This week in blog history 2

Here are most of the posts through June 17th 2005 for this week in blog history.

A post on vintage german patterns (none of the links work anymore), an announcement on the start up of the discussion forum (and my birthday). From the time the forum was started till now, it got hacked so some of the topic areas listed aren’t there anymore. I could always re add those if folks wanted those back. There was a miscellaneous pattern post regarding the trimming of darts (complete with the obligatory cat picture). Then there was a post on the Solar Music Festival in Taos NM. That reminds me. I’ll be on vacation from June 21st-ish through June 27th-ish to attend this year’s Solar Music Festival (6/23-6/25). Unless my co-bloggers come out of hiding, posting will be scanty. Any of my posts from the road will most likely be off topic. The last post from this week in history was an introduction to the then new series on how to make welt pockets.

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  1. Judith says:

    Kathleen, will you get the vintage pattern topic up and running again??? I hope so. I did go to the discussion forums. I had never been over there till today. I will be sure to go over there again.

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