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This site has become so huge that a lot of things get buried in the archives. Therefore, I’ve decided that once a week I’m going to post links to old entries of the week, from the year before. In the future, I’ll probably post these entries on weekends; I thought I’d do it today since I just thought of it. Do you think it’s a good idea? If you don’t think so, let me know and I’ll stop.

Here are the more memorable posts from June 1-8, 2005:

Seam class specifications: Boring but useful; where to get sewing specifications for free.

Bloggers, mothers and tommys run amok: Whereupon I muse/rant about Tommy Hilfiger, my mother, the honesty of craftsmanship and entertain the notion of becoming a licensed electrician. One of my favorite posts.

RAQ: rarely asked questions. This post wasn’t as popular as I’d hoped. I think the most important questions are the ones we don’t ask or don’t know to ask.

Smoking & Drinking: cherished industry traditions. Another favorite post. Nobody in the industry trusts non-smokers. And about Thomas Mahon who -probably justifiably- continues to ignore me.

The Clothing Broker. How I met Miracle and why you’ll never meet a rude con artist or used car salesman. In other words, why you should trust the rude people you meet in the apparel industry.

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  1. mamasmina says:

    Thanks for the rant on Tommy Hilfiger. Never could figure out how somebody with no talent and who just slapped his name on stuff you could buy in any sporting goods store could be considered a designer.

    Most people are sheep.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Re: Bloggers…run amok
    Regarding the fellow who offered to pay for me to get my electrician’s license; I married him last August (he’s an electrical engineer). Most guys are threatened by a woman who owns more tools than they do; he wasn’t. Since then, he’s upgraded his offer to subsidize my attainment of a degree in engineering. Maybe I’ll do it. Before I die, I just have to graduate from something!

    Re: Smoking and drinking…
    Appropriately enough, this article on how to quit smoking was posted on Health SciTech yesterday. Apparently, one should not actually plan to quit but rather, should have surgery or get telephone counseling instead.

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