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The previous entries to the pattern grading and making series are here, here and here. I asked a company I use for grading to submit a quote. I’ve been very pleased with the service which has been professional, expeditious and courteous. I’ve reprinted Barbara’s message below but will add that this service specializes in denim. If you’re looking to have jeans made, be it patterns, samples or whatever, this is the company to contact. This service is actually located in a blue jean factory that is one block from my old location in El Paso TX so I know the place fairly well.

Thank you for listing pattern grading and marking services in your web site. It is a shame that someone would be charged so outrageously when there are other options.

Apparel Mark has been in business since 1988. We use Gerber equipment for grading and marker making. I have graded everything from bra patterns and suit coats to backpacks and dog clothes. We have a pattern maker and a sample sewing line on site for first patterns and sample garments.

The shirt pattern you ask for a quote:
Grading shirts(10pc or under)is $16.00 per size
Marking shirts(10pc or under)is $ 6.75 per size

Total grading for this shirt $64.00
Marking one each size would be $27.00
Copies of an existing marker are $1.00 per yard.

Our prices a little lower for pants and skirts and higher for jackets and coats.

Please give me a call for the answers to all your grading questions.

Barbara Bean
R&P Apparel Mark
2931 Rosa Ave.
El Paso, Tx. 79905
915-313-0065 phone
915-532-5715 fax

Important: [updated 6-10-2007]
Please do not post comments to the effect that you’re looking for a pattern maker in X location to do X work. This is not a job board, pattern makers are not landing on this entry like you did; they’re already here so they’ll never see your comment. If you have a position to offer, it should go in the pattern or contractor’s section of the forum. And yes, the forum is member’s only so you’ll have to join if you’re serious enough.

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  1. Mike C says:

    We used Barbara a while back to grade one of our more detailed designs. She did a great job: quick, efficient and correct.

  2. Linda says:

    I am so impressed with this forum. What a wonderful way to assist young to the industry, professional advice from a top notch member of the textile and manufacturing world. Kathleen, thank you so very much. I am located in New Jersey and am looking for a reputable and well seasoned pattern maker and marker in the tri-state area. I have prototypes for infant and toddler clothing. Would appreciate any input.

  3. Fatima says:

    Please how much will it cost me to have:

    a) Pattern made
    b) Grading a pattern ( each size)

    for ladies wear:
    i) Dress
    ii) Skirt
    iii) Blouser
    iv) Trousers
    v) Lined Jacket

    Thank you very much because I am afraid I might be ripped off.

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