Trick or Treat

Priti sends a link to Indexed; a great place to waste some time, get some grins or think a bit. Here’s a sample:

Long story but my book was pirated in 2004. I’ve been chasing this guy ever since; he was selling them at trade shows and then on Amazon but I got him banned in 2005. Now, somebody else is selling “used” copies (in pristine condition) and my sales have dropped by 90%. As most of you know, used copies are very rare to find there, most people keep their books but this guy seems to have an endless supply of “used” copies in brand new “never read” condition. I have an attorney working on it. In the meantime, if you don’t buy directly from this site, I’d appreciate it if you’d only buy copies from me on Amazon or from an authorized vendor like SouthStar Supply or International Fashion Publications.

If you don’t, it could mean the end of this site and everything I’ve worked so hard to create for you. Book sales pay for everything. Otherwise, this whole show, my company and me…are over. This may end up being farewell. Either that or I’ll have to charge subscriptions. I can give my traditional supporters who’ve donated to support the site or donated to support me in the marathon a free sub if I want. It’s the other 3,000+ visitors a day who’ll have to pay if they want to continue to access content. I hope you understand I don’t have any other options but right now I’m so depressed I may just drop Fashion-Incubator entirely. It was fun while it lasted. Maybe it’s time for a career change. Maybe I’ll finally get around to becoming a licensed electrician. I can handle those kinds of hot lines.

Under the circumstances, I haven’t had the heart to post and I’ve been reluctant to tell you my problems. At this point, I’m not coping well so I figure honesty can’t hurt me more than this guy already has. In fact, my attorney thinks I should say nothing in the event opportunists take advantage of the situation to score a deal for themselves. Maybe they will; would you sell your soul in exchange for a $10 discount? I’m taking some time off from posting. I appreciate your support.

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  1. Ayanna says:

    Sorry, to hear about your plight. I am sure everything will work out as it should. You are providing GREAT advice and information. With all of the visitors you get, have you considered charging for advertisement?

  2. Bunny M says:

    I would pay to subscribe here. I’ve learned a lot, both from the book and from this blog (and I only discovered you a couple months ago! I got one of the last copies from you before you ran out a while back.)

    I sometimes buy used books, but in a case like this, it only makes sense to support the author as much as possible, which is why I chose to order my book here rather than from amazon. But then I used to be in book distribution so maybe I’m just more aware of how these things work than the average bear.

    Anyway, please don’t give up! We need you out here, and I for one would definitely pay for access to this information (as well as the interactivity of being able to ask questions!)

  3. Josh says:

    Kathleen please don’t let this get you down. Because I know that something can be done about this. This is something Jess and I have to deal with on a weekly basis. We see websites distributing our commercial fonts for free all the time. Thank god there are enough honest people who know that it’s illegal to acquire an unlicensed font. Just how much it cuts into our income we can’t really say because it’s something we’ve dealt with from day one. It hasn’t stopped us. You just keep a check on it and bust them when you spot them (that’s part of my job working for Jess is to find pirates). It’s like a garden, you go through weeding but you never get them all completely.

    I would gladly pay for a subscription regardless of having donated in the past. This website and your book is priceless to me and hopefully my clothing company makes it one day and I can start showing you how much it means to me, monetarily. Without you I’m nothing!

  4. Sarah says:

    Kathleen, thank you for sharing this. I did not know people sold pirated books this way. I’m not surprised – I just didn’t know it. It would have bothered me to find out after buying “used” books that they were actually pirated. At least in my corner of the world, you’ve protected not only yourself from my ignorance, but other authors, too.

  5. J C Sprowls says:

    I’m really sad to hear what you’re facing, Kathleen. I didn’t realize the pirating of printed materials was so easy – I’m shocked.

    In any event, I fully support your decision to consider changing careers. I would be sad to lose your insight, though. If you decide to keep FI as a part-time project, I would certainly subscribe.

