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Years ago (or maybe a year ago, I can’t remember), I took the recommendation of a new friend to take a class at The Learning Annex. I had always thought of The Learning Annex as a new-age place featuring psychics, multi-level marketers, and classes on getting a date so I had never taken them seriously. Without my friend’s insistence, I don’t think I would have ever looked into taking any classes there -and I would have really missed out.

The first workshop I attended was on starting a handbag line. I’m not in the handbag business, nor do I ever plan to be, but there are certain things about sewn product manufacturing that are useful for any product. Most importantly, I wanted the opportunity to speak to real DEs who were running businesses and actually selling product.

I took this class three times. One in person, then I purchased the online version (with a different instructor), then again when that instructor came to my area. The first workshop was held by a small DE, the second by Stephanie Johnson, who has grown her business into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Unfortunately for all of us, Stephanie no longer travels to NY and SF for the classes, but stays in the Los Angeles area.

Anyhow, I have purchased 6 online classes and attended a few in person, each on different aspects of the business, each with different instructors. I find that even if I am not interested in manufacturing the actual product, getting the chance to hear the experiences of different DEs is extremely helpful.

Most of the classes related to our industry are held in NY, LA, San Diego and San Francisco. Some classes you might find interesting are:

Getting into stores with any product

How to start your own handbag line

How to Get Your Fashions and Accessories Manufactured

Launch Your Own Handbag and Accessories Line

How to Get Your Fashions and Accessories into Stores

Launch Your Urban Streetwear Line

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