This week in blog history 3

Here are most of the posts through June 24th 2005 for this week in blog history.

The first post of note is Welt-Reece machine operations which is the background of the welt pocket tutorial series. “My” method is based on doing what the Reece machine does, step by step. The next post is Marking & Cutting which is what everybody, anywhere should know. It’s what I learned my first day in pattern school. I’ve been amazed to see designers or others who’ve sewn for years, not know -literally- the “A” of the ABC’s. Your greatest priority is to mark and cut correctly which is -most likely- not the way you learned to do it.

The third part of the welt pocket tutorial series is Welt and paper jig. You may think it’s such a simple thing that you don’t need to do but just try it. I have one visitor out there who sends me a donation every time she uses her paper jig; it is that valuable to her.

The next entry, Reframing industrial methods is a lecture which comes in response to reader’s complaints that the pocket method I was showing them wasn’t similar to what other “experts” had taught them. An excerpt:

First of all, I’m not stupid. I know the methods I describe are not in any sewing books because all the sewing books say the same thing…You guys say you want “industrial secrets” but when you get them you complain that they’re too much work or they’re not what you’re used to…I don’t care if you agree with me, this is just the way it is. I didn’t design those machines or processes so complain to the engineers at AMF Reece (for one) if you don’t like it because I was never consulted in the matter.

Industrial methods are not a matter of opinion nor are they determined by democratic process. These are machines we’re talking about and machines could not care less what your favorite couture expert says.

Welt pocket construction is the last entry for the week of June 24th 2005. If you’re following along, you should have a lovely, perfectly made welt pocket on your first try. Enjoy. As ever, donations are always appreciated.

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