  6. Karen C. says:

    Kathleen, hang in there, dear. I feel your despondency and understand completely. I’ve had some devasting financial disasters in the last couple of weeks, so I know how you feel. But you know how valuable this information is to us, or you wouldn’t be doing it. I’ve said before that I would be willing to subscribe–so think about it. (Plus I’ll just keep plugging your book and sending sales your way.)

    Thanks for the head’s up about these scammers re: books. I buy a lot of books, used, that look brand new and had no idea that they may be pirated. So you just did all of us a service by alerted us of this too.

  7. Sue says:


    I’m sorry to hear you’re in such a funk. I only joined you recently and didn’t know about the book pirating; it’s disgusting. I would be willing, and happy, to pay a subscription fee for your wisdom, knowledge, and insight. In fact, when I first spent some time here, I couldn’t believe it was all free (so I made a small donation). I’m not a manufacturer, nor, at my age, will I ever be. But I love your spirit and your courage, and I hate to see you beaten by some damn con artist. Please, before you close off your blog, at least consider charging for it. You have many devoted fans.


  8. Ryan says:


    I recently discovered this site about 2 weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know that I purchased a copy of your book from the link on this site…so there are still people buying legitimate copies!
    I am in Hong Kong right now and studied my Masters degree here. As an alumni I am still able to loan books from the University library. Just to check, I found that your book was there (although on loan at the moment)! You should be proud that your book is stocked around the world as a highly coveted resource.

    Keep your head up!


  9. Mia A. says:

    I am an avid reader of your blog. It’s part of my daily routine. I cannot thank you enough for all that I’ve learned from your website. I’ve only donated once, but I know I’d subscribe if that’s what’s needed to keep you here.

  10. Neil Adams says:

    Kathleen, this site is a bible to me Im not yet in fashion shool, but i learn so much and as soon i can get some money i’ll buy your book. as for that guy I’d hunt him down and make him pay for his life.


  11. Gale Joiner says:

    Dear Ms. Fansenella, This is to encourage you to keep your site going. Home sewing has been my 50-year experience and I have learned a lot from you. You produce something no one else does. Also, I am “at home” with your personality. You seem to be a very kind and encouraging person. Yes, I would pay for this site. God bless you, Galey

  12. Babette says:

    I just read your news. I’m not ready for you to go. I just found you a month ago. I ordered your book direct from you. I know that authors do better to sell direct (I usually use Amazon cause I don’t happen to meet authors).

    Only today I discovered your tutorials and I found the first two so useful I made a donation because I plan to visit them all.

    I’ll subscribe, tell me where to sign up.

  13. Mina W says:

    Really sorry to hear about the piracy and how hard it’s making things for you. I’ve almost finished reading your book (that I got from you) for the first time. I too can’t thank you enough for the information and insight, and would certainly subscribe.

    Also, I’m not happy, exactly, but glad to know how possible piracy is. That confirms my usual practice of buying in-print books new to support the authors. Where are people hearing about your book? Are there places you should get the word out about the pirate copies?

  14. Sarah in Oregon says:

    Hello Everyone!
    As you may know, Amazon has a feature where people who own the book may review it for others to read. I always check out the reviews before buying a book.

    I suggest that everyone take the time to write a review on amazon requesting that people buying the book be sure to buy a NEW copy to support the author (and her essentially non-profit work of educating us all on her blog) as opposed to the knock-off artist. All in favor? Type away!

    Keep your spirits up, Kathleen! We’re behind you!

    Sarah in Oregon

  15. Jo says:


    please keep up the blog! Apart from the amazing amount of useful information you share, you are one of the few people in this oh-so politically correct insane world we inhabit who says it like it is! Your writing is brilliant…informative, to the point and no namby pamby flowering or needless sensationalism that seems to be part of modern day journalism. I read your blog to learn and to enjoy. I am going to buy your book now!

  16. Gigi says:

    Kathleen, that is awful! For what it’s worth I always send people here to buy the book directly from you. It’s a terrible thing to steal someone’s hard work, their livelihood. If you have to make this site by subscription only, you can sign me up. While I’m not a manufacturer, I have learned so much from you and highly value all of the information you so generously share with us. You have taken my sewing to another level and for that I thank you wholeheartedly!

