Top ten posts for 2010

Closing out the year, it seems to have become a tradition to post the top ten posts of the year on various blogs so I suppose I’ll conform. Since I don’t have a widget that shows me which posts get the most traffic, I’m limited to listing posts that got the most comments. These were:

1. Fit used to be so much better 49 comments (part two is #9)
2. Pop Quiz: Fix this dress 39 comments
3. Review: Pattern making in Fashion 38 comments
4. Resolve 38 comments
5. What kind of entrepreneur are you? 37 comments
6. Why you should start your own sewing factory 35 comments
7. What if plus sizes made up 80% of the market? 34 comments
8. Dream sample room 34 comments
9. Fit used to be so much better pt.2 33 comments
10. What is good design? 31 comments
10. Pop Quiz: Care label icons 31 comments
10. What are the measurements of a size 10? pt.2 31 comments

10th place was impossible to discern with 3 contenders. Which were your favorites?

Now I have to work on something pithy for tomorrow instead of doing something lame like recycling my hardly used resolutions from years past. I know I’m not the only one who does that. I have resolved to work like mad to figure out how to turn on the TV by myself so I can at least eliminate that one from my list since it’s been there at least five years running.

Tonight we’ll relax with a bottle of something, eat leftovers and read. No different from what we do every night. When I was younger, I celebrated New Year’s properly. I used to go out dancing in a Tuxedo tails,  a white silk blouse, bright red bow tie, 3″ black heels and fishnet hose. I don’t know what happened to the tails, they were cool and I never had to buy my own drinks. But now I am old(er) with boring problems. Like, one of our dogs got hit by the garbage truck on Wednesday. Sandy had to have a pin inserted to repair a broken hind leg. She’s battered but will be okay but it’s been a bit of a challenge since she’s been incontinent -which I only figured out this afternoon after the third round of bedding washing. I’m hoping that is temporary but have sent Mr. F-I to buy baby diapers just in case.

Hope your holiday is fun and full of cheer and I’ll see you next in the new year!

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  1. Eric H says:

    Tails?! Where did the fishnet stockings go? Those would be appropriate to wear to your learning-how-to-operate-the-TV lessons.

  2. Lisa Blank says:

    It sounds like your teacher would be more motivated to help get that item off your list if you could dig up those fishnet stockings.

    I couldn’t pick a favorite from the top 10 list. Each one I clicked on reminded me of things I liked about that post.

    Best wishes for 2011.

  3. kxpdb says:

    Thanks so much for ALL the articles. If I could remember even one tenth of all this information I would be so much improved. And best wishes for allowing us to share the knowledge and experience you have acquired.
    Some people don’t need fishnet stockings to be great!
    Happy New Ywar.

  4. JustGail says:

    Your New Year sounds much more festive than mine was. I hope Sandy is feeling better by now, and that it is nothing more serious than it hurts too much to get up to go potty. Not saying that’s nothing though. Poor puppy!

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