This week in blog history 5

Here are the noteworthy entries from July 1-7 2005:

Fit and sizing entropy was the second in my multi part series on the problems of sizing consumer products. The issue is just far more complex than people have imagined.

The post on Independence day was mostly personal but I did mention that what we learned in school -that Betsy Ross made the first US flag- was not true. This year I’d intended to share an article with you about the world’s largest and oldest flag company. They make 15 million US flags a year. They have 500 employees and 3 plants (NJ, VA and OH). In apparel industry terms, they’d be described as a medium sized manufacturer -if not small, if you can believe that.

Leather dies style 21206 was an entry that will be of interest to those of you making leather products like clothes, accessories, shoes, bags or items that would typically be made by a leather sewing contractor. Actually, if you’re new, you should see it. There are some photos of a color coded direction card (cutter’s must) and photos of a production pattern. Your patterns should look something like these. Also illustrated is a “clicker” and pictures of a set of dies if you wondered what those look like.

Style 22692 Bundling & Bagging is another production sewing (management) entry you shouldn’t miss. The focus is a tutorial I was doing at the time but there’s lots of photos that decribe the process and management of bundling cut pieces for the sewing process.

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