabric scraps (any kind) to make art projects with. If you can help, please e-mail me at lululuann2003@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance for your help.

  267. Sharon says:

    I am looking for any type of fabric. I use sewing and crafting as therapy for making things for those who have helped me thru the years with my MS and to encourage others thru me to be possitive. My e-mail is srclark2@peoplepc.com and my zip is 14812. Thank you for this website.

  268. Kathleen says:

    I Kathleen Brady am looking for cotton fabric scraps for quilting. I like to make quilts for aids awareness and for military folks and american legion donations. I am disabled myself and cannot afford to buy. My email address is scraps58@embarq.com. My home address is 278 High Hill Rd #23 Jacksonville North CArolina 28540. I will pay the shipping cost for sixty pounds. please help. thanks

    scraps. :)

  269. Kathleen says:

    sorry I didn’t have proper email address. was looking for some feedback. the email address is scraps58@embarqmail.com. Everything else above is correct. Was happy today when my friend gave me some marine fabric. the blue and greens and red white and blue are especially liked by the Disabled American Veterans. All colors are welcome. As you can see from my name I love scrap quilts and enjoy making them and giving them away to those who will love them. feel free to email me anytime. I may have something for others so I will check here too.

  270. HOLLY says:


  271. BRENDA says:

    I baby items,doll clothes,afghans and other items. I love to quilt and am repairing a antique crazy quilt. I have made baby bibs using scraps of cotton and flannel as well as burp cloths to help new moms. I am going to try some new projects in the future to help those less fortunate. I also make baby quilts and could use bindings or trims to decorate them. Any items would be appreciated. A small to medium box would be wonderful. God bless you for passing these items to those that can make others lives better.
    vanderveenbrenda@yahoo.com THANK YOU!!!

  272. Sharon says:

    I make aprons and often have a lot of small scraps left over. If you want scraps in the future, and don’t mind if the fabric has already washed in hot water, please let me know at carelady@gmail.com.

  273. Kara Haynes says:

    I am a small town crafter with lots of craftly friends. We make quilts for gifts as well as donate to our local charities. Some scraps of any material or size would be appreciated.
    We live in Coos Bay, Oregon 97420. Please email me at karamaree1@yahoo.com
    Thank You.

  274. Paula says:

    I am interested in receiving 100% cotton quilt scraps. I am in a group that makes quilts for injured soldiers. I also make retirements quilts for troopers and civilians at my place of work. I work at a state Highway Patrol office and like to show my appreciation for law enforcement by presenting them with a quilt upon their retirement. I recently purchases a long arm machine and would some day love to have a fabric shop. I came upon this site by accident and have never asked for free things on the internet like this. I appreciate the time you take to manage a site such as this. My zip code is 66609 and my email is sewsilly@cox.net. Thank you very much!

  275. Andrea Moton says:

    Hi, My name is Andrea Moton and I am the Service Coordinator at an elderly independent apartment complex in Huntsville, TX. I am requesting 100% cotton scraps that my residents can you to make items such as quilts and aprons as a recreational activity. My email address is amoton@mrcaff.org and my zipcode is 77340. Any assistance that received will be greatly appreciated. Again, I am requesting only 100% cotton scraps. Thanks for your time and cooperation. Sincerely, Andrea Moton, SC

  276. Marilyn Kellman says:

    I am intensely interested in cotton fabrics scraps.
    A few nice cotton scraps I promise will go a long way
    since I am a rather new quilter without a large stash.

    mlkell@hotmail.com is where I can be contacted.
    I live in Michigan at zip code 48375 if that helps.

    Thank you soooo much. Hope to hear from you soon!

  277. lola santana says:

    Hello- if anyone has any scraps they are willing to donate or sell at reduced costs, it would be greatly appreciated. My husband’s employer recently instituted a 10% pay decrease across the boiard b/c of decreased revenue; as well as drastically cut his hours. I’m a stay at home mom and I sew almost all our clothing; this year we’ve been struggling financially, so material has been hard to come by. I can use anything intended for apparel; cotton is the easiest for the quality of my machine.
    If anyone is willing to help us out I will be sure to make some extra things to donate to our local shelter, to keep the karmic circle going, and if you like, I’ll be happy to make the donater something as well :) Thanks so much
    lola santana
    35157 center ridge rd box 108
    north ridgeville OH 44039

  278. Emily says:

    Hello —

    I am a beginning quilter and am looking for fabric scraps (I use cotton and any other natural fibers, and I love corduroy!). I am making string quilts, so they do not have to be large pieces. I would find a fine home for your castaways!

    zip 28692 until May 09
    zip 12601 after May 09

  279. jeff armstrong says:

    I am looking for 100% silk scraps, solid colors (other than cream/ivory/white) and patterns, to make silk dyed easter eggs.

    I have no altruistic motive other than to do the egg-dyeing project with my 4-year-old daughter.

    Of course I would be willing to pay postage.

    My email is jeffagso2369@yahoo.com, ZIP 27407

  280. Lorrie says:

    I am a beginning sewer and my daughter is learning as well. I would like to have a box of be grateful to have a box of scaps to work with. I would like 100% cotton for quilting. I would like other natural fabrics as well. My zip code is 41501 and my email address is momishome03@yahoo.com. Average size would be good.

  281. Marci says:

    My daughter just began a charity project making mini-pillows for children in local hospitals. We would greatly appreciate any fabrics that could be used. My email is M602@aol.com. Zip code 10598. Thank you so very much!

  282. Betty Jester says:

    I am retired lady living on a small fixed income and would really appreciate having some fabric to use for quilt making and curtains. Thank you


    Betty Jester
    6909 Aplington Rd
    Oak Ridge, NC 27310

  283. jm says:

    I want to make a scrappy log cabin quilt and am in need of cotton scraps in all colors of the rainbow. The quilt is to be a gift to a young girl who has recently lost her father to suicide.

    Thank you!

    My e-mail is jodie.marie@verizon.net
    zip code is 26385

  284. I build lap quilts for Wheelchair Bound Vets.
    I am disabled myself (hole {lesion} in spinal cord – C2)
    So I soon will be wheelchair bound also. (within 3-5 years)
    They {Vets} do not know who I am – I just give them to our
    Auxiliary President at Post 374 then in turn she gets them down to
    Nebraska Veterans Home.
    I build these quilts to fit their wheelchairs – so they do not drag or have to be crunched
    up on the sides to use them. I enjoy working with ALL kinds of fabrics –
    they all somehow seem to work – Thank-You – Tamme Hobelman
    zip code: 68128

  285. BRITTA E PHILLIPS says:

    I am presently starting a puppet ministry in my local assembly.
    We would like to make a puppet stage and need fabric you cann’t see thru.
    We also would like to make puppets or costums for our puppets.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    brittap1@comcast.net my zip is 15012

  286. aimee says:

    New Quilter. I’ve finished 3 quilts but fabric is expensive. I’ll take anything that can be washed, dried, and warm ironed. The scrap can be anywhere from as small as an inch on up. Also, if you have scrap batting, 7″ square or bigger, I can use that, too.
    I live on a limited income & so do the people I’ve given the quilts to. I’m not precisely house-bound, but i come real close, so quilting gives me something to do besides housework and running after my 3-year old.
    Thank you.
    I live in PA and my zip is 16401. My e-mail is mopar1971@windstream.net.
    Thank you again.

  287. MrsKnight says:

    I make high quality fairly priced apparel for women and children and I will take any type of fabric scraps that anyone has. I especially like working with cotton jersey, silks, satins, synthetics, even leather, and stuff like that. I can really use just about any fabric. I try to make my clothing and accessories fairly priced and most times I don’t even pay myself minimum wage to tell you the truth so that other people can look nice and feel good about themselves for a good price. I have a policy that I don’t think you should have to be rich to have quality, pretty clothing so please help me if you can. I live in Rhode Island and my zip is 02888. My email is dkgstore@live.com, thank you!