  17. another wish says:


    I am so sorry to hear about this and I am hopeful about the attorney’s success. I, too, would pay to subscribe here. I have learned SO much, not only about my own specialized area, but also about the industry in general.

    Thank you for this wonderful educational tool that you provide us with and keep your head up!

    We all love ya.

  18. Kathleen says:

    A couple of thoughts.

    I don’t know if anyone realizes just how rare a situation like this is. I can’t say it never happens obviously but it is close to it. Personally, I would not worry about ordering used copies from Amazon. In spite of all this, I still feel that way. This sort of thing just doesn’t happen! I have a lot of confidence in Amazon; most people are honest.

    Secondly, it is not untoward for someone to be selling new copies of a book because publishers will either go out of business and sell off excess inventory or, they’ll sell off excess inventory of titles that are no longer performing for them. This is very very common! It becomes incumbent upon the buyer of said lots to ensure they are buying the goods from the authorized vendor. Obviously, that didn’t happen in this case. This second party is trying to stay under my radar by listing them as used when they’re obviously new so he has to be aware that the provenance of his inventory is questionable.

    At the same time, I hope you all appreciate how I’ve had to grit my teeth every time I’ve had to say that you rarely have anything to worry about with regard to your own intellectual property. I STILL say this in spite of what happened to me because that is the REALITY. Rarely, rarely are people copied to this extent.

    It is highly unlikely that something similar will happen to any of you. Honestly, that is the biggest reason I never said anything. Here I am, always preaching you have less to worry about than you think and then I have to admit that it happened to me. Please be confident. It just doesn’t happen like this. I don’t know how many times I have to say this in spite of the situation.

    Another thing to consider…in the commission of a crime, most of the time, the crime victim and the criminal know each other. For example, most people are murdered by someone they know. I know who the person is who copied the book. He is an ex customer. He was a very good customer too. He sold more of my books than all my other wholesale customers combined. I really really hate to tell you this next part but at one point, I had drop shipped him a lot of books direct from my book manufacturer so he knew who that was. This is what I don’t want to tell you but somehow, the plates of my book disappeared -not once, but twice- from the manufacturer. I have a very hard time believing that my current rep there knows anything about this. The rep before that tho… he’s another story. He’s no longer there. The other thing is, my ex customer was selling a lot of books but due to problems on my part, I didn’t have the money to reprint it and supply him with product when he needed it. That’s when I think he did it. He made a lot of money selling it (I give a more generous discount than is typical for the book industry). My final thought on that is that I STILL think your patterns are safe at the contractor. What happened to me is so rare, it is almost not to be believed to the extent that if someone told me this happened to them, I’d have a very high degree of skepticism. Part of me would wonder if they were delusional (believe me, I thought I was for quite awhile!) or with an overinflated estimation of themselves or their product. While it is really hard to catch someone like this and pursue it legally, the penalties are horrendous. In this case, it is possible that this vendor will lose his account status to sell on Amazon and this could just kill his business. It’s not worth it and on this end, we all know that. Why would he take such a risk? Maybe he thought he could get away with selling them used since s “used” supply is hard to measure but if the guy has sold more “used” copies in the past two weeks than have been available for sale in the past ten months, a clear pattern emerges.

    My confidence in Amazon and their independent vendors remains undiminished. Similarly, I have confidence your intellectual property is safe with contractors.

  19. Jessika says:


    I’m really sorry to hear about this. I wanted to add my support too. I had no idea that this was going on! I reccommend your book to a lot of people (so will be sure to make a big point of telling them to order it from you from now on and to watch out for copies!) I think Sarah in Oregon had a great idea too – everyone should go write a review and try to get the word out there. Just for the record, I’d be happy to subscribe to this site.

    Jessika and Mark x

  20. Robin says:

    Hang in there! This is a great site and I would be happy to subscribe.
    Have you considered setting up a pay pal account with a link for those of us who would like to send a donation? I have seen this done at other “free” informational type web sites and I for one am always happy to send a donation.

