Thanksgiving 2007

Boy, it’s hard getting back into the swing of things after a holiday break. Did you have a fun time with friends and family? We ended up going to Albuquerque (we usually do on holidays) to stay with Eric’s sister and her husband. They have a new baby so I got my baby-fix. Their children are so delightful, I’m quite envious really. Their two year old son -named Kirin, not spelled that way but it’s pronounced that way and boy I’ll bet they’re going to regret that, or he will if they don’t- is the perfect picture of little boyness, handsome too. The littlest one is a girl (Riley) and I’ve never met a more good natured, smiling, happy child. Such a sunny disposition! They’ve recently become vegetarians so I didn’t have to glumly pick through limited options. Usually the only thing I can eat are carrots and mashed potatoes (also sweet potatoes but I don’t like those). I wish I could say I had a hand in their recent conversion but it had more to do with BIL’s stratospheric cholesterol. He’s very slender but his is nearly 300! We were all quite shocked by the news, must be genetic. I’m also pleased because they’ll be easier to buy for this Christmas. Maybe I’ll send something ahead of time. He’s a classically trained German baker (he’s from Germany and did the whole apprenticeship thing) and he’s a great cook and spoils us terribly.

By the way, my sister in law is such a dear. She takes great pains to show me what she likes about her kid’s clothes and what she doesn’t. She says she’s not wild on faded out traditional pinks and watered down blues. She likes vibrant colors. Her recent favorite manufacturer is Hanna Andersson. She says the line is pricey but the stuff doesn’t shrink up and the colors don’t wash out. She likes strong vibrant colors. She showed me a particular style, a one-sie (enterito) that she really liked because the styling was a little different. It was a cross between one of those wrap over shirts but it was a full body outfit so it ended up with a sort of kimono type look (not very obvious from the photo). She liked the strong contrasting print trim.

I took this picture from in front of their neighbor’s house. I can imagine people will be slowing down if only to get a good look at this guy. The blood dripping from the fake knife and the sign is too funny.

We were only up in Albuquerque for the one day. My son had come into town (in from the Job Corps center in Roswell) for the weekend and I wanted to spend time with him. He didn’t want to go with us up north. I can relate; he was looking forward to down time and being by himself for awhile. He went back on Sunday.

So how was your holiday? Do tell. I love hearing people’s stories.

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  1. becky says:

    Hanna Andersson stuff is really nice. They are very durable and soft. The colors don’t fade! We bought the Thousand Flowers dress a few years ago and it’s still vibrantly orange and red.

    Their tights are really awesome too.

  2. Vesta says:

    Yup. We’re into Hanna Andersson stuff, too. It’s spendy, but my daughter is 5 and wearing clothes for a little longer now, and we buy big. Plus they make a lot of organic stuff.

    We hosted the dinner this year again. My husband is an incredible cook, and his mom was here, so the two of them took the kitchen by storm. But the best is my daughter getting to see her cousins. There’s nothing quite like cousins.

  3. Alisa Benay says:

    I love Hanna’s. They have a program called “hanna-downs”, too, where you can return your used Hanna clothing & they donate it to needy kids. The tights last forever! I never put my kids in pink, always raspberry, lime, bright orange. But then again, I’m the one who made my girls a whole line of panty covers that said things like “What are you looking at?” embroidered on the butt, so you shouldn’t take me seriously.

    Not to pry, Kathleen, but…um..your brother’s from Germany? I’m the queen of strange family dynamics, so no judgment, just wondering.

    Our Thanksgiving was nice & peaceful. We didn’t end up going anywhere, just stayed home & played board games with the kids all day. Different than usual, but a nice day. Tried to get Quentin (5) to eat turkey, but he said “Mawmaw, I’m beaggi-tawian!”, so score one for your team!

  4. Kathleen says:

    Not to pry, Kathleen, but…um..your brother’s from Germany? I’m the queen of strange family dynamics, so no judgment, just wondering.

    My entry was poorly worded. I meant brother in law and sister in law, changed to read Eric’s sister and her husband. Sorry ’bout that.

    Good to know about the tights.

    Eric says “Kirin” is spelled “Ciaran”. It’s pronounced like Kir-in (as in Kir Royale if you like those).

  5. Lisa Bloodgood says:

    My husband and I went to his maternal grandmother’s house just over an hour away. His parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and cousins’ kids were there, too. I ate only a plateful and dessert; I never seem to be able to pig out like I like to on Thanksgiving, but oh well. They kindly saved out some spuds with no milk and used honey, molasses, and maple syrup instead of sugar in some of the other stuff. I made the dairy-free chocolate cake in the latest Joy of Cooking, which also doesn’t have eggs, and just used unprocessed sugar. Yum. :-)

  6. hillary says:

    Love your blog. Glad to hear your son is training for jobs. Really great! I’m a home sewer and am totally fascinated by your blog, though I really had no idea what it was about when I started reading it.

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