  288. Heather Bush says:

    I make gifts for my friends and family. I love working with any kind of broadcloth, jersey, or other type of clothing fabrics.

    As someone who has recently filed for bankruptcy, money for my projects has been pretty tight (but it would be a lot more expensive for me to buy clothes for my family). Any fabric you can send my way would be wonderful. I will pay any shipping needed.
    My zip code is 32305.
    My e-mail address is bushh1007@yahoo.com

    Thank you for anything you can send.



  289. Jessica Fanucchi says:

    Hi, I am looking for scraps of silk fabric to dye easter eggs with for family and friends, I can also use plain white cotton fabric scraps for the same project. Sorry for the late notice I know easter is in a few days. My zip code is 08827, My email address is jfan7572@yahoo.com

    Thanks for anything you send.

    Happy Easter


  290. Juanita says:

    My email address is juanita@assureyoursuccess.com and my zip code is 03038

    My daughter and I are making a quilt that requires one 2″ triangle from each of 1624 different fabrics. You can imagine how costly that would be if buying even $2 remnants. We need bags of scraps such as quilters sometimes sell by the pound but we aren’t available for any quilting events right now.

    Thanks in advance if you are able to send us any scraps so we can make this quilt.


  291. jenny says:

    Hi my name is jenny, my email is jeflameni@aol.com and my zip code is 98117. I am looking for any free scraps of fabric that i can get. please let me know if this is do-able.

    thank you!

  292. Lyssa says:

    My name is Lyssa. I am a SAHM with 2 girls and another on the way. I would love any cotton scraps and even lace and buttons. I appreciate anything and this program! As you can imagine these days, money is tight, really tight. My Zip Code is 78240. My email is lyssabz05@gmail.com. Thank you.

  293. Christina Carter says:

    Hi! My name is Christina. I’m a SAHM to 3 beautiful kids! I saw an Easter Egg decorating project that uses silk to dye the eggs. So I was wanting to try it this year for Easter, but it doesn’t look like I will be able to. I would really appreciate it if you could send any scraps you have! My email is ccarter0103@gmail.com and my zip is 31605! Thanks so much!!!!

  294. Tanya says:

    Scraps in Australia?

    I am keen for any 100% cotton scraps and remnants. My postcode is 3178 in state of Victoria. Fabric will be used for my own personal pleasure (sorry!)

    You can email me at: tanj987@live.com.au – happy to pay for postage.

  295. Patricia says:

    I am looking for any type of fabric. I am learning how to make quilts. I will pay for the postage. My zip code is 77505. I am married, we have 4 children. I think that making quilts is fun and exciting (when they turn out right)lol. My email address is patriciaanngrider@yahoo.com
    thank you

  296. Pamela says:

    Hi. I am a mother of three girls and my oldest is going to a Cinderella ball next year. I am in the process of making her a formal dress for this event and would like to find a fabric for it. I am looking for satin or something similar. My zip code is 44266 and my email address is Pmfantasia21@aol.com

  297. Marci Rae says:

    Hi! I love the concept of re-using/recycling and have just recently bought a new sewing machine and started sewing. I’m currently working on making handbags and aprons and would love any scraps someone else doesn’t need. I’m sure I can put to use whatever extra someone else is looking to get off their hands, and whatever I can’t use I’ll be happy to pass on to someone else who can.
    My zip code is 63116 and my email address is marcirae1966@gmail.com

  298. Leticia says:

    Hello, I am to the fabric world but have so fallen in love. I started out making small things for myself but a good friend has exposed me to the wonderful world of quilting. I have two nieces’, two cousins and a dear friend who are all having babies this year. I would like to be able to make all of them a baby quilt as well as a diaper bag. I love giving home made gifts from the heart.
    Thank you very much in advance for any fabric that you’re able to send. It is especially appreciated during these economically bad times.
    My zip code is 19903. Leticia0629@aol.com

  299. J Lewis says:

    I am new to sewing and planning to upholster some old furniture, so i would love scraps of any kind to practice with, and bold colors are always appreciated. My zip code is 46156 in Indiana, and you can e-mail me at joey3789lewisg@aol.com. Thanks :)

  300. Julie Ann Mock says:

    I am a beginning quilter and would love to have cotton scraps. I am trying to keep my costs to a minimum by using scraps and material I already have. My email address is jamcats@verizon.net and my zipcode is 93105.
    Thank you!

  301. Caroline says:

    I’m getting married soon and I’m a bit short on budget- I’d like some scraps to make fabric flowers with :) I’d mainly like light colors – peaches, yelllows, whites in flowy fabrics- but anythign will do! I can deffinitley use whatever I get. I’m currently deployed in Afghanistan and I’ve been doing a lot of quilting and projects for my soldiers- it keeps their spirits up.


    caroline.r.odell@gmail.com, 09311

  302. Heather says:

    I am a newly disabled individual who is trying to stay active and learn new things to do from home. I am learning how to sew garments, and quilt. I also construct puppets for a faith based puppet troupe that I work with. I would greatly appreciate any fabric scraps you could provide me with and thank you in advance for your assistance.
    My email address is hastewart@gmail.com and my zipcode is 14850.
    Thank you very much.

  303. kc says:

    my name is kc and i am 15. Me and my mom are working on a king size quilt right now, and it is my first quilt i have ever made. i would like a donation of your fabric because we are half way done and we ran out of scrapes. i am using brightly colored colors like rainbow colors and neon but earthy colors will do to if thats all you have. i would be delighted if you sent me a donation because i want to make a quilt i can pass down to my childrens, childrens, childrens and make it a heirloom. i am also going to pursue in a job in childcare for abandon children and i would love to be able to make more quilts to supply the kids. i would really really appreciate if you sent me some fabric. thank you sooo much!!!
    my zip code is: 28777
    my email address is: kc_yelton@yahoo.com

    Thank you so very much!!! :)

  304. bonnie szmada says:

    Hello, never heard of this before but wow, to get scrap material for my crafts would be wonderful. I make dolls out of clay and then dress them. I admit i’m not the worlds best sculpter but do so enjoy it and at this time i am doing a line of ” homeless dolls” depicting the lifestyle of many homeless people i have met throughout my life and doing a show sometime in October. It is strictly for charity, proceeds going to local shelter where i live. I am grateful to be doing something, anything, to make people aware of the troubles so many in this country are going through. Can i post some of the finished pieces on this site when i finish the dolls? irish2bme@verizon.net

  305. Megs says:

    I’d love to receive scrap material. I mostly use the fabric for quilted gifts that include handbags, small purses and other accessories. I’ve just started to attempt a quilt so material would be great.
    E-mail: macknmeg99@aol.com
    zip code: 12210.

  306. Relief Share is making twin size quilts for Shriner’s Hospital and needs fabric and batting. Please send cotton, flannel, chenille and any fabric you would like to share with our volunteers to help the sick and needy children to: Relief Share, 6078 Lundy Rd, Houston, MO 65483-2225. You will recieve a thank you letter and tax deductible receipt for your donation.

    Children’s print fabric is especially needed for the hospital IV gowns, soft toys, and clothing we are making to go with the quilts.

    May God bless you for caring and making a difference!

    Carol Green

  307. Terry says:

    My wife and I are just getting into quilting and other sewing projects. We would like to someday make quilts that we can give to the homeless through our church outreach ministry. We go out about 4 or 5 times a year and feed and clothe the homeless in our area. Quilts would be good to have for the winter, but we hope to be able to make some simple clothing, especially for children. Anything scraps in cotton would be great. Also, any old patterns anyone may have or can suggest would also be appreciated. Any donation of fabric, etc, is considered a blessing and will be blessed in return. Thanks
    my email is tejomar@etigers.net.