  21. Pat Lundin Friday Harbor, WA says:

    Dear Kathleen,
    I hear your discouragement and pain. It is so sad that some people will be dishonest and cruel. I sincerely hope that you will be able to achieve true justice. Your book is so good he (they) could not resist it. If I see any suspect copies in the marketplace (online) I will let you know.
    Meanwhile, take excellent care of yourself in all ways and keep moving with your eyes wide open. Stay open to the beauty all around you, he (they) can not take that away from you.

    I too would subscribe if you will continue your site. I have your book (from Amazon- full price) and your pattern making DVD as well as lots of paper and tools I purchased from South Star (I hope you get a % from them). I find your site incredibly valuable to keep me inspired and inching toward my goals.

    I’m not a Polly Anna but I can’t help wondering if this isn’t a big push to move you on in your career. I have wondered whether you might write another book or do more in the way of DVDs. Also, a few weeks ago it occurred to me that you could do a fantastic cable TV show. I think you would be wonderfully popular and a huge inspiration to a much larger audience.

    I wish you the best in what ever you determine you need to do. I hope you will continue with your blog.
    Pat Lundin
    Friday Harbor, WA

  22. Noel Alvarez says:

    Hi Kathleen,

    I concur with Pat on all counts. Especially her last paragraph. It would be fabulous to have additional books, DVDs etc. from you, and especially great to see you on a cable show!

    I am so sorry this guy is doing this to you – after all you have done to help people. I don’t even want to think about how much time, effort and money you have to devote to deal with this creep.

    And I would be happy to pay for a subscription service! ( I think I would prefer it) Then I probably wouldn’t feel so reluctant asking my “stupid” questions rather than reading through everybody else’s posts hoping that they can read my mind.

    thank you for everything

  23. Carissa says:

    Kathleen, I’m crying for you. -And I really mean for you- not for what we stand to lose- which is a lot.

    I just hate to see someone take advantage of such a good hearted generous person. How could someone want to take advantage of you when you already give so much?

    I know you don’t like the thought, but if it gave you extra security, why not go ahead now and make this subscription only? We seem ready and willing for it. I would be willing to sacrifice to pay a hefty amount of subscription if that’s what it took. Anyone here that’s serious about making this work knows how crucial this blog is to their business and education.

    I went to a very expensive, private university for my undergrad work and I know you get what you pay for in education. Nobody bats an eye at having to pay a couple hundred dollars for their texts for class- knowing they’ll never read them again after that semester. How much more valuable is this?

    Do what you need to do to take care of yourself.

    BTW do really love electrical work that much?

  24. LornaJay says:

    Best wishes for success with your action.

    Had you considered taking a few months’ break from blogging, rather than stopping permanently? We’d miss you, but I think we can all understand when you need to step back a bit and reassess things.

  25. Priti says:

    Hi Kathleen:

    I confess I haven’t really thought this through: but can’t you just report this unscrupulous seller to a law enforcement agency?

    Also, most people who buy your books probably subscribe to trade journals. Can you take out ads requesting readers to buy only from certain sites to ensure they are not buying pirated copies? Perhaps you may be able to appeal to the trade journal to run your request for free…

    Anyway, mostly I am writing to say that I feel your pain. This is a valuable site and most of us would hate it see it shut down.

  26. Kathleen says:

    I’m not a Polly Anna but I can’t help wondering if this isn’t a big push to move you on in your career. I have wondered whether you might write another book or do more in the way of DVDs.

    Part of the reason I hesitated to go public was out of guilt for failing to progress. In some ways I feel culpable. If I’d substantively updated the book, the old edition wouldn’t be valuable so I feel I bear some responsibility there (not that I “deserve” what happened). I’d just had so many life problems (with my son too who is autistic) that I could barely manage to pay bills or do grocery shopping much less have a “career”. Things were so bad, I had no contact with anyone for 4 years. Now that I am remarried with a supportive spouse to cushion the responsibilities of daily existence, I’m moving towards doing that. I’ve just felt so guilty for failing to do what I’m capable of doing. The blog is helping move me there. I’m still processing.

