I’ve never been an earlier adopter but lately Twitter is pretty handy. It’s a way I can post the myriad of tidbits of information I come across in a day’s time that don’t merit an entry unto themselves. You can follow me if you like. If you’re interested in searching all Twitter feeds regarding the CPSIA, use this link and refresh as needed. I’ve added quite a few updates there today already.

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  1. But how do you follow? I don’t get it. Do I go to twitter and find you? Or what? I don’t understand how everyone seems to know what everyone else is doing and how strangers find your “twitter.”


  2. Kathleen says:

    Twitter is sink or swim, I know your frustration. You are already following me and I, you. Go to your home page ( There you will see twits from the one person in your network (me). You need to find some more people to follow, people from fashion-incubator. To do that, click on the hyperlink “followers” or “following” (doesn’t matter since you only have one and that’s me) on your home page. Then, click on my profile. When you get to my profile, click on *my* “followers” or “following” hyperlink to find interesting people whose usernames you recognize (like miracle for example). When you see somebody interesting, click “follow” and they’ll be added to your profile. They’ll be notified and may add you to their profile. Hope this helps. I’ll send you a test message.

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