Meet TIVI, the new accessories company out of Boulder CO founded by engineering artists Ryan Wither and Paul Lewin. I saw their purse in a boutique in Taos and was compelled to contact them for more information.These bags are streamlined hardcases made of laquered wood strips that are sensually shaped. The most striking feature of the bags is the hardware although you can’t possibly know that from this photo. Honestly, when I first saw these bags, I was sure they were Italian. Nobody but nobody beats the Italians for the finest in accessories and bag hardware and worse, the Italians know it. The Italians are so exclusive they won’t sell their hardware to you even if you had the money; they’re picky and select the designers they choose to sell their products to.

Anyway, this bag is constructed of hardware designed and engineered by Paul Lewin (BFA in Fine Art) and Ryan Wither (BS in engineering MFA in furniture design). Aged 24 and 28 respectively, the partners met as students at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I’m trying to talk them into doing bag hardware design full-time. I haven’t seen anyone else with the kind of talent and skill that it’d take to take on the Italians. And with my hardware fetish -I do love hardware- the purse is nice but I’d be more interested in seeing their shop ;)

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