  308. Valerie says:


    I am new to sewing. I just quit smoking and need something to keep busy. I am looking for all kinds of scraps so that I can learn about the different materials. My goal is to make special blankets for all my kids (5 of them) and maybe learn to make some clothes. I will gladly pay shipping on all boxes.

    My zip code is 57104


    Valerie Jacks

  309. Lisa says:

    My name is Lisa and am new to quilting. I would be grateful for any usable scrap material preferably in cotton. You can reach me at lmhykes@yahoo.com and my zip code is 17543. Thank you.

  310. Sabrina says:

    My name is Sabrina and I am fairly new to sewing for use. I would be grateful for any scraps of any kind. I promise to find a use for it. You can reach me at sabrina@chellini.net and my zip is 22664.
    Thank you very much and this is a wonderful thing. I love that we are all working together to keep things out of the landfill!

  311. Shelly Tabarez says:

    Hi everyone. I am so greatful for this web site that I stubbled on. I am and ER nurse and work and live in an agricultural area and we do not have a fabric shop. I am new to quilting and want to make quilts for the children who have to stay in the hospital. All quilts will be donated. I am asking for any cotton scraps that any one has. I have tried emailing to all the quilds in california and arizona and have had no luck, I posted in the newspaper and even called the local news, and have posted signs everywhere. I have not had luck at all. I am almost about to give up but I see the children and I just have to keep looking. I have a disabiled husband and a son to care for and I just don’t have alot of money to spend, but I will spend my time making the quilts. I want to give to these kids as mine in health and sound. To all the hidden angles out there, thank you for any help you can be. Shelly 92243 toylynn@sbcglobal.net

  312. Vicky McBrayer says:

    I am medically retired, and would love to have some scraps for various project to keep my mind and hands busy. I’m in the St Petersburg, FL area. If you know of any in this area, please let me know, vmcbrayer1962@yahoo.com


  313. Danyelle says:

    I am a 16 year old who is just starting to sew and I dont want to waste all my money on fabric, that i know i will most likely mess up on.


    zip code: 15132

  314. Bethany says:

    Hi, my name is Beth.
    I’m just really poor 17 year old mother, and am trying to make/patch some clothes. [= Any fabric, zippers, buttons etc. very much appreciated.


  315. I am an artist, teacher and co-director of an art education center in Stockton, NJ (www.TheArtsStockton.com). On June 10, I will be starting a pilot art program at Gilda’s Club in Warminster, PA (http://www.gildasclubdelval.org/). Gilda’s Club is a non profit national organization that is a cancer support center for individuals (and their family) who are being treated for cancer of every type.

    They currently do not have art programs, but feel there is enormous therapeutic and empowerment qualities in providing an expressive outlets. Our pilot art program has been scheduled as 2 six week programs where I will teach fabric design and sewing techniques for the participants to use in creating individual quilt squares that will be combined into one collective artwork.

    Although I have worked with many low budget programs, this is the first time I have a no budget program.
    Once this pilot program is complete (along with documentation), Gilda’s Club feels sure that they will be able to raise funds to enable the program, and others like it, to continue.

    To get started, we are looking for any possible donations of:

    Cotton fabrics (muslin, solids, prints)
    General sewing materials and embellishments (trims, buttons, embroidery materials, etc)
    Cotton quilt batting

    Any donations are greatly appreciated – and, I appreciate your taking the time to read my posting.
    Thank you.
    Gabrielle Kanter
    zip: 08559

  316. Patricia Koller says:

    I have fibromyalgia and live in an area where there are no fabric stores. The local Wal-Mart took out their fabric department. I try to keep busy and make different crafts for my grandchildren. I can use any type of fabric. My email address is patriciakoller@hughes.net and my zip code is 71852.

  317. Patti says:

    Hi there! I sew many different items to occupy my time and outfit my home, classroom, and the the homes of many happy small/furry animals. I also sew cage sets, hammocks, tubes, etc for rescue agencies that house ferrets, rats, hamsters, sugar gliders, etc. I would loooove to have fabric! All scraps would be appreciated. Thank you for such a wonderful program!


  318. Kathryn says:

    I am the craft director at a Girl Scout Camp in GA. We were recently donated sewing machines and so I am trying to figure out what to do with them this summer. I would love so scraps for my girls to learn to sew. Scraps of any size are great. The camps zip code is 30102 Acworth, GA
    Contact me (Kathryn) @ Keschroeder@lagrange.edu

  319. I am starting up a service project with “Little Dresses for Africa.” Dresses are made then sent to orphanages in Central Africa. We are mainly collecting pillowcases, but need fabric scrap for the binding of each dress. Cotton or fabric containing mainly cotton would be preferred. Scrap can also be sewn together to make the actual dress. Would appreciate anything available.


    Jennifer jnjhasleton@gmail.com

  320. Beth Warren says:

    I am parish administrator at a church is Summerville SC. We have an advid group of ladies making prayer bears. They are fabric about 6 inches tall and 3 to 4 inches wide. They use only two pcs of facbric per bear. We have had many request and don’t have funding for purchasing large amounts of fabric. The material can be patterned preferably softer fabrics (cotton, flannel, battings etc). If there is any way you can help us we would appreciate it. Thank you for your time. again my email is bethwarren@knology.net and my zip is 29485

  321. Umm Omar says:

    Hi all, Peace!

    I am a beginner quilter and I need fabrics to explore my creativity and earn some cents in this tough times. I am learning a lot of crafts so that I can earn some money in these resources to help my family. Pls note that I am not a reseller / affiliated with any organisation/any shop owner. I am an individual , a new mom and struggling to meet the ends. Pls support. You can send email to me at yabanu@gmail.com for address. Pls take it seriously.Pl no spam. ANy type of fabric that can be quilted/sewn is welcome. My ZIP code is 60540. Thanks and I pray that God Bless you with guidance, peace and His mercy.

  322. Roserie Rinaldi says:

    A couple of ladies and I weave rag rugs. We use cotton and cotton blends and/or drapery fabric, any color or pattern. We can use remnants in yards or strips. Sometimes we’ve used bias rolls that were used to make piping. Medium boxes are welcome. Thanks. My email is moego2@sbcglobal.net and my zip is 06232. Peace.

  323. A Lake says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I’m Delighted to stumble across this program, thanks for making it happen! I’d love to get a wide assortment of scraps–I’m a big crafter and could use any sizes, textures, and patterns.. I prefer bright colors, however anything helps.

    Please contact me at: fitsintheblank@netscape.net
    My zip is: 48216

    Thank a Lot!

  324. Andrea says:

    Hi there!

    I’m a college student, and the president of our Christian Fellowship group. I was hoping we could make pillows our quilts for kids at the local shelter, and would love to have scraps!

    zip: 18018

  325. Jennifer Brender says:

    I am a design student, a crafter, and I’m currently trying to start my own business! I try to use only use fabrics that are either green or that I’m reusing in order to do my part with helping the enviroment. My email is jenderbender05@yahoo.com and my zip code is 33966. Thanks!

  326. Rachelle C says:

    Hi, everyone!

    I’m a college student with limited funds and a crafting bug, so I’d love a box of nice fabric scraps of any kind -including buttons and trims and whatnot- so I can make accessories like fabric brooches, headbands, and bags. Any help would be excellent and fully appreciated!

    E-mail: lady_t3a@yahoo.com
    Zip: 91913

  327. Lauren says:

    Earth Livity 1111 – ETSY – new business making prayer flags and paintings, jewlery, etc. I wish to reuse fabrics and other materials for my works… sorry for posting three times… I guess third time is a charm… Organic fabrics awesome, if not any cotton, hemp, bamboo, or fabrics from recycled plastic bags/bottles… peace…


  328. Cassandra says:

    I wish to make TeePee style tents for my nephews and think scraps of a thicker material would be grand. Because each panel of the TP will be cut separately, the patterns do not have to be all the same.

