The Skorpions are coming

Comes word that you can meet the artists who created the Skorpion entry in today’s Computational Couture post. FAR (Future Arts Research) at Arizona State University (Tempe) is sponsoring the event at The Icehouse on May 13 at 7:00 PM. Wine will be served.

The press release says to contact Sarah Munter at 602.258.1852 with any questions but she has yet to return my call from last Friday. Ba-dump-bump. If I were closer, I’d go. More info is below the fold.

The material below was cut and pasted directly from the PR piece:

Joanna Berzowska is Associate Professor of Design and Computation Arts and Director of the Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Technologies at Concordia University. She is a member of the Hexagram Research Institute in Montreal and the founder and research director of XS Labs, where her team develops innovative methods and applications in electronic textiles and responsive garments.

XS Labs is a design research studio with a focus on innovation in the fields of electronic textiles and wearable computing, where we try to break down the traditional boundaries between disciplines. Many of our electronic textile innovations come from the fact that we look at the technical but also cultural history of how textiles have been made for generations (weaving, stitching, embroidery, knitting, beading, quilting) but use materials with different electro-mechanical properties which enables us to construct more complex textiles with electronic properties.

Skorpions are a set of kinetic electronic garments that move and change on the body in slow, organic motions. They have anthropomorphic qualities and can be imagined as parasites that inhabit the skin of the host. They are living behavioral kinetic sculptures that exploit characteristics such as control, anticipation, and unpredictability. They have their own personalities, their own fears and perversions.

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  1. Tay says:

    The Skopions bit sounds interesting, but the description of the clothing really creeps me out. I want to wear my clothes, not have them crawling all over me o_o.. eeewwww

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