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I like the Toronto Fashion Incubator even though they ignore me. You’d think I’d rate a link but no such luck. Still, if I only wrote about people that gave me the time of day, you’d have very little to read, lol. That’s not to say that everybody ignores me. Karen Wilhelm of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers contributes regularly. Speaking of, I hope you read all of her comments. She brings a truly impressive array of intellectual capital- the resources of which few of us could afford. Anyway, back to the Toronto Fashion Incubator.

TFI seems to be more of a fashion-forward organization but they have some interesting information on their site. They publish a newsletter you may find of interest (the archives are here). The most recent issue highlights Canadian fashion news. For example, new Canadian designers can enter the New Labels “Rock the Runway” contest to win $25,000 (Canadian dollars) and a one page editorial spread in Elle. Their newsletter also includes useful tips for designers launching on runways. For example, the most recent issue includes:

Runway Tips For Designers: Think you know everything about putting on a fashion show? Think again. You’ve scoured the mills for the right fabrics, sweated over your designs, pulled all-nighters sewing your samples, found your stylist, picked the music, and now you’re ready for your show, right? Wrong.


“Make it as easy as possible for us to report on your show,” says Doris Montanera, fashion news reporter for ELLE Canada and TFI News editor. She wishes all designers would provide a runway list of the show garments, preferably double-spaced so there’s room for notes, with descriptions of the fabric and highlighting any important details. “We don’t always have time to call and confirm information. When in doubt, I leave it out,” she says. “Conversely, we might miss something if the detail is subtle. When it comes to fabric, what looks like wool tweed on the runway, may not be, so it’s in the designer’s best interest to provide details. You don’t have to list the exact fibre breakdown, such as 70% wool, 25% silk and 5% Lycra, for example. Just say wool/silk/Lycra blend.”

Anyway, spend some time at their site. While oriented for Canadian designer entrepreneurs, they have plenty to teach those of us in the lower 48.

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  1. Josh says:

    This question is for Kathleen or anyone else who thinks they have an answer. How important is a runway show? Are they as relevant today as they once were? The internet seems to be a cheaper and easier way to show off your designs doesn’t it? Also, with DVD production so easy now, wouldn’t it be leaner to produce a DVD showcasing your new designs and send them to potential buyers?

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