    Also, a few weeks ago it occurred to me that you could do a fantastic cable TV show. I think you would be wonderfully popular and a huge inspiration to a much larger audience.

    thanks for the belly laugh! Actually, at one point I was talking to a spanish language network about a sewing show in spanish. I don’t think there is one is spanish, even now. I don’t think the english market would sustain a show. Besides, I can’t look at the camera, bad eye contact. Sandra B had a hard time with hers for a long time so if she was so popular with lots of products in the market but still had shallow ratings, I couldn’t hope to compete. Besides, with so much competition, it could only be seen as yet another sewing show. In fact, if I write a sewing book, I want to call it “yet another sewing book” :).

    BTW do really love electrical work that much?
    It is predictable, quantifiable, dependent on the laws of physics. I like the certainty. I like the small parts. I started building radios when I was 10. I got a novice license to operate a ham radio when I was 12. Watch making interests me slightly more but I’m too old to start that because I have no background (dismantling all the clocks in the house as a child doesn’t count). I’ve been doing all of my own electrical work for years. Most teenagers mow lawns but when I was 16, I wired my neighbors phones and installed jacks. I have more tools than my husband and he’s an electrical engineer.

  27. Esther says:

    Kathleen, you made me laugh! I have told my husband for the last few years that I would pursue plumbing as a career if I couldn’t find another job in the fashion industry. Great pay and job security. (Really, everybody’s house has occassional plumbing problems!).

    I second the idea of a new edition or even a completely new book. You certainly have enough source material to draw from here. I like the idea of out-foxing the fox.

    Best wishes that this is resolved soon!

  28. Jill says:


    please please please don’t shut down fashionincubator! I am so thankful that you have provided such an informative website as I am just starting my fashion education and I find it a very valuable resource. I have been meaning to purchase your book for quite awhile now, and I think I may purchase it this week to help support you!

  29. sid says:

    Kathleen – this is not your fault, no way, no shape, no how. You wrote a highly respected reference book. How often is the average reference book updated? Excluding annuals, I’d say very rarely, especially if they are self published. You work in the field, publish this blog, and offer tutorials. Oh, and you have a family, hobbies, and the like too. I’m not sure how you do it all :D

    I’m a home sew-er and I’ve learned so much from you. You’re work on this blog has encouraged me to apply for an MFA in fashion design and do what I’ve wanted for years – find a way to bring industrial methods, pattern fittings, and couture inspired touches to the home market. I’m going the MFA route since my know how is a hodge podge of things I’ve picked up here and there from other home sewists and so called sewing experts.

    But enough about me – what do you think of me ;~) (with apologies to the Divine Bette Midler).

    Anyhooo – hang in there. Get your lawyer to crack his litigation whip some more and pester the publishing company for information. Hang in there – you’re a fighter and you’re going to beat this too.

    I’d gladly pay for access to this site.

  30. Ann K says:

    Hi Kathleen, It’s a sad shame that you find yourself in such a depressing situation. But hang in there! If you do make this site a subscription I’ll gladly pay up, too. You’ve taught me tons of interesting and useful things and your writing is a pleasure to read (though the mathematics that occasionally crops up leaves me in a cold sweat). But mostly, and in a weird way, you’ve allowed me to feel part of a group of creative people, even though I don’t know them. So please don’t lose heart. That guy might think he’s put one over on everybody but, really, he’s just a no good thief.

  31. J C Sprowls says:


    I feel I should add that the community you’re creating, here, keeps me motivated to grow my business and to collaborate with others. Your willingness to educate and inform place you firmly to the top of my list.

    I’ve mentioned on several occassions that I am willing to subscribe for this service. Please allow me to reiterate that.

