Trade show reviews misc: 8/2008

Here’s a smattering of comments that a few of our members left regarding the recent trade show season in Las Vegas. Thanks ladies!

Hi Everyone! We were at POOL and I really enjoyed meeting you all too.

It was a good show – our second with Pool, and they picked Feral Childe to be one of 8 highlighted designers. The theme of the show was “How Does a Brilliant Idea Become Fashion?” so they gave each featured designer a bulletin board at the front of the show and used our sketches in Pool adverts and graphics! I will post photos soon. The Pool staff is very supportive and we were really grateful for all the love they’ve shown us. I do think that having our name used in Pool promotional materials helped with our brand recognition. And I loved meeting the other designers and seeing the designers we had met back in February.
Feral Childe
[Kathleen: much more of Alice’s comments on the show are in the forum.]

Pool was great! The foot traffic was a little slow (the guy at the hotel said attendance at the hotels where down 40%). But it was really exciting to be there with my line and meet everyone. I walked Project too. It was nuts. The girls from “The Hills” were there and Tara Reed with their lines. It was just so crowded. I had the hardest time finding my way around too.

All in all, I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to going back in February. We were going to go to dinner, but I passed out when I got to the hotel. Did anyone go?

It was great to meet everyone!

Anna Livermore
V. Mora

What an experience, I think I am just about recovered now and straight into following up all my leads. To sum it up, the show (Project) was a definite success: Sienna Ray now sells in the USA!

It’s not a secret the shows were slow, but we made the most of it and networked, networked, networked – met a few of my fellow handbag designers who may have been cold at first to meet their competition but by the end were ready and willing to share leads on stores, manufactures, and even their best leather sourcing agents

– Oh and the music at Project wasn’t too loud, but we did have a booth oh so close to the TAO nightclub’s platform with nearly naked girls shaking their tooshies from 9am-6pm! Made for a good conversation starter at the least

Sienna Ray

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  1. jen says:

    I have to agree with most of the comments. I attended and showed at POOL for the first time. Overall, it was a fab experience for networking – not to mention was actually fun. ENK I have say was my fav, so much more lax – calm, cool and collected!

    Yet, very overwhelming! wow. I am just recovering…

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