Unemployed But Keeping Busy As Usual

If you are also a reader of my own blog, you’ll know that I recently quit my job. Yesterday was my last day. (Mad love to Kathleen for our talk today! Your support means the world to me. If you didn’t already know, this woman is the bee’s knees, no lie.) Not one to keep idle, I’m plunging head first (amidst the jobhunting stuff) into a couple of different things that I think you’d want to know about.

VC (and I believe F-I) reader Karen has been quite the doll and 1. invited me to a local industry meetup, the next one which will be next month and 2. sent me this link about a non-profit looking for fashion designers for their next fundraiser. Basically, the designer creates a one of a kind piece made at least 50% out of random clothes donated to St. Vincent, and the proceeds from the silent auction will go directly to the organization. Click the link to find out more. I’m so excited about this. A chance to use my skills for the greater good? Hell yeah! I urge all Bay Area designers to participate! They raised $15,000 last year; let’s top that this year. Click the link above!!! Thanks, Karen!

Next up, I’ll be interviewing The Evans Group for a post for both VC and Fashion-Incubator. The Evans Group is a vertically integrated production facility based in L.A. that has small minimums for high end apparel. A team from The Evans Group is coming up to meet with Bay Area designers, by appointment, to discuss what they do, how they do it, and explore possible working relationships. They will be here Monday and Tuesday of next week (the 20th and 21st). If you’re interested, please contact them and set up an appointment with Julia. I am interviewing them on Monday, so that I can give you guys a better informed post on their company. I’m not endorsing them in any way until I get a chance to meet them, but first off, Julia was really nice and her follow-up very efficient. If you have a particular question you’d like me to ask, drop me a line in the comments thread.

By the way, I found out about The Evans Group through a different local fashion industry through meetup.com. They’re a very friendly, mellow group that gets together and discuss various industry goings on once a month. Check it out if you’re local, or hit one up in your area. Thanks to Grace, the fabulous blogger behind Design*Sponge for the link trail.

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  1. PK says:

    Hi, I’m a fashion blogger and also a fashion journalist for a website in Argentina. I’m writting because I’m also thinking about leaving my job, and it was incredible to read your posts just at the same time.
    I really hope everything works out for you (and for me too) I’m sure you will find something soon, you’re very talented. Good Luck!!!

  2. Kelly says:

    I’m looking forward to your post about The Evans Group! Their client list is impressive, and at least from their website, it looks like they treat their employees well. I’m in SF, and am tempted to meet with them, too, but think a local factory is better suited for my needs now (SS07 is my first season).

    Another Bay Area group to connect with is the Fashion Business, Inc/Renaissance Center. They meet monthly (first met in August), and have guest speakers from the industry. The last guest speaker was the fabulous Kate Logan, owner of Ooma, a San Francisco boutique, talking about how she buys for her boutique–really great info. If there’s interest, I’ll post on it.

    Good luck in your search!

  3. Karen C. says:

    First, thanks, Zoe for shout out (blush). I can’t wait to see what you design for the auction (hmmm, something similar to the Vivienne Westwood exhibit coming in April to the de Young?).

    I can’t make it into the City next week, but would love to hear about pricing and turnaround re: the Evans Group. When you say vertical, do you mean all technical services?

    Kelly: what do you look like and where do you sit at the meetings? I was there last Monday (older woman, blond hair, came in late from Sacramento). Hope to meet you at next month’s meeting or at the Branding meeting on the 29th at the SBA. I’m going to St. Vincent de Paul that day also to get my clothes for my project. My inspiration is the Quilts of Gee’s Bend presently at the de Young.

  4. PK: Thanks for the words of encouragement and good luck on your own jobhunt!

    Kelly: The FBI/RC is the meet up group Karen invited me to. Thanks for the heads up, though!

    Karen: Vertical in that they do everything from first samples, grading, cutting, sewing, etc.

  5. Karen C. says:

    Just checked out their website. Very interested in using them. Could you please ask her how we start the process of using them to produce samples and do small production runs. Thanks, Zoe.

  6. Yahzi Rose says:

    good luck to you, there are wonderful things ahead! Thanks for the local info. I too am looking forward to the St Vincent de Paul fundraiser, I can’t wait to see the garments folks come up with. I also suggest the FIN meetings in SF. As Kelly said the last meeting was very informative and the one before that with Jen Ryan from http://www.mooloolaba.com was great as well. I’m looking up The Evans Group now, thanks again.

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