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Here are some goings on that may interest you. Via Heraty Law (specializing in fashion IP):

Henri Bendel Open-See – April 16 2007
You are invited to be a part of Bendel’s legendary semi-annual “Open-See” designer casting call event on April 16, 2007. At Open-See, Henri Bendel buyers personally review merchandise in the following categories: women’s apparel, fashion accessories, lingerie and loungewear, beauty, fragrance, gourmet edibles, and gifts. First come, first seen – no appointments. For more information about upcoming Open-See events, call 212.904.7992.

As of January, Detroit has a fashion incubator. I wrote them but I haven’t heard back. I guess I can add them to the list of people who ignore me :).

Speaking of being ignored (I kid, I kid -I only mention it so you know it’s not anything personal when others ignore you too), I am pleased to note that the AIBI is now sending their emails in mixed font rather than their previously preferred all caps (the comments are priceless). Here is the news on their upcoming textile show in Chicago:

The 2007 Chicago Fabric and Trim Show dates are May 21st and 22nd and November 27th and 28th. Mark your calendar for the chance to order from hundreds of lines in one convenient location! This is the only show that brings sales reps from California , Texas , New York , and the Midwest to you and is FREE to attend!!! Attendees must present a business card, tax ID and photo ID to gain admittance. The show is open to the trade only.
Apparel Industry Board, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois 60654
t: 312.836.1041 f:312.923.9076

Speaking of shows, here’s a reminder on two upcoming events:

The TALA (LA Textile Show) is April 16-18, 2007. Several from our crowd are arranging to meet there. I know Zoe is going so you know that somewhere, somehow, there’s going to be a party with plenty of cigarettes and Korean barbecue. Zoe said she’d drive me around if I went so I don’t know what my excuse is for not going other than that I don’t need to go. Miracle says she can’t go because she doesn’t have childcare during the week. It’s difficult for entrepreneurs with young children to attend the larger mid-week shows. You’d think that’d be changing by now; it’s been a long time since show attendance was dominated by males with stay at home wives and generous expense accounts.

As mentioned previously, SPESA Material World Expo 2007 is coming up May 8-10. If you want to meet up with kindred in attendance (Eric and I are going), see the connection thread in the forum (members only, sorry).

I note there’s yet another source for trade show listings. This site tracks international trade shows in general but covers ground in the apparel industry quite nicely (internationally). As a reminder, other sources for trade show calenders are Infomat and California Apparel News. Access is free. While both are good, Infomat is my preferred source. It seems to have the most comprehensive international list.

Speaking of resources, do many of you use the Thomas Register? I used to have a hard copy set (takes up several linear feet of shelf space). I enjoyed browsing through them for hours, so much so that I decided they were an impediment to my socialization and got rid of them in the interests of personal growth. I still miss them, you can’t curl up in an armchair cradling the electronic version. Anyway, the Thomas Register is free on the web, here’s the listings for sewing contractors across the US. The listings can be sorted by state.

And speaking of directories, Apparel puts out an annual sourcing directory heavily weighted with technology products and inputs mostly geared to the largest of enterprises but still useful. If you subscribe (free) you’ve already gotten your issue. Apparel is good about putting their entire publication online but the sourcing directory for 2007 won’t be up until June. Odd, that. Until then, you still have access to the 2006 edition.

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  1. Big Irv says:


    I have informed many of my suppliers both here and in the US that you are going to attend the Material World/SPESA Show in May.

    I hope you have plenty of space on the dance card because they all want to meet you and thank you for your efforts in assisting DE’s through Fashion Incubator.

    What days are you planning on attending ? I’ve had inquiries. They were glad to learn you would be attendance at this show.

  2. Mary Beth says:

    Well, Josh, I wish I could attract “” to allow me to read it’s latest online issue…the article on “8 Strategies for Selling Apparel to Middle-Aged Women” attracted my interest but alas, it can’t be found (404 error) I even did a trial subscription but that didn’t help. Anyone know the secret to this online mag?

  3. Kathleen says:

    …the article on “8 Strategies for Selling Apparel to Middle-Aged Women” attracted my interest but alas, it can’t be found

    It’s a bad link Mary Beth, use this instead. It’s also a lousy article (imo), we’ve been discussing it in the forum. Among other sins, the author -a Ph.D described as “An award-winning marketing expert”- describes 25-45 year olds as “middle-aged” (no lie) and targets the discussion accordingly. Other than that, it’s beyond obvious and nothing you don’t already know or what we haven’t discussed here already.

  4. carissa says:

    Gosh. When are these big shows coming to Virgina? I mean, we have plenty of cows.

    hee hee

    I don’t know how you guys do it- I would be totally freaked out in a place like that. Just the name “World Expo” make me turn green. My stomach knots up like a raisin. Am I the only one that would rather be in the ER than fly to a city like one of these and walk through big crowds? Yeah, in my mind- when I’m kidding myself I think- ‘That would be soo coool!’ In reality- noway.

    Kathleen, how do you do it?

  5. Sorry to ignore you…. I’ve been a very busy boy the last couple of weeks and email has been building up…

    I had to schedule a day to respond… Thanks for contacting us and all that you do to help us struggling designers continue to build our operations… I read your book when it was first publish and it helped me tremendously when I started my clothing line, Michel Delon…. I still use it as a reference tool and it’s one of my recommendations for anyone I talk with about starting a new line….

    We’re still pretty green, but the organization is building and gaining some steam. Detroit is filled with creative people and our mission is to help them channel that creativity into commerce. We hold monthly networking meetings, seminars, and workshops. Once a month we select a designer to be our featured designer and create an event for them to showcase their current collection / upcoming collection depending on the seasons. With this featured designer event, we tie-in a trunk show/sample sale to generate some revenue for the designers.

    Again, I apologize for not being prompt with my response, but I was consumed with my sewing machine and couldn’t get my shackle off to get to the computer… I’m sure you know how that is….

    Thank You Again!!!!!!!!!

    Michael Delon Wilson
    Executive Director,
    Detroit Fashion Incubator
    4737 Grand River Ave.
    Detroit, MI 48208

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