  32. Beverly says:

    Gosh, I haven’t been here for a few days and what bad news to come “home” to! Kathleen, please, please do not give up on the blog and the good you are doing for the DEs out there. Who else would teach them? Who else would put them on the path to success? I would happily pay to subscribe, and I have made your book required reading for my clients. I always tell them to buy them direct from you. I hope your lawyer nails this guy to the wall.
    Your friend,

  33. Sherry says:

    I am sorry to hear that this is happening. I, for one, would be more than willing to pay a subscription. I think it is only fair. No one provides the depth of information that you provide and I think charging a subscription keeps you from having to worry the way you must when you are funding it yourself and through sporadic donations from well-wishers.

    The fact that there are people pirating your book says volumes about the quality of your book and blog, which is all the more reason to protect them and have people pay for them. Quality costs, and your appreciative readers will support that.

    Get the rest that you need. Take care of yourself. Don’t give up.

  34. Carol in Denver says:

    Kathleen, I also would be happy to subscribe to your website because of the excellent information you provide. It is of value to me, and I should compensate you — and I will, if there is a mechanism.

    Additionally, I want to suggest that you should not just accept victimhood in the matter of the sale of pirated copies of your book. You are the legitimate owner of the copyright and you have documentation of how many legitimate copies of the book exist. You know the name of the person who is selling “illegitimate” copies, you know the mechanism (sales via, and you know the dollar value. That person is engaged in one Federal crime = wire fraud (accepting online transfers of money for property that doesn’t belong to him), a second Federal crime = mail fraud (using the postal service and other delivery services to distribute the stolen property) and it seems to me, is vulnerable to civil penalties for disparaging your name and business.
    Remember the FBI copyright notice that appears on every video tape & DVD movie? Do you think that would continue to distribute illegitimate copies of pirated movies, once they were formally notified? They have deep pockets, and can’t afford to get messed up in business like that!
    At the very least, get your lawyer to send a stiff letter to all of the venues you know where “illegitimate” copies are being sold, and get this guy shut down from making more money out of your property.

    End of rant. Sorry I’m not a lawyer myself, or I would undertake the work for you at no cost.

    Carol in Denver

  35. Peggy says:

    I’d pay, and I was thrilled to help you training, even if I could throw in just a bit. I have learned so much from you, and I just want everything to be better. Sigh.

  36. Judith says:

    Sorry to hear about the piracy of your book. What nerve. I know you feel bad, I hope you feel better soon. I really like this site so look forward to it. I hope it does not go away.

  37. Linda L says:

    This is truly an unhappy situation. I hope you don’t decide to quit, then the “bad guys” win. I have learned a lot here. I certainly am not an advanced sewists or even potential designer/manufacturer. But I have truly gotten some great and helpful information from your site. I would pay a subscription. You have lots of friends here and we would hate to see you go!

  38. What a difficult situation. Having been in book publishing for a number of years, I never found an instance of out-and-out pirating, and agree that you’ve encountered a crime.

    At the same time, as you recognized, a book is vulnerable to copycats and market saturation after a period of time. Don’t kick yourself for not updating it, but do think about what else you can do. If you could PDF some of your tutorials and sell them as premium content on your site, you’d have a revenue stream. Even if you just reused the book’s content in some way, you’d be a step ahead of competitors.

    I think you could afford to reduce your frequency of posting – it’s more than I can keep up with – and use the time for some of the other things you want to do. You have a mind for manufacturing, and an instinct for lean, and you may have other outlets for that. The apparel market is a tough one, but you might find other kinds of manufacturing to build expertise in and get some benefit for it.

    I would subscribe to your site, but that has the disadvantage of reducing your ability to bring in new subscribers, so having another income stream would be a better solution.

    And give yourself credit – you’ve faced harder times, you are in a solid relationship, and you have a son who is lucky to have a mother who believes in him and helps him try new things. You have friends all over, who respect your knowledge and entertaining way of sharing it. Do what you love, and somehow someone will start paying you for it. Well, that is a Pollyanna thought, but tell yourself that it’s true anyway.