    They both like me to make them stuff, from pajamas to saddles for their toy horses. I can find a use for any material and welcome it.


  329. Christina says:

    I am searching for brightly colored Dupioni and sari silk scraps. I would MUCH rather purchase scraps that would be trashed for my small scale projects than purchasing off the bolt.

    If you have silk scraps in need of a new home, I would love the opportunity to talk to you!

    Thanks in advance…
    Christina Schriver
    Orange Park, FL 32065

  330. Doris Phillips says:

    I am in charge of a quilt ministry for my local church in Alexis, NC and will appreciate any scraps and supplies that we can use. We would be most appreciative of patterns and solids suitable for baby and or children.
    email me at imabeliever2@charter.net
    Zip Code 28006

  331. Shana Callanan says:

    Quilter on a tight budget desperately looking for cotton, & cotton/poly-blend scraps for my patchwork quilts & clothing. A mix of any and all colors welcome and appreciated!

    home email: scallanan@bookwyrme.com
    zip code: 60169

    Will GLADLY pay postage!


  332. Ada says:

    e-mail: msadak@gmail.com
    zip code: 27298
    I am having a baby in August, and would love to make this surprise baby a diaper stacker, as well as some swaddling blankets, so if anyone close by has some scraps they’d like to be rid of, I would appreciate them for this project.


  333. Tambria Wormington says:

    I am with the Kansas City MO/Topeka KS chapter of the American Sewing Guild. (ASG) If you are not familiar with our organization, part of our mission is to do service projects (sewing) for not-for-profit organizations. All our time and materials are donated by either ASG members or from the community. We mainly need cotton material.

    Please let me know if you or another organization can help us. My email address is lytestitch@comcast.net and my zip code is 64052.

    Thank you! Tambria

  334. Tina Harless says:

    Quilter on a tight budget desperately looking for cotton, & cotton/poly-blend scraps for my patchwork quilts. A mix of any and all colors welcome and appreciated especially childrens stuff!

    home email: tinak789@yahoo.com
    zip code: 74301

    Will GLADLY pay postage!


  335. Leslie Reese says:

    I am the president of our Lancaster, PA chapter of QUILTSFORKIDS.org, and am ALWAYS in need of new quilt fabric. We make quilts for children who are sick or injured and deliver them to DuPont Children’s Hospital in Wilmington, DE. This is a gift to all of us, as when you give, you receive! Please only 100% cotton fabric, the larger the size the better, as I cut them into quilt kits for our volunteers to assemble. Then, if sizes are large, say 45×60, I can use it for the backs. We are funded solely by donations. Thank you for your time and generosity!!!!!

    ZIP CODE 17509
    email is lancasterq4k@yahoo.com

  336. Jodie May says:

    I am looking for fabric to make quilts with any kind or size would be so helpful, my 12 yr old duaghter and I want to quilt one together to give to her grandma this winter

    my email is
    zip code is

  337. Angel Tranter says:

    I am a disabled veteran on a limited budget looking for any kind of scraps available. My nephew and myself sew various items (small leg quilts for wheelchair bound, colorful bags for walkers and wheelchairs and messenger bags for those with dexterity or balance issues. We are also involved with our local quilt club so we donate to fire victims and other needy folks. I will pay for shipping. I will take whatever scraps and notions I can get. Thank you. email tranterja@yahoo.com zipcode is 54487

  338. Shelby Wilder says:

    I quilt, do crafts, and sew for my family of 7 (soon to be 8). I am interested in any fabric scraps, although I like cottons best. Of course, the larger the scrap the better, but smaller scraps make great quilts too!

    Thank you!
    email: shelbywilder@hotmail.com
    zip: 28144

  339. julia says:

    mother of five. My husband is being laid off. I make my childrens clothes and I am a new quilter. My daughter and son turn 5 and 1 in july. I would appreciate any scraps. I want make my kids birthday presents. I would really like some pinks and blues but all other colors are welcomed. thank and may the lord bless you. please excuse the misspelled errors. I am at 17257 and my email casiano26@yahoo.com

  340. Maria Wong says:

    I am looking for a variety of fabric for crafts. Any type, any size would be great. I live in Cary, NC (zip code 27511). Please email me at mwong770@yahoo.com if you can spare some fabric.



  341. Francesca Eberth says:


    I’m interested in any and all types of fabric and textile, from tulle to leather, for making a fabric ‘book’ that engages young children with different kinds of textures and color. I’m on disability so I can’t afford to buy fabric. Thank you!



  342. Raquel Ortiz says:

    I am involved in an organization called Five For Food. It is an organization that will help feed orphaned children in Uganda and Sudan. We will be having our first benefit concert for the children on October 17th 2009. I wanted to know if you have any plain black material for a backdrop of the stage and any printed material for decoration purposes. Thank you, any help will be much appreciated!
    Raquel Ortiz
    zip code 10462

  343. TiNa says:

    Hi I’m TiNa and i’d totally like some some fabric, any texture, size and colour would be lovely!
    i have recently began a small business with two friends of mine, the business is mostly to the young lads, by young lads, so it’s pretty dificult to be out buying fabric, we’ve all got a machine and splendid ideas, but we’re jobless goons in need of a boost!
    thank you for your time!
    be sure to e-mail me if you are interested in helping me out a bit!
    my e-mail is: zanygurl6@aol.com
    my zip code is : 92253
    state: California

  344. Ruby says:


    I’m Ruby and I am a stay at home mom who just got her first sewing machine. I am looking for cotton scraps for 2 quilts that I would like to do. The first quilt I am looking for various shades/patterns in Red, White, Blue and Beige – It’s a patriotic quilt. The second is for my daughter who will be transitioning into a twin bed this fall. I am making her a princess quilt – so any pieces with princess patterns or princess characters and various pastel shades and patterns would work excellent!

    Thank you so much!
    Email: rubixcube9@hotmail.com
    Zip code: 02857
    State: RI

  345. Nicole says:

    Hi! I am new in quilting and would love to be able to recieve free or cheap fabric scraps! My email adress is nicolenelson19@yahoo.com and my zip is 55045. I am 22 years old and have a one year old daughter who i would love to sew a quilt for. Im really looking forward to making a quilt (ive already made a few quilted tote bags). Thanks -Nicole ( nicolenelson19@yahoo.com )

  346. Kim says:

    Good morning! My name is Kim and I’m new to the sewing side of crafting, so I’d appreciate any and all fabric remnants to get started with! Thank you very much for your time and effort in advance.

    email: weirdbutuseful@gmail.com
    zip: 76706 (Waco, Texas)

  347. Heather Martinez says:

    Hi There,

    I was directed here from Magic Mike’s website. I am new to this and am looking for free scrap material to make blankets. I have only worked with fleece, so that is all I am requesting at this point. Thanks! Here is my email address….heather_martinez@hotmail.com

  348. Mae Britt says:

    I’m looking for donations of scrap lace, silk, linen, velvet, cotton and leather/suede. I make flowers for brides, lavender sachets and other items with scrap fabrics and trims. I like to use recycled materials to keep with the “green” project instead of adding to polution and landfill. Will gladly pay postage for scrap material or if low cost, will pay for that too. mae920@earthlink.net

    Thank you.

  349. Cindy King says:

    Hi I’m Cindy a full-time student, mother of 4. I usually sew on my free time. I prefer baby fabric as well as colors. If there’s any scrap out there I would truly be greatful. Please contact me at hospitalcorp@live.com zipcode 23456

  350. Mary Foster says:

    I live in a small community without any sources for affordable fabric and would really appreciate any scrap fabric that I can get. My email address is mkfoster10@yahoo.com and my zip code is 41008. I love making quilts for my family and friends.

