that jpeg is colita btw

and while she’s absolutely adorable -a little manx- she’s also a little witch and the trial and terror of my days. Tail photo by Susan Gowin.

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Colita is my manx cat with just a little stub of a tail. “Cola” means tail in spanish. The suffix “ita” is often translated to mean little but this isn’t exactly true. While “ita” is a diminutive, it’s one that’s more closely related to expressing affection than it relates to size. For example, colita is closer in meaning to tail-ette (Jean:Jeanette) than it is to meaning “little tail”. I mention the difference because people think Colita means little tail and that is too literal, even for my tastes. Her nickname is “Miss Tail”. I’d never thought of the song…I name my cats weird names. For example, you’ve never seen Left and Right who are twin male tabbie litter mates, Left is now deceased :(. Their names would be self explanatory if you saw a photo of them.

  2. colita says:

    hi! my name is Colita Grace Findley! I am 20 yrs old and have two kids one of which i had on the 3 of this month and a wonderful boyfriend! any ways I just wanted to ask you if you can explanie to me is this the real meaning of COLITA or did you just make it up?

  3. Kathleen says:

    Ask the meaning of colita of anyone who speaks Spanish, they will tell you the same thing. Or, go to Babelfish and translate “cola” yourself. Adding the dimunitive “ita” doesn’t change the meaning.

    There is a second and perhaps even third, slang meaning for the word but I’ll pass on that since the slang meanings are made up and far from what I intended when I named my tiny tailed cat. I’ve never heard of a person being named that.

  4. rebecca says:

    Thought I would pop in and look at your cat…I had a cat who did the same EXACT thing while the sewing machine was out. Dino, he would sit there and watch the needle going up and down….I was always so worried he would stick his paw in there. Anyway, imagine my surprise when I read your cat was a MANX too!! Maybe it is genetic. What a wonderful cat/assistant he was…..RIP.
    Love to Colita!

  5. kolita says:

    My name is Kolita. My daughter’s father is from El Salvador a Spanish speaking country and he told me that colita means little tail in Spanish.

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