The How I Got My Start Carnival

With the new year pending, everybody is making lists describing how they plan to move forward and I find it very inspirational. I want to do something different. In fits and starts, we’ve had people climb up on the stump and tell us all how they got started in the business. I find that inspirational too; how can you figure out where to go if you haven’t quantified how you got there? So many of you only look at the challenges ahead and forget to credit yourself with the hard work and growth that got you where you are today. However minimal, these are things to be proud of. So, I’m opening in up to you. How did you get started?

Here are some guidelines that I cribbed and modified. Write an entry describing how you got here. Write about your fears, struggles, successes and what helped you through it. Just be real; you can even admit you feel like a big fake. We all do you know, stumbling as we do toward profits and glory. heh. Here’s some suggestions:

  • I knew I was in business when …
  • I realized I was (or wasn’t) a designer when …
  • If I could do it all over again, I’d …
  • My hardest challenge is …
  • Best advice you got …
  • Worst mistake made …
  • Best advice you’d give someone else …
  • Alternatively, if you’re not in business, tell us why you come here, what has Fashion-Incubator done for you? We have many enthusiast friends visiting.

Include a short bio, a link to your site (if desired), photos are optional. Don’t worry about proper grammar or diction, I’ll help clean it up if needed (that’s not a threat). Just email it to me, I’m looking forward to responses. Boy, I’ll feel really dumb if no one submits anything.

Here are some past entries on this topic:
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How I got my start (by Hannah)
There’s another one but not remembering the title, I can’t find it. Below are my entries on it:
How I got my start -midway (Why I help DEs)
My dirty laundry (My mentor)
Slavery or Bravery. Pick one. (Personal Motto)

I guess I’ll join in too but I don’t want to go first.

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  1. Valerie Burner says:

    Kathleen, This is a great idea. I had been thinking of starting a thread in the forum about this, but wasn’t sure anyone would want to share those inner workings with us. I love inspirational stories.

  2. vicki says:

    Your statement that “even admit you feel like a big fake” is my theme. I am surprised that any else would feel ike that too. So my story is on the way and actually I hope that many others submit. I always glean a lot from hearing other people’s stories, although I think I’ve cornered the market on the “being a fake”.

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