  351. Laura L says:

    Hi, I am a student who LOVES to “Craft”, unfortunatly I am unable to afford to buy the fabric I want to make many of the projects I would like to.
    I am interest in working with a wide variety of materials and allowing my creative juices to run wild!

    I am From Canada, so I have a postal code, P2A 1V2, not sure if you will be able to help me out.
    If you know of a Canadian supplier please direct me towards them


  352. Brenda says:

    I am disabled and do not have the money to purchase much fabric. I have been looking for a place that sells scraps or gives them away for quilting and making bags. My email is hagatha1958@yahoo.com
    my name is Brenda I will pay shipping thank you.

  353. April Walton says:

    Brittany’s Battle was founded in 2007 by Tammy Coppedge, who lost
    her daughter just a few months after she was diagnosed with Lung
    Cancer in 2006. Our mission is to provide information and support
    for families, caregivers, and friends whose loved ones are fighting
    their own battle with cancer; to raise awareness about lung cancer
    and childhood cancer; to provide research grants to those making
    progress in the battle against lung cancer.

    We support UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and the
    Patient and Family Resource Center. We take the children new stuffed
    frogs and donate new books, new games, and DVD’s to the Cancer
    Center and Resource Center. We also take toiletry kits and activity
    bags for the family members to have access to at the Cancer Center.

    We would also like to incorporate a program where we are able to
    carry handmade lap quilts to pass out to the cancer patients during
    each visit. We have a quilter who has offered to volunteer her time
    to make the quilts as long as we can provide the fabric, batting,
    muslin and thread. She has offered to stay on with this program for
    as long as we need her, which will be until we run out of fabric!

    So wont you please help us get some quilts made! The cancer patients
    at the Cancer Center range from infant to elders so any fabrics
    could be used, the quilter has requested standard Cotton fabrics
    tho. We would greatly appreciate anything you are able to offer,
    from yards to remnants/swatches to kits or jelly rolls, charm packs or
    thread, muslin or batting!

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration on this matter.
    Have a blessed day.

    Donations can be sent to our quilter so that she has access to them
    as soon as they come in.

    Brittany’s Battle Quilt Donations
    8306 Seven Paths Road
    Spring Hope, NC 27882

    email address is brittanysteam@hotmail.com

  354. Cindy Smith says:

    Hi my name is Cindy Smith and I’m new to quilting and would like to make quilts for children in need, here in the U.S, overseas and for family and friends. My email address is cindysmith326@yahoo.com and my ZIP is 27229.
    Thank you in advance :-)

  355. Renee says:

    I am in desperate need of cotton fabric because that is what is requested.
    I make charity quilts for the homeless, fire, police, animal shelter’s, women and children shelter’s, abused and homeless, and hospice and cancer patients just to name a few.
    I was paying for the fabric myself, and I can’t afford to keep up with the need since it is far greater than what I can provide by myself. I really appreciate any and all help that you can give me.
    My e-mail address is reneescountryquilts@gmail.com
    My Zip Code is 44017
    Thank You so much.
    Renee’s Country Quilts

  356. Diana Hatfield says:

    I make wool rugs by using clothing and what I do not use are the linings. I have a large quantity of linings, all colors, from silk to polyester that I would love to have someone make use of. The linings are in the shape of the garment that I took apart, slacks, skirts, jackets, etc. not in flat yard goods. If you can use this fabric, send me your info at dianahat@aol.com and my zip code is 16428.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  357. Christina says:

    Hello, I am a new mother who has chosen to stay at home. I would like to enter into the world of crafting and sewing. Always had the passion but never the time and now is better than ever. Being a single mother I can’t afford buying fabric on my own but I would love to work with scraps. Please let me know if anybody could send me some. My email is c.a.lucre@gmail.com and my zip code is 10458.

  358. Mandy H. says:


    I am a college student looking for scraps to help make my room a bit brighter by making things like rugs, bulletin board decorations and curtains.

    As a college student, I don’t have a lot of cash, so any help would be lovely.


  359. Bonnie says:


    I work with several groups making quilts for various charities. I am in an area with limited fabric resources within a strict budget. I would love to have your scraps and will gladly pay the postage. My email is liber_be@yahoo.com and the zip is 71360.

  360. lorene buchanan says:

    Thank you so much for at least an opportunity to ask for fabric.It is such a great idea to hope we all can share in this and do recyeling also. I am an elderly lady on disability, and have very little money for any fabric or other ends and pieces of leather or trim.I use all kinds of things in my crafts and gifts of quilts to any one who needs them..thank you

    I will gladly pay for postage and handling.
    lorene@hotmail.com…… zip 28761

  361. lorene buchanan says:

    I posted a request for any of the material (all kinds )would be helpful as I make and give most of what I make away as gifts. I would like to be contacted for any of the scraps and or bits and pieces. Not able to purchase. limited incom. loreeye@hotmail.com north carolina 28761 . thank you for this possiblity.I hope I posted right this time

  362. Peggy Hamilton says:

    I am so pleased that there is a recycling program for fabric scraps, this is so wonderful. I am a quilter and a member of two quilt guilds who make donation quilts for charities and we most recently learned about NIN (newborns in need). The donation quilts we make for orphanages and are made with cotton fabric scraps. The items that are made for NIN are made from flannel, satin, velvet, batiste, polyester, etc. Anything you can spare to further our efforts would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail is peghamilton@cccexpress and zip code 74070

  363. Stevie-Lynn says:


    I would love any fabric scraps you have to offer. Any material/blend and size, even the smallest peices (I can always find a way to make use of what I have). I use them to make note cards and patchwork items. I am currently trying to set up my own Etsy shop selling these items, and so any scraps that I can use in my crafts would be greatly appreciated.

    My zip code is 75116, and my e-mail is sgarrison4@juno.com

    Thank you!

  364. Brenda McGinnis says:

    I would and could use any type of scrape fabric. mcginnisrambl1@aol.com 46742
    I am laid off from work and I am trying to quilt and I do not have lots of money to go out and buy fabric so any would be appreciated thanks sincerely Brenda McGinnis

  365. Carolyn Ketcher says:

    Email address: chiefketch@att.net Texas zip code 78239.
    Starting this Fall I will be making comfort quilts and rag dolls to be given to orphaned babies and toddlers. I need soft materials such as flannel, soft cotton blends and maybe I could use some cotton fleece material. I need prints that would be suitable for little children, such as animals, babies, etc. and also solid colors. They need to be washable shrink-free materials (36 inches or longer, widths of 32 inches and up.) I will also need washable stuffing for the rag dolls and material suitable for the bodies. I have a few months to accumulate materials. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  366. Jen Peters says:

    Email address: here4u101@gmail.com MN zip code 55920

    I am currently working with a church group compiled of ladies of all backgrounds and ages. The group is working to make baby quilts for all of the neonate babies in the hospital. Since there is a large world renouned hospital very close this becomes a nearly impossible tasks as the economy is getting worse our group is finding it harder and harder to find the materials to make these quilts to give a little comfort to families during their hard times. We are looking for all types of fabrics and materials used in quilting as well as other projects such as pillow cases, purses and rag dolls that our group is making for local families in need as a little gift to cheer them up. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  367. Pamela Masters says:

    Hi my name is Pam. I have just started quilting and would love to get some scraps that would be great for beginners. (100% cotton preferrably). My zip code is 34450 and I live in Florida. I am wanting to make quilts for my three girls. pmfantasia21@aol.com

  368. Jenny Smith says:

    Greetings- My mother is disabled and does craft projects to help pass her time. She donates her projects to the homeless in our area, and to the Nursing Home, where so many people put their loved ones, and tend to forget about them. I can not afford to help her out very much due to the fact that I take in people who need some help getting back on their feet, and have my hands full. She will use just about anything-leather, fleece, cotton, satin, silk, fur, decorative trim, yarn, rope etc. My e-mail address is jlsguys@yahoo.com , and my zip code is 32440. I would be willing to pay aprox. $10-$15.00 in shipping, for her. I would appreciate any help you could give. Thanks a Million.