  39. vickib says:

    I have been reading your site for a while, bought the book, implemented many of the things I learned and marveled at all that you have made time to do. I’m exasperated by the many people and businesses that I deal with every day who don’t do what is expected of them. I have made a decision to thank the people who do what they say they will do. Maybe that will help me quit focussing on the ones who don’t. I have considered what expense I go to, just to belong to other professional organazation (Which, are nowhere near as beneficial to my business as this site). I have very little excess money but I am planning to donate $10.00 a month to your site. I know this is not very much, considering what ten dollars will purchase anywhere, but it is an amount, that if I can afford, almost any one can. Thanks for the site and for the opportunity to share the knowledge.

  40. jinjer says:


    Please don’t let that guy take you down! Your website is one of the most valuable and treasured fashion resources on the internet. I hope you catch that asshole and sue the bejeezus out of him, he’s a total con man preying on a hard working, generous woman who deserves waaaay more.

    You’re at a good place if you do decide to start charging subscription fees–you have such a huge backlog of great information! You could do trial previews to get people’s appetite whetted–say allow access to 5-10 archived posts of their choice– becuase they’d immediately recognize the intense value your site represents. I’ve offered organizing help before, and I offer it again: if you feel that it would be helpful to have someone thouroughly cross-index the site, I’d be happy to do it.

    Another 2 cents: pease don’t ever feel bad for low-postings weeks. I’ve never seen you post fewer than 3 times a week, and that’s plenty. Honestly, one meaty post a week is worth the money for a subscription, IMHO–any more and it’s hard to handle the intense thought provocation!

  41. La BellaDonna says:

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I’ve been trying to catch up on your posts, and I’ve just read this one.

    Kathleen, nothing you have done, or have not done, has contributed to this other person’s committing a crime. The victim is not guilty of the criminal’s crime.

    I would pay a subscription. I will write to Amazon. And I would gladly beat the cr@p out of this guy for you.

    Carol in Denver is right; this guy is committing several Federal crimes, and one person who should be notified is the U.S. Postmaster General, because this is definitely usage of the U.S. mails to commit a crime. Has your attorney notified the authorities?

    I want every legal dog possible sicced on this creep. It’s not all that I want, but it’s all that’s fit to print.

  42. Kathleen says:

    A small update, yesterday was finally a break through. We **finally** got Amazon to pull the guy from selling my book on their site. It took over a week! His seller’s account and storefront is still up on Amazon tho. As it turns out the guy is retired from the printing industry! Hmm, I wonder how many other republished titles he’s selling? You’d think Amazon would yank him from their site but they haven’t.

  43. Karen C. says:

    Just had to check out what had listed and there are two other people besides you who are selling your book. The others are both selling your used books for $415.90. Wow, what a deal LOL! How bizarre is that?

  44. j says:

    These responses are overwhelming! We need you, your book, AND your blog! Sure, I’ll flatter you a little more…we NEED your knowledge and expertise! No other will do, Kathleen. We’ll pay, we’ll pay, we’ll pay! Whatever it takes! Please don’t let it get you down. We’re aggravated for you & we share in your frustration. We love you, though! Hang in there.

  45. kathie says:

    not sure how i missed this post before your i got your email- i’ve got a little catching up to do… but let me add a hearty “ditto” to the above comments. i just spent saturday night at Stitch Austin preaching the gospel of “get thee to fashion-incubator before you journey down the road of manufacturing nightmares!” to as many folks there as i could get to listen to me.

  46. Lisa NYC says:


    I have been lurking for the last few months…ordered “the book” (which arrived today–WOW!!!).

    Please continue doing what you do so well–the information both in the book and here on the blog are priceless to those like myself who are scared to death making the plunge into this business.

    I love your straight talk–you spell it all out–no holds barred! I couldn’t get this type of education at any fashion school. I am forever grateful.

    Take the necessary steps to ensure your path…lead the way because many of us would otherwise be lost.

    A big THANK YOU girl!

    With friendship,

  47. Nellly says:

    wow! Katheline, I’m can’t believe any body can do this and specially to you, I’m so sorry, I bought my book at as new, I hope it wasn’t from a pirate book seller. I think it’s great that you are able to find these people and get them to stop this behavior. I’m one of those people that come and go to this blog, but I really apreciate all the great info you put into it and in your book, they are both such a life savers.
    Best wishes,

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