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Unlike a lot of fashion contests one finds on the web, this one on MyItThings seems to have garnered some real talent. The contest started May 12th and three semi finalists have been selected. I don’t think that any of us, being fashion experts and all, were selected for the judging pool but when has that ever precluded us from expressing an opinion? So my friendly fashionista fashion-incubator experts, please take a moment to review the lines of the three finalists according to the criteria of old school hacks :) industry garmentos:

The three designers are, left to right, Noni, Wanaker and Adolfo Sanchez.

Please review their respective pages before voting. Voting lies beneath the fold.

Edit 11/23/12
Vizu polls have closed down. Below is a screen capture of the poll results.

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  1. J C Sprowls says:

    I like Adolfo’s line because it’s technically interesting. But (!) – as you mentioned offline – it lacks cohesiveness. These are three distinct styles that belong in a custom boutique where production would need to happen in very small quantities.

    Wanamaker’s line is interesting. The same materials are used in different combinations and fabrication appears to be consistent. My concern would be for containing costs. I don’t know that the expense for processes is commensurate with the selling point. IOW: it may be ‘overworked’ in spite of how beautiful it may be. From a consumer perspective, I speculate it could be “too editorial”, meaning that the line might only appeal to fashionistas who don’t mind churning their wardrobe frequently. That market seems to volatile for me, so I’d play cautious and only put quick turn products in that channel (remember the sarong style dress w/ a neck torque pulled thru?).

    Noni’s line has more of the qualities I would look for. The material (i.e. neoprene) is explored throughout the line, meaning all the skills needed for back-end processes (i.e. pattern, cutting, sewing) can be sourced, acquired, managed and contained. I can’t see the details as clearly as I would like; but, I presume (?) whatever elements are employed are standardized and then repeated across the line. The silhouette is similar to other brands (I’m thinking DaDa Dress, specifically), yet distinctive, so merchandising in a store should be relatively straight-forward. And, to the consumer, the use of neoprene is a novel idea, so (I’m speculating) there could be interest from that dimension.

  2. Courtney says:

    I think Noni’s line is beautiful, but Neoprene is a sweat factory. In fact, Neoprene clothing is sold to promote “lose-weight-quick” schemes because it causes one to lose so much water weight in a short period of time. I can’t imagine wearing a dress made of it; I think the wearer would be exhausted, sweaty, and probably smelly by the end of the evening.

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