  369. Patricia Rowe says:

    Email Address:intoxicating1@msn.com DE zip code 19703
    I am new to sewing and unemployed. I design and make slipcovers (self taught). I would love to start my own home sewing business but don’t have the funds to get started.
    Any kind of fabric scraps would be a blessing and greatly appreciated.
    I am also learning to make children’s clothing for those in need.
    Beause there are so many children with tattered and ill fitted clothing,I feel the need to do what I can to help.
    Thank you

  370. Aliana Lee~ says:

    ~zip code: 95560 email: alianaleekp@hotmail.com~

    i love to reusing scraps in my creative projects. i would more than appreciate:
    -lace fabric scraps
    -cotton fabric scraps
    -stretch fabric scraps
    -corduroy fabric scraps
    -fleece fabric scraps
    -wool fabric scraps
    -silk fabric scraps

    solid colours or patterns will be just lovely~


  371. Elizabeth Citro says:

    Hello, I do a lot of knitting, crocheting and sewing and am interested in all natural fiber/fabric scraps – silk, wool, cotton–also lace. Solids and prints, lots of color… My email address is elibet@aol.com and my zip code is 33325. Thank you for providing this wonderful service. Sincerely, Liz

  372. Kelly Richardson says:

    I’m looking for cotton scraps to make little gifts and crafts. I would like colorful prints and solids.
    I will definitely pay for shipping and handling.
    My email address is krichardson14@gmail.com and my zip code is 07040 (NJ).

  373. Angela Mcneal says:


    i make quilts and various other sewing projects. Budgets are tight and i am looking for anyone willing to give me some free fabric. I don’t want to give up the craft that i love, just because money is a little low!! My email is schlepping@imin.org and my zipcode is 60073


  374. Elena Boen says:

    My name is Elena, and I’m a 19-year-old stay-at-home mom. My grandmother got me interested in quilting years ago, and recently, while my 3-month-old son is sleeping, I’ve had the time & energy to actually sit down and quilt.

    I could use any size and type of fabric you could supply me with. I would even be willing to make you a quilt in exchange for fabric.

    My e-mail is: my_free_speech@yahoo.ca

    Thank you for your time.

  375. Melissa says:

    I am always looking for more scrap fabric as I make quilts and quilted bags for people at my church and for the elderly at the local homes in the area. Any cotton fabric would be much appreciated. Scrap batting would also be helpful. Thank you so much! My email address is melissaaconrad@yahoo.com and my zip code is 65584

  376. Cindy Dischner says:

    I make crafts out of fabric yo yo’s – I would love to receive fabric scraps and/or buttons – satin fabrics are exceptionally pretty as yo yo flowers. We donate a lot to the local children’s hospitals. cindyrenee67@gmail.com

  377. Chelsey says:


    I am a recent fashion design graduate trying to get my design business up and going. I love to use vintage and repurposed fabrics. It’s better for the planet! I am looking for larger fabric scarps in:

    polyester blends
    knit fabrics
    anything along those lines
    also vintage garments that I could take apart and use the fabric
    buttons and trims

    It would be greatly appreciated


  378. Wendi Bragg says:

    Thanks to Magic Mike for the referral to this thread.

    I am seeking scrap fabric, large and small, of all types and colors. My email address is moms.mehndi at gmail dot com, and my zip code is 30067.

    For those interested, I’m an entirely self-educated multimedia artist who is fully supported by her husband at this time. I do some patchwork, some costuming, some bead embroidery, and have started making corsets for family & friends, among other things.

    Thanks again to Magic Mike for referring, and to Kathleen for hosting this thread.

  379. Sarah says:

    Hello! I work at an after school program for underprivileged children and I wanted to teach some of them how to sew. I’d appreciate ANY scraps and will pay shipping to Antioch, CA 94531. Please contact me at satrett@yahoo.com
    PS. Sorry for the brain fart. I left out my zipcode on the first post.

  380. trish@programmer.net (Zip 85715) Tucson Arizona
    Hi, I’m looking for scrap material to make dog harnesses. Looking for pieces no smaller than 1/4 yard. No sheer or very heavy fabrics and please no large print as these would not be noticed on a smaller items. Also acepting lace/ruffles and other trim items.
    Thank you,

  381. kelley says:

    my email address is kafielder@yahoo.com and my zipcode is 32548.
    I just took a quilting lesson and finished my first quilt! I really loved doing it but have virtually NO fabric “stash.” I would love to have any scraps to use to make more scraps if anyone wants to get rid of some.
    What a great service…thanks!!

  382. Dina Dillender says:


    My sister in-laws and our girls all make crafts together and every year we display one large item at the Tour of Tables held in Greenwood, IN. It is not a competition, but helps raise money for charity.We use fabrics of any kind, but we have chosen a Victorian Dollhouse as this years project. We would appreciate creams, burgundies, vintage, solid or print but would appreciate any help. Ruffles and lace, trims or tassels would also be welcome.
    Thank you,

  383. Pat Maschke says:

    E-mail is bobcatdrive

    E-mail is bobcatdrive@gmail.com. Need cotton scraps for charity quilts to offset cold winters in Wyoming and elsewhere. Zip is 82443. First order could be 5-10 pounds until we see how fast we can use it up. What a wonderful service,& great to see so many involved. Many thanks.

  384. Lisa Taylor says:

    I love using scraps for numerous thigs…buttons,quilts,fabric flowers,ponytail holders…etc.
    If yuo still have some I’d love to get in on this.
    casper080466(at) yahoo(dot)com

  385. Zina Marsh says:

    I’m Zina and I am a new quilter and I love to quilt for friend, family, etc. Any fabric would be grateful. I could be reached at 919-832-9598. email: zmarsh@bellsouth.net and zip code is 27610 that is raleigh nc.

  386. Alyssa says:

    I am a college art student in the process of learning to sew my own clothes and I would really appreciate any scraps of leather, braided trim, or pretty fabrics of any kind. Any size will do. Anything you send that I don’t use will be given away to someone else who needs it. Email me at ethersflame@yahoo.com. Zip code 85741 (Tucson, AZ).

  387. Tonya says:

    I am a new quilter and quilt maker. I become disabled about 3 yrs ago with very little use of my left arm. My husband and 16yr has to help take care of me. We are not able to buy material, although I would like too, so I am looking for free scraps to make quilt with. If anyone has any I would love to have them. Please email me and I will give out my address. ajnot@centurytel.net
    Thank you and I am excited to hear from someone.

  388. candy alianell says:

    i am a grandma of 11 and a great grandma of 3. i am disabled and love to sew for family and friends. i don’t have a lot of money to buy the fabric i need to keep sewing. i would love to have any fabric that you are not using. my phone number is 585 756 9440 i live in the zip code area 14606 in Rochester, New York

  389. Cindy Mills says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with MS. I watch my 2 grandsons 39 hours a week. Because of these issues I am unable to work. I have started making little purses for girls as a way to earn some extra money. I also try to make quilts but the fabric gets too expensive to be a hobby I can really afford to do. Any fabric or leather (for straps ) would be so greatly appreciated. My email is wicked-which@lycos.com. My zip code is 68901, I live in Nebraska, believe me when I say there isnt much else to do in the middle of a corn field!! LOL Thank you in advance, I cant wait to hear from you.

