Wanna buy some loot?

I’m not ignoring anyone; posting will continue to be light whilst I move the shop from El Paso to Las Cruces. I have some equipment I don’t use so if anyone were interested, this would be a great time to show up with a truck.
1. Reece buttonholer, model S2 $250.
2. Brother button sewer, model CB3-B917-1 $300
3. Brother double-needle, model LT2-B831-1 $350

All machines work great and come complete with table, motor etc.
And no, I don’t want to ship anything; the above are pick-up prices. If one did show up with a truck, you’d probably get some other great freebie stuff (I have Z-racks, bolts of interfacing etc)

Lastly, I have quite a bit of Reliable brand Pipe Rack warehouse storage, all steel, 2″ diameter, 32 lengths, sized to fit (mostly) 20 foot ceilings complete with floor jacks. Tons of add-on poles (1 1/4 diameter), shelving arms single and double and all misc hardware. Make offer.
Moving party this saturday…bring your gloves :) (she says hopefully). Email me if interested and help me out with posting if so inspired.

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