This week in blog history 4

I got a little behind with blog history, sorry. Below are the entries for the week of June 24th 2005. As with this year, two of the entries weren’t particularly interesting -as far as apparel manufacturing goes- as it was the week after my vacation (to the same place) last year.

Home again (trip report)
This changes everything (trip report pt 2). We toured an incredible luxury home -a mansion really- completely off the grid. This house is a great example illustrating that sustainability doesn’t entail deprivation.

The myth of vanity sizing: one of the more controversial posts I’ve written.

Tivi was a post about a handbag company I discovered in Taos. The publicity was good for them; I tipped off Treehugger who then gave them some more press and it went on from there. The update on Tivi is that they won a prestigious award at GenArt (the same contest Zoe entered). I’m sure they’ll continue to accumulate accolades and I look forward to watching them grow.

I’d found another handbag company in Taos this year that I thought I’d feature but alas, the store clerk was the most vile, rude person I’ve ever run across (he just knew I intended to knock off the designer) to the extent that his flecks of spittle hit my face. It was a co-op kind of store so there’s no owner to whom one could report the incident. A note to “Kelly”. Sir, if I were as you claimed (big bad child-exploiting sweat-shop manufacturer) and I intended to knock off the item and have the stuff made in China, I would simply buy the bag, leave, and cackle all the way back to my scrooge-like factory because at $138, the pattern would have been a bargain. Contrary to what many amateurs think, if a manufacturer intends to copy a designer; they buy the product because it’s the pattern of it that matters. A big bad child-exploiting sweat-shop manufacturer would never bother with engaging you in conversation to learn all they can about the designer, get their contact information and the like. They simply would have purchased the bag (I’ll bet you would have been nice to them) and you never would have known the difference.

The bags themselves were kind of cute. They were leather, designed in a whimsical style, in bright colors with a lot of hand lacing.

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  1. heather says:

    I came across this website purely by chance, looking for patterns, i’m bored and its sunday and too hot to go outside here in switzerland, shops are all closed…………… cant go shopping. I found the blog about H&M and Zara, well here in europe they both can be found round every corner, there are more Hennes shops tho, and although there are some standard good buys in H&M like stretchy T shirts (none better anywhere)
    alot of their stuff is downright ugly….
    Zara on the other hand, is full of really stylish clothes,I have been buying Zara for years, and no their clothes dont fall apart, they have new stuff in their shops every week, if you ever get lucky enough to go to Barcelona, they have 2 massive Zara shops side by side, bring alot of euros with you but guarranteed will take home some great buys,
    now got to get looking for some patterns…..

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