  390. Jackie Walp says:

    I do home sewing for the elderly members and children of our Texas Cherokee Tribe. I am looking for any type of cotton or cotton blend fabric, maybe some heavier stuff for pants or jackets for the kids and some fleece scraps for lap quilts, etc. We have an elders group that makes pouches and medicine bags out of scrap leather too, they sell them and the money goes to the Elders Society to help them with small things like socks, underwear, postage stamps, crafts supplies, etc. We would appreciate any kind of help. My email is grayhawk@hughes.net my zip code is 76249

  391. Linzi Baruah says:

    I need any kinds of fabric scraps for various projects for special needs children. I am an art teacher for at-risk special needs children who will be using these scraps for various projects depending on their age levels. My email address is blinzi@yahoo.com and my zip code is 75071(Texas). I would appreciate any scraps from cotton, velvet, rayon mix, leather, trims etc.(various materials) that you could donate. At the moment we are working on fabric paneled storage boxes for our classroom.

  392. beatrice martin says:

    I am a quilter which founded Soldiers Guardian Wings we make lap top and twin size guilts for disabled, homeless and injured veterans We have delivered all the way to New York on one of our trips there. we use yarns to tie some off. I have quilters from ages 80 to 8 and my little granddaughter of three helps choose materials.. we use cottons, velet veleteen and one quilter is working on a hankerchief quilt for us.. i also have a group of older children who like to make doll cloths for the local charites and as well knit hats and mittens.. i use age approbriate materials for the younger children as well as threads, yarns leathers, we are not fussy we maintain two sewing machines and hand sew on some blanket binding when we can. we can use anything thanks materials threads machines templates its easier for the kids thanks my email is bzebeat@hotmail.com my zip code is 50501 Iowa

  393. Deborah Landrum says:

    I just recently received a sewing machine as a birthday present. I use to sew a lot prior to having children. Now that my children are all grown I’ve decided to go back to my old passion of sewing. After 30 years of working hard to support my family, I now find myself unemployed. I would appreciate any materials you can donate to me and I would pay the postage. Small to medium boxes. I would like to make clothing for my small grandchildren and do some quilting. Whatever type of materials you send will be used. Thank you in advance, my email address is deborahlandrum@rocketmail.com and my zip code is 44106 Ohio.

  394. Dax DeFranco says:

    Hi! I’m moving back to Philly and found that a lot of stuff, including my mattress, has been sold/given away as I’ve been Asia for about a year. These things happen I suppose, but I don’t have the money to buy a new mattress, so I’d like to make one along the lines of the following:


    Cotton scraps would be the best, I think? I’m not an expert, so whatever you send I’ll use! Thanks so much, this is a great program!

    my email is daxdefranco@gmail.com and my address is 19148, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Thanks again!

  395. joe says:

    I am looking for scrap leather, cowhide, upholstery leather-all colors and types ESPECIALLY anything that is embossed cowhide/upholstery leather etc.

    We are willing to pay for this and if you are in the NYC area we can come to you and pick what we need and pay you for it.



  396. Amanda Saucier says:

    I sew lined zippered pouches and other fabric crafts.
    I’m a student and can’t afford a lot of fabric.
    I’d love any scraps someone could part with.
    I live in Kansas, my zip code is 66223.

    Please email me at Saucchick16@kc.rr.com if you can spare your scraps. :)


  397. Tracy Jones says:


    I work with kids at a local non-profit organization in Florida and we would like to do various projects with fabric. We are in need of any type of fabric that you may have available but also very interested in tapestry, canvas and felt. I can be reached at TracyJones@bgclsc.org. My zip code is 34711. Thank you so much!

  398. markelle says:


  399. Natalie says:

    I am part of an organization that is making pillow cases for the largest school for homless children. We need to make 350 pillow cases so any donations would be fantastic! Cotton works best but all other fabrics can be used in their craft department! natalie.eysser@gmail.com ZIP 85305…AZ

  400. Jewel says:

    Hello…what a wonderful thing you are doing and what a blessing you are to others. I have been taking biscuits and gravy to a halfway house for close to a year now and also taking whats left to the VETS. It has become too expensive to continue by myself without a sponser so I thought I would try to make quilts for the folks at the halfway house and for the homeless VETS instead until I can find a way to go back to taking these folks a home cooked breakfast.

    However I am without fabric, and came across this website and am thanking God at how you have helped so many and if I may be so lucky I would be so grateful.

    There is nothing more heartwarming than to see the smiles, love and gratitude on the faces of these people and they ask NOTHING from you but give you their hearts. Somehow I have to try to help them in anyway I can and I can sew and make something warm for them if I can find the materials to do it with and I will continue to cook for them when I find a way.

    I so appreciate anything anything that can be done to help…and I know my guys and gals at the halfway house and the US VETS will appreciate it too.

    Fabrics I am looking for are cottons or anything that can be put into a quilt…I am not choosy and neither will the recipients be their hearts will be open wide to your generosity. Thank you so much in advance.

    Henderson, Nevada 89074

  401. Ariel Kaitlien says:

    I’m looking for scraps to put on creative holiday cards (some of which go to my friends, some of which go to deployed soldiers, some go to those who are both lol) because I like the texture fabric adds to a card. I’m disabled so this is what I do to pass the time =]

    Smallish scraps are fine

    -buttons and trim!

    anything, really.

    95627 (CA)

  402. Danielle Mertz says:

    I make receiving blankets that are sent to mothers in Africa, and I could use any fabric you could give me. This is a project I love doing, but it is hard to continue when money is tight. Please help me help mothers in Africa by donating fabric, scraps, old blankets, or anything you have that you think I might be able to use.

    Please contact me at daniellemertz@clearwire.net, my zip code is 97404 (OR)
    If you email me, please put “FABRIC” in the subject bar so I don’t accidentally delete the email.
    Thank you!

  403. Would love to receive many varities of fabrics as I do alot of volunteer work making quilts and arts and crafts for charities, nursing homes, local sheriff office and state highway patrol, needy families or various organizations. Could use any types of sewing notions: lace, thread.zippers, buttons. Actually you name it and I could use it for many of my variety of charitable or volunteer services.
    Hope to hear from anyone or everyone soon Thank You!!!!!
    e-mail address: sandeew347@gmail .com
    87901 (NM)

  404. Stephanie says:

    Hello! I’m always on the look out for fabric scraps for the craft projects I work on. I will gladly take any and all scraps you would be willing to send my way, at zip code 17325. My email is allest03@gmail.com. Thank you so much!

  405. Heather says:

    I am looking for a small amount of fabric, any type of material for a project. Interested in any shades of blue, greens and some pink.

    I am located in VA 20152

    Thank you, thank you!

  406. Sarah says:

    Hello! I stumbled across this as I scoured the web for scraps, and oh how wonderful it is! I’m new to the world of quilting, but a crafter all the same. My new interest is in Crazy Quilts, Victorian style. Any scrap of any fabric type is welcome to me. My e-mail address is sarah.howenstein@gmail.com, and my zip code is 92804. Many thanks!

    -Best, Sarah

  407. Colleen says:

    Hello everyone. I started a charity project for many hospitals in my state and others. Have been sewing preemie burial gowns – the gown, hat, booties and blanket. The packaged sets are in 4 sizes. Also sew 2 sizes of buntings for babies too tiny to dress. This year alone made nearly 1000 sets. Am looking for any fabrics in white or ivory, pastel pink or blue. Special need for satin, embroidered sheers, flannel, fleece and fabrics with white on white designs. Can use flat and ruffled lace and trims. Anything is appreciated. Would love to send you pictures of the gowns. My zip code is 18707 in NE PA. Email: cjangel@hotmail.com Thank you.

