What are the measurements of a size 10?

This weekend I wrote a long entry about why we don’t change the size designation numbers to reflect sizing to the norm (AKA “vanity sizing” but I prefer sizing evolution). To make a few points, I need data. That’s where you come in. I wrote a survey to get an idea of your opinion as to what measurements should be designated for sizes 10 and 12. I would be very pleased if you’d take it and pass it along to your friends too. It is important that you take this survey as a consumer rather than as a manufacturer.

Yes, I realize the survey is very subjective and results will vary widely but that’s kind of my point. There are no means to leave comments at the survey but you can do that here. I appreciate your help very much.

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  1. Perhaps, seeing as you are sooo well known all over the world, it might be an idea to state the European and Australian equivalents to a USA size 10 (as you see it) so we can all join in … or are you only after USA figure types (if there is such a thing).

    I might be willing to share with you the data sets entered on my site over the last few years … they are relatively subjective if you consider that people are all probably measuring slightly differently and some are completely wrong, but if you filter out the top and bottom 10% of the Bell curve you might get some pretty good averages. I’d qualify my “might” by seeking your confidentiality on the data … it’s a very valuable resource, but I know you could use it altruisticly for guidance of students rather than profit (that’s important to me).

    There is a dynamic summary of some data at http://www.patternschool.com/?page_id=46 and I could write a summary of specific results quite quickly if you like … just tell me what you want in the results.


  2. Theresa in Tucson says:

    Kathleen, I did take your survey but my answers are definitely skewed by my background. I started sewing when I was 12, well before I was introduced to RTW. To this day when someone says size 10 my immediate association is the pattern size and then I have to do the mental translation. My personal preference is to go back to that, wishful thinking that it is, but that’s just me. Wishes don’t have to be realistic.

  3. Kai Jones says:

    I admit quite freely I have no idea–but then, I was a women’s size 12 (1973 version) in the bust, waist, and hips when I was 12 years old. I’ve never been smaller than a 14 as an adult, I’m barrel-chested and big-boned (8-inch wrist at the bone) even though I’m only 5’6″ tall. Mom always said never to pretend we’d been princesses in former lives, that we clearly came from good peasant stock. :)

  4. Susan says:

    I’m hesitant to take the survey. Do you want to know what the current customer buying a size 10 or 12 is? (Shock of all shocks-I am 160+ and am currently wearing a size 10 from the store) or what we envision a size 10 to be because I certainly wouldn’t envision myself to be a 10.

  5. Lauren says:

    I took the survey and I did it as a consumer. I wanted to comment that I’m usually a size 10 and I just went with my measurements for the 10. For some reason, my measurements are much larger than everybody’s size chart for size 10, but that’s the size I usually need. As for height, I went with what I’ve observed as average.

  6. JuliaC says:

    I just bought some size 10 pants for the first time. Hips 40″. Kai & I must be related as I come from “German stock” & bought a 13 at age 11. Stayed in a size 14 for the next 20+ years.

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