  408. Christine Ha says:

    Hi! I’m an undergraduate Fine Arts major, and I have recently discovered the art of creating with sewing and fabric. Therefore, any type of fabric would be perfect. My zip code is 94508 and my email is lanihaha@gmail.com. Thanks so much!

  409. Hello! I do alot of charity and volunteer work for our community and would appreicate any type of fabrics I can get my hands on to make laprobes for the homeless, sheriff department, the elderly and numerous needy individuals or whoever I can help. I love to quilt and make crafts as a hobby . I am on Social Security disability and have a limited income to help as I am needed or I receive a call of someone who may need a quilt to keep warm or a child who may have lost a parent or was injured. I also do quilts for Linus and other children organizations. My zip code is 87901 and my E-mail is Sews @ Riolink.com Here is hoping to hear from you. Thank you if can assist me with this request.

  410. Staci says:

    Hello. I am single mom of two and my youngest son is a special needs child who also has epilepsy and other medical problems. I enjoy making quilts and want to begin making quilts to donate to other special needs families, special needs organizations, camps for special needs children and/or adults, etc… but I cannot work due to all of my sons doctors appointments so I cannot afford to buy fabric. I am looking for fabrics/scraps that are cottons, cotton blends or anything that can be put into a quilt.

    These families, organizations, associations, and camps will appreciate any bit of generosity.

    I’m looking for any size box of fabrics/scraps. My zipcode is 28734 (Western North Carolina area) and my email is staci1121@msn.com

    Thank you so much in advance and God Bless.

  411. Kathryn H. says:

    I am a high school senior and am in an advanced placement art class in which I am doing things with a variety of fabrics. Any type of fabric would be amazing. If you have anything available please let me know, me email is flipflops626@netscape.net

  412. Joyce Hamilton says:

    jabberwacky@mindspring.com – 34436-2541

    Quilting purposes mainly.
    I’m looking for all cotton fabric. Any size, any color except Blacks and Reds.
    I’m teaching youth to quilt and anything you have available would be great.
    Also, any Halloween, Thanksgiving, and/or Christmas material would be a blessing too.
    Thank You.

  413. Kim says:

    I would most appreciate Fabrics in Steel blue, White with print, Ocean Blue, Cherry Red, Black with small print, Silver gray, Gold small prints. I would need scraps that are at least 2′ by 6″ pieces & anything larger. Anything that would go in a laundry room. Anything themed, calico prints, flowers, Cotton preferred.
    My Zip is 48197 just outside Ann Arbor Mi.
    Email is klacla4@aol.com
    Thank You.

  414. Jennifer Sorrent says:

    Hi, I would love any scarps you can spare for art projects for grade school kids that I’m currently teaching. I’d love to incorporate them into a service project for Thanksgiving or Christmas. My zip code is 44281, and my email address is jennerator@earthlink.net. Thank you so much!!!

  415. Susanna Skinner says:

    Hi there! I would be most grateful for any scraps or anything anyone wants to send my way. I am just learning how to quilt and sew, but my husband just got laid off so we can’t get any more fabric right now. My zip code is 27707 in North Carolina, and my email address is askinner001@nc.rr.com. Thank you SO much!

  416. Tascha says:

    Hi…I am just a teenager, but i am getting started with fashion deigning. I would Really appreciate any extra or spare scraps of fabrics that you may have. Size, shape, color…doesn’t matter! Any kind of fabrics to help me get started would be GREATLY appreciated! :) My zip code is 83301, and my E-Mail is tascha_cantu@hotmail.com

  417. Samantha Mahar says:

    My zip code is 08528 and my e-mail is sjm418@gmail.com. I’m a currently unemployed art teacher and I’m looking for cotton scraps to use in rag rug project. Any size larger than 2in width, and any color. Thanks for you consideration.


  418. Emily F. says:


    I’m a mixed media artist and eclectic seamstress from upstate New York (12159).

    I’m looking for scrap fabric of all kinds… especially cotton, corduroy and twill… but I will take just about anything that’s clean. I will, of course, pay for shipping on any available scraps that you’re willing to part with. Send me an email to discuss!

    Thank you!

    Emily F.


  419. Christine Olivier-Hakes says:

    I am trying to make rag rugs like my grandmother did where you sew them together in the middle so you have a nice inch thick round, oval etc. rug. I found a tool to replace the awl she used and I need lots of scraps for them. Wool, cotton, even mixed fibers will work. I will, of course, reimburse postage costs.

    I live in the UP of Michigan, zip code 49801. Thank you. Chris

  420. angelika camp says:

    Hi I am a home school mom and I am teaching my five daughters to sew clothing. We will be donating our finished projects to the Salvation Army Women Shelter. Any scrap fabric or yarn that you have will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you
    North Carolina, 28227

  421. Chiyo Benigno says:

    Hi, my name is Chiyo, I am a college student studying product design.
    I am working on a project to create sustainable clothing, bags, and shoes.
    I am looking for all kinds of fabric, especially cotton, leather, and linen of any color and sizes.
    I will pay for the shipping from anywhere in the USA.

    Thank you
    Los Angeles, 90026

  422. Lizzie Leung says:


    I’m running an earth-friendly community art program for elementary school kids in Lewiston, ME. Considering the high cost of earth-friendly fabrics on the market and the program’s tight budget, fabric scraps would be TREMENDOUSLY appreciated! The scraps will be used in collage, and so they should be easy to cut and glue. Thanks! Lizzie


  423. Sophia Brown says:

    I am a quilter/sewer and I teacher a kids quilting class. I would love to build a scrap stash for my kids. I would really appreciate it if you would send your unwanted scraps my way. I also make baby quilts for donation purposes. I can be contacted at:


    Thank You in advance!

  424. Jodi Plum says:

    My name in Jodi Plum
    Email is plumemb@aol.com
    Southern Ca 93004

    I am interested in cotton fabric scraps for quilts. I can be contacted via email or
    phone 805 647-1465. I would like a box of about 10-15 lbs if that is possible or a box 12″x12″x12″ approx. Not sure the best way to say “some”

  425. Cheryl Carpenter says:

    Hi, my name is Cheryl Carpenter and I am a beginning quilter. I would appreciate cotton or cotton blend fabric scraps. My phone number is 540-229-1402 Email address is ccarpenter@iclicker.com and I’m in central Virginia zip 23117. I’m happy to pay postage.Thanks so much!

  426. Adrienne Dick says:

    Zip code:46240 Indianapolis
    Email: epicsippycup@hotmail.com

    Hey, I have always wanted to be a fashion designer, and have been creating jewelery, clothing, belts, children’s clothing, ect. ever since I was young. I am a single mom now working hard to take care of my little boy. I don’t have much extra money to pay for fabric. I am trying to build up a base to get my self off the ground and move forward with my dreams. I would take whatever there is available. Leather, to silk, and everything in between.
    Thanks so very much!
    Adrienne Dick

  427. Sophia Brown says:

    I am looking for all types of fabric. I am a quilter, I teach home school, and teach crafts to children I would really appreciate anything I receive. I will pay shipping 96326.
    Please contact me if you have any fabric to give away sophia.brown5@gmail.com


  428. Nina says:


    I am in need of some fabric scraps for christmas crafts . It can be all types of fabric. I would really appreciate anything you can send me.
    I am actually located in Canada and my zip code is M4V 2H5 and you can contact me under nina_mittendorf@yahoo.ca.
    Please contact me if you have any fabric to give away.


  429. Nora Wilson says:

    I work with five afterschool programs and the students in our programs want to learn to make quilts for our local women’s shelter and other projects. We can’t afford the fabric for all of them but would love to be able to accomplish this and other projects. If anyone has any scraps we would appreciate them and would be happy to pay shipping.
    noramiged@blomand.net (McMinnville